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Terminix of New Providence , NJ

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  • Over 90 years of industry experience with a focus on termites
  • Special termite bond contract provides homeowners significant cost savings
  • Widely available throughout the United States with 24/7 customer support
  • Highly rated for technician support and customer experience
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Protect Your New Providence Home from Common and Difficult Pests

Homeowners in New Providence have to deal with different pests throughout every season. In the winter, you might see more rodents and beetles seeking shelter from the cold. In the summertime, you may see troublesome pests like roaches, fleas, and ticks throughout your yard. By choosing an expert pest control company, you can put an end to issues year-round. New Providence technicians are equipped to handle pests in all types of severe weather. Contact your local provider today to find out how they’ll put a stop to Northeastern pests.

Navigating Pest Control Services: Making Your Home a Bug-Free Zone

Discover how Terminix transforms your home in New Providence, New Jersey, into an impregnable fortress against pesky invaders. With a smorgasbord of services tailored for every crawly concern, Terminix promises to keep your abode termite-free, mosquito-less, and rodent-resistant. Dive into the nuts and bolts of their pricing, specials, and services, and find out how they stack up in your battle against unwanted houseguests.

Bundling Up for Savings

Nothing sweetens the deal like a good bundle. Take the termite and pest combo, for example, which knocks off an average of $175 from your bill, including a no-cost inspection to kick things off. Or maybe mosquitoes are your main nemesis; pair up pest control with mosquito defense, and you're looking at $100 back in your pocket, not to mention another free inspection.

If you're feeling particularly besieged, go for the gold and mash all three services together. The result? A whopping $375 savings, which is as sweet as it gets, plus the customary gratis inspection to start your journey to a pest-free home.

The Pest Control Lowdown

Let's talk numbers: $50 off pest control to start, followed by a $99 starter fee. Subsequent months will run you $40-$60, depending on how pesky those pests are. The one-time service is a flat rate between $250-$275, but remember, if the critters come crawling back within a month, Terminix will too, without charging you a dime.

Termite Treatment Plans

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of repair. For termites, plans range from basic inspections and ongoing protection to the full monty, which includes a promise to fix new damages up to $250,000. The cherry on top? A 10% discount to sweeten the deal even further.

Mosquitoes Be Gone

A single service to tackle mosquitoes is priced at $150, but if you prefer the peace of mind of ongoing service, you'll be looking at around $70 per visit. Think of it as your personal mosquito SWAT team, armed and ready all season long.

Rodent Riddance

Here's the deal: a $100 discount on rodent control, plus a free inspection. Terminix is ready to play detective, track down those rodents, and show them the door, ensuring your home stays squeak-free.

Bed Bug Eradication

No one wants to share their bed with bugs. Pricing for bed bug removal is a bit like choosing a personalized mattress – it's all about what suits your specific situation. A free inspection will lead to a custom plan, crafted to send those bed bugs packing.

Wild about Wildlife Control

Uninvited wildlife guests are no match for Terminix's $100 discount and free inspection. Whether it's raccoons, squirrels, or other furry intruders, a tailor-made plan will show them the exit and keep your home exclusively human.

The Terminix Service Promise

It's not just about getting rid of pests; it's about keeping them gone. With the Nix Pest Guarantee, Terminix doesn’t just show pests the door; they make sure it stays closed, with a promise to handle any recurrences between scheduled visits. And if you ever need to say goodbye to their service, parting ways is penalty-free.

Homeowners in New Providence, brave the bug battle with Terminix by your side. Their pricing, packaged deals, and service guarantees make for a potent potion in your quest for a pest-free palace.

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