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Terminix began as a targeted termite control company. Though it still offers some of the best termite treatments in the industry, its expanded services include treatments for common pests and rodents.

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Terminix Coupons, Specials, and Bundles in Decatur

Special/Bundle Details Savings
General Pest Control1 Promotional offer to start pest control services at $99. $50 Off
Termite Plan3 Discount on any termite plan, including a free inspection. Save 10%
Mosquito Control2 Discount on one-time mosquito service targeting all U.S. mosquito species. $50 Off Quick Guard Service
Rodent Control4 Discount on rodent control services, including a free inspection. Save $100
Termite + Pest Includes a free inspection to start pest and termite control. Save an average of $175
Pest + Mosquito Bundle pest and mosquito control for savings and a free inspection. Save an average of $100
Termite + Pest + Mosquito Comprehensive bundle for maximum protection and savings, with a free inspection. Save an average of $375
Termite + Mosquito Combine termite and mosquito control for savings and a free inspection. Save an average of $100

How Much Does Terminix Cost in Decatur

Service Initial Service Fee Monthly Fee Price Range Additional Details
One-Time Pest Control $250 - $275 Comprehensive interior and exterior inspection and treatment.
Pestfree365 Plan $99 - $120 $40 - $50 Quarterly Service Covers 25 common household pests with the Nix Pest Guarantee.
Termite Treatment Custom Pricing Based on free inspection, home size, and termite problem.
Mosquito One-Time Service $150 Comprehensive exterior inspection and treatment.
Ongoing Mosquito Service Approx. $70 Per treatment Regular service during mosquito season.
Rodent Control Custom Pricing Based on free inspection and specific rodent problem.
Bed Bug Service Custom Pricing Tailored to the extent of infestation, includes follow-up.
Wildlife Control Highly Customized Pricing Based on type of animal, size of problem, and home inspection.
  • More than 90 years of industry experience
  • Highest industry-standard methods for termites and bed bugs
  • Excellent communication with customers, especially if there are problems
  • Termite Bond and satisfaction guarantee keeps customers from paying additional costs
  • Franchised locations mean quality can differ across locations
  • Prices can be costly for more common household pests
  • Effectiveness can vary depending on target pest and location
  • Hidden costs dependent on the pest plan you choose

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Call Now for a Free Quote with Terminix in Decatur

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Terminix offers a range of pest control services tailored to meet the specific needs of homeowners, ensuring a pest-free environment with competitive pricing and packages. Whether you're dealing with common household pests or more daunting challenges like termites and rodents, Terminix has a plan for you.

Decatur, Georgia Homeowners: Expert Pest Defense with Terminix

Living in Decatur, Georgia, presents its own set of challenges when it comes to uninvited critters. From the sneaky termites that feast on your beloved home to those buzzing mosquitoes that crash your backyard barbecues, pests can be a real headache. But fear not, as Terminix brings its A-game to keep these pesky invaders at bay. With offers to knock out termites, pests, and mosquitoes, Decatur residents can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy their southern living in peace. Let's dive into how Terminix pricing plays out for various pest control strategies, and how they toss in a free inspection to sweeten the deal.

Comprehensive Pest Protection Bundles

Tackling more than one pest can be like playing whack-a-mole in your own home, but Terminix offers bundles that not only tackle multiple pests at once but also save your wallet from taking a hit. Combine termite and pest control, and you're looking at an average savings of $175. Add mosquito control into the mix, and the savings soar to $375. These bundles come with the cherry on top: a free inspection that sets the stage for a pest-free home.

Save when bundling services with Terminix of Decatur

  • Save $175

    Pest1 + Termite Control3

    Save an average of $175 when bundling pest and termite control

  • Save $100

    Pest1 + Mosquito Control2

    Save an average of $100 when bundling pest and mosquito control

  • Save $375

    Pest1 + Termite3 + Mosquito Control2

    Save an average of $375 when bundling pest and termite control

  • Save $175

    Termite3 + Mosquito Control2

    Save an average of $175 when bundling pest and termite control


Pest-Free Living Starts Here

The General Pest Control package kicks off with a promotional offer — $50 off your first pest control service, starting at just $99. Talk about a deal! Terminix doesn't play around when it comes to pests, employing a whole arsenal of EPA-approved chemicals that show pests the door while keeping your family and furry friends safe.

Defending Your Domain from Termites

Termites won't stand a chance with Terminix's termite plans. Snag a 10% savings and zero-cost inspection when you opt for a termite plan. The Basic Plan keeps you covered with annual inspections, while the Advanced Plan ups the ante with the Nix & Fix Guarantee, covering new termite damage repairs up to $250K. Those pesky drywoods are handled with the Drywood Defend System™, specialized for homes in areas like California, but a boon to any homeowner seeking top-tier defense.

Swatting Away Mosquito Worries

If mosquitoes are your main squabble, a one-time treatment stands at $150. Alternatively, ongoing services during mosquito season mean an outdoor oasis free from those bloodsuckers, costing around $70 per treatment. With Terminix's Quick Guard service, mosquitoes are hit with a one-two punch of immediate relief and long-lasting protection.

Rodent Riddance for Restful Nights

Rodents sneaking in? Get a free inspection and save $100 on rodent control. Terminix isn't just about setting traps; their strategy includes sealing up your home to turn it into a fortress where rodents are forever unwelcome. A plan with Terminix means they've got your back, constantly ensuring those critters don't make a comeback.

Banish Bed Bugs for Good

Bed bugs giving you sleepless nights? Terminix steps in with a free inspection and a battle plan customized to your home's needs. They employ a mix of heat, vacuuming, and the latest treatments, ensuring that these night-time nuisances hit the road. Pricing is tailored to the extent of your bed bug blues, but with Terminix, there's light at the end of the tunnel.

Wild About Wildlife Control

Not to be forgotten, wildlife such as raccoons and squirrels can also invade your space, but Terminix is ready with a $100-off offer on wildlife control following a free inspection. They'll evict these uninvited guests and safeguard your home against future gate-crashers.

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Terminix of Decatur Reviews

  • google avatar

    Evan Nelson

    Decatur, GA

    Jerry is awesome. He has been servicing my home for a few years now. Super nice and thorough through the process.

  • google avatar

    Akime Nelson

    Decatur, GA

    I gave the 5 star rating because Clarence Sereboo always provides awesome services. He makes having Terminix service worth the money I pay the company. Please always be sure he services my home and I will continue paying for Terminix services. Thank you Akime Nelson

  • google avatar


    Decatur, GA

    I left a negative review nearly a year ago, because Terminix kept charging us for a service we canceled. In essence the review was about them digging up termite traps, leaving the bait traps scattered across the yard, not filling in the holes, which caused me to fall and nearly break my ankle and leaving both back gates open - which caused my wife and I to lose our family dog when I let her out. (I’ll attach pictures) Again, I left that review after we canceled our services and we realized we were still getting charged. I did not leave that review because of the unprofessionalism and liability issue. Again… I left it because we canceled the service and they kept charging us. They responded to the original review. Asked me to call. I called and they “canceled” the service and gave us a refund for the extra charges. Since then, almost a year later, my wife realized she was still getting charged. For a service we canceled. For a home we sold. For a house we do not live in anymore. We literally sold our home and are still getting charged. When we spoke to the operational manager Jessie, he tried to send someone to the house… again the house we sold… My wife has been told that Terminix can’t and won’t stop charging us. My wife has been told by Jessie and by numerous other phone operators a multitude of reasons why “the service can’t be stopped” and why we will “keep getting charged.” Please see below “In the state of GA you have to have a termite service if you own the property” - we don’t. We sold it. We can prove we sold it. “It’s being charged through our billing service you have to take it up with them.” - how and why? We canceled the service. We reached out to them and they told us to reach out to Terminix proper. It’s a run around. “The only way to stop getting charged is to contact the bank and put a stop payment on it” - so they suggested something very questionable in the eyes of the law and put the blame back on us. Again… we sold the house. Why are we getting charged. When my wife asked for the emails to go to her email instead of mine they hung up on her. This has been happening for almost a year and we keep getting the run around. These are the most incompetent employees I have ever encountered. Someone made a mistake and they don’t want to own up to it. Maybe it was Jessie, maybe it was a phone operator, maybe it’s everyone on their team. All I know is we canceled the service, we sold our home, and we are still getting charged. I wonder if that’s legal? Don’t get involved in this company Side note: I’m not getting the charge emails anymore. They stopped sending them. The only way to know if we got charged is by check our bank statements. Why aren’t we getting receipts for a charge? Forget the fact that we canceled the service why aren’t we being notified? This is an extremely shady operation. I really wonder what the legality is around what they are doing. Terminix please refund us and stop charging us for a service we canceled nearly a year ago. This isn’t right.

  • google avatar

    Tiffany Carroll

    Decatur, GA

    The home technician emailed my contract after she left and there were billing and pricing discrepancies based on what she told me and showed me on her tablet. I called Terminix to discuss the matter and the phone representative told me the inspection technician gave me correct information although it was not right on the contract. I didn’t have a good feeling about it and I called back again and was told all of the information I received from the inspection tech and phone rep were in deed incorrect and I cancelled my pending services because I don’t trust moving forward using Terminix.

  • google avatar

    Mike B.

    Decatur, GA

    Terminix is a joke of a company. They will increase your rates without warning and will consistently send you bills and refuse to cancel your account when...

  • google avatar

    Tracy Powell

    Decatur, GA

    The technician called the evening before which was really appreciated. He was kind, diligent and informative. The bait install took place within 48 hours and we were very happy with the service from start to finish.

  • google avatar

    Stephanie R.

    Decatur, GA

    Terminix sent a POST CARD renewal notice for our pest control including the renewal date, quarterly payment, service address, customer number & our sales...

  • google avatar

    Julie K.

    Decatur, GA

    False information. The inspector came out to inspect the home and said "Yep, that's termite damage. But we can't help, too much damage, sorry" So, you say...

  • google avatar

    Deidre Bryant

    Decatur, GA

    Chris Hasamoh the representative for Terminix was knowledgeable,friendly and helpful. The Service representative who put the product down was also knowledgeable, nice, friendly and explained everything he was doing and what we need to do to protect our house from termites.

  • google avatar

    Lee Beth B.

    Decatur, GA

    Is there a "no star" option? Do NOT use the Terminix Exclusion Contract because you will be throwing your money away. We have had an Exclusion Contract for...

Unshakeable Service Guarantee

Terminix stands by their service with a money-back satisfaction promise. Find pests creeping back? Terminix will too, at no extra charge. And with open-ended contracts, you're never locked in; you can wave goodbye to the service should you choose, without a pesky cancellation fee.

Navigating pest control needn't be overwhelming. With Terminix, Decatur homeowners have a trusted ally to safeguard their homes against the gamut of pests. The transparent pricing and guarantees make for a worry-free partnership in pest management. Remember, a home without pests is a home where you can truly kick back and savor the southern charm of Decatur, Georgia.

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