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Orkin, America's largest pest control company, offers services to manage and eliminate pests such as termites, bed bugs, ants, roaches, mosquitos, fleas, and other insects along with wildlife such as rice and rats.

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How Much Does Orkin Cost in Stanley

Service Plan Type Home Size Cost Initial Fee Additional Details
Pest Prevention Service Plan Ongoing Plan Small-Medium $40-$65 /month $175- $225 Comprehensive protection from the 13 most common household pests, including mice.
Pest Prevention Service Plan Ongoing Plan Medium-Large $65-$100 /month $225 - $350 Comprehensive protection from the 13 most common household pests, including mice.
Termite Inspection One Time Custom Pricing FREE Based on Free inspection, home size, and termite infestation level.
Mosquito Control Seasonal Small-Medium $25 - $55 /month $0 - $75 Initial Fee based on home size and geographical location.
Mosquito Control Seasonal Medium-Large $55 - $100 /month $0 - $75 Initial Fee based on home size and geographical location.
Mice & Rat Treatment Ongoing Plan Small-Medium $40 - $60 /month $185 - $210 Price varies based on location, level of infestation and treatment methods.
Mice & Rat Treatment Ongoing Plan Medium-Large $60 - $110 /month $210 - $350 Price varies based on location, level of infestation and treatment methods.
Bed Bug Treatment One Time Custom Pricing $95 - $116 Tailored to the extent of infestation.
Stinging Insects One Time $314 N/A Price varies based on location, level of infestation and treatment methods.
Flea Treatment One Time $250 - $300 Price varies based on location, level of infestation and treatment methods.
Stink Bug Treatment One Time $274 Price varies based on location, level of infestation and treatment methods.
  • Leader in the industry through technician training and innovative services
  • Comprehensive services to treat a wide variety of pests
  • Punctual and professional technicians help educate customers along the way
  • 60-day guarantee stands apart from the rest of the industry
  • Franchised locations can create differences in quality from branch to branch
  • Smaller commitment to eco-friendly options as compared to the rest of the industry
  • Inspections aren’t as thorough as other companies
  • No free in-person inspections

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Orkin's Comprehensive Pest Control Services – Your Guide to Pricing and Effective Treatment Solutions in Stanley, North Carolina

When the tranquility of your Stanley, North Carolina residence is threatened by uninvited pests, Orkin's comprehensive pest control services present a reliable line of defense. With a reputation for thorough assessments and effective solutions, Orkin stands tall among pest control providers. Their A.I.M.® approach, with the stages of Assess, Implement, and Monitor, ensures a customized and dynamic pest control program. Orkin's services extend to a wide range of common household nuisances, promising the restoration of peace and comfort to your home.

Orkin's Approach to Pest Management

Orkin's A.I.M.® solution steers a strategic approach to pest control. The process starts with an assessment to pinpoint the type and extent of the infestation, followed by the implementation of targeted treatment strategies. Continuous monitoring caps off the process, making adjustments as needed to keep your home pest-free.

In-Depth Pest Prevention Plan

Orkin's Pest Prevention Plan guards against an extensive list of pests, including ants, spiders, and rodents, to name a few. This plan is proactive, with visits every 60 days to halt the pest lifecycle and fortified measures like sealing gaps and cracks.

Customized Pricing for Your Needs

Service costs are influenced by various factors such as home size and pest severity. For Stanley, North Carolina, homeowners might expect monthly service plans to range from $40 to $100, and initial service fees range from $175 to $350, with current promotions potentially offering notable savings.

Service Agreements with Flexibility

Orkin's service agreements aren't set in stone. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee and the freedom to cancel services at any time, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Additional Services on Offer

Enhancing your pest control plan with add-ons like free termite inspections and optional mosquito treatments gives homeowners tailored protection suited to their specific concerns.

Orkin's Assurance of Satisfaction

Orkin's commitment to customer happiness is profound. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and a same-day service option for urgent pest issues, ensuring swift and effective responses.

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Orkin of Stanley Reviews

  • google avatar

    Luis Moreno

    Stanley, NC

    I use Orkin for all our salon locations and I have been very happy with their service and effectiveness.

  • google avatar

    Tamika White

    Stanley, NC

    I have been using this service here for the last few months for the rodents that I am getting from my neighbors. The method they are using is helping out cause I am not seeing them as much. They come every other month to spray and treat the outside, I would definitely refer them to friends and family

  • google avatar

    Brian Robert

    Stanley, NC

    Spectacular service today. This was his first time at my home. He was very friendly, and he asked great questions to narrow down my needs. Top notch !!

  • google avatar

    Michael Lisi

    Stanley, NC

    We used another service to help with insect and pest control but they seemed to have no impact. Contracted with Orkin and noticed immediate results. The issue was solved after just a couple of visits. The business is well-run with professional and friendly employees, efficient operations, good communications technology, effective pest control solutions, and very fair pricing. Very happy to work with Orkin and highly recommend them to friends and family.

  • google avatar

    Weldon Huske

    Stanley, NC

    Agent was friendly, paid attention to instructions, offered good advice and was probably the best tech Orkin has ever sent. Only 2 minor suggestions: don’t think I heard his name, and he didn’t use shoe covers (which really didn’t matter in our case or I would have requested them). If he comes back every time I’ll be happy! He also said his route now has all the houses on our street on the same day — something I’ve suggested many times for your efficiency. Thanks

  • google avatar

    A.C. Charles

    Stanley, NC

    Our service tech Derrick is great. He is very knowledgeable and friendly. He has no issues answering any questions we may have and takes him time to complete his job with care.

  • google avatar

    Brandon Gibby

    Stanley, NC

    The first service was great. However since December my account shows that I have had 3 visits, and I have been billed for these. In these visits I have seen no one, no one has knocked on my door or been in my house since the initial visit. I’m not 100% sure anyone has even been out. the issue we originally called about still hasn’t been resolved and if anything the problem has gotten worse. Seriously considering switching to a different pest control service that will actually provide the service I’m paying for

  • google avatar

    Rebecca Miller

    Stanley, NC

    I was worried I had carpenter ants so I called Orkin, set up a home inspection and committed to a yearly contract…Orkin’s tecnician came out and said I DO NOT have ants and Orkin immediately refunded the cost of the carpenter ant treatment plan. No hassle, no heavy sales pitch. Just integrity! I will definitely call again and I highly reccommend Orkin!

  • google avatar

    Tami Pace

    Stanley, NC

    We use Orkin for general pest control maintenance and mosquitos spray and have been with them for several years and 2 houses ? We've always worked with Lee and you couldn't ask for a better guy or service. He always answers our questions and has taken care of any concerns we've ever had. Highly recommend this location!!

  • google avatar

    Ashley Steele

    Stanley, NC

    Jason was incredibly helpful and thorough as he inspected our home. He quickly discovered the problem and laid out what Orkin could do to solve it. We had no idea that Orkin could do so much! A week later, the Orkin team arrived in the pouring rain and began working. They completed everything that was promised in a timely fashion. We appreciate their promptness and hard work to solve our problem! Thank you Orkin team!

Comprehensive Termite Solutions

Orkin provides free termite inspections to gauge the severity and scope of an infestation. Custom treatments like Termidor® Liquid and Sentricon® Bait and Monitoring are part of Orkin's tailored solutions, with costs for termite services varying significantly.

Mosquito Control for Outdoor Comfort

Orkin's mosquito control is an integrated approach, addressing both the reduction of breeding sources and the use of chemical products. With seasonal variations in service duration, prices fluctuate based on the location and size of your property.

Rodent Control Included

Mice and rats are covered under Orkin's general pest control plan, meaning no additional charges for these common nuisances. This adds value to their service offerings and ensures comprehensive coverage.

Bed Bug and Stinging Insect Treatment

Orkin's bed bug treatment involves a rigorous inspection and a tailored action plan. For stinging insects like bees and wasps, Orkin provides expert identification and removal services, with costs for one-time treatments around $300.

Flea and Stink Bug Treatment

Flea infestations require expert intervention, and Orkin's approach includes everything from identification to recommendations for preventive measures. For stink bugs, Orkin focuses on exclusion techniques and chemical treatments as necessary, with service prices averaging between $250 and $300.

In summary, Orkin provides Stanley, North Carolina homeowners with a range of pest control options, each with transparent pricing and the promise of effective, reliable results. Whether it's maintaining a pest-free environment or addressing a current infestation, Orkin's services are crafted to bring homeowners the peace of mind they deserve.

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