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Orkin, America's largest pest control company, offers services to manage and eliminate pests such as termites, bed bugs, ants, roaches, mosquitos, fleas, and other insects along with wildlife such as rice and rats.

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How Much Does Orkin Cost in Woodstock

Service Plan Type Home Size Cost Initial Fee Additional Details
Pest Prevention Service Plan Ongoing Plan Small-Medium $40-$65 /month $175- $225 Comprehensive protection from the 13 most common household pests, including mice.
Pest Prevention Service Plan Ongoing Plan Medium-Large $65-$100 /month $225 - $350 Comprehensive protection from the 13 most common household pests, including mice.
Termite Inspection One Time Custom Pricing FREE Based on Free inspection, home size, and termite infestation level.
Mosquito Control Seasonal Small-Medium $25 - $55 /month $0 - $75 Initial Fee based on home size and geographical location.
Mosquito Control Seasonal Medium-Large $55 - $100 /month $0 - $75 Initial Fee based on home size and geographical location.
Mice & Rat Treatment Ongoing Plan Small-Medium $40 - $60 /month $185 - $210 Price varies based on location, level of infestation and treatment methods.
Mice & Rat Treatment Ongoing Plan Medium-Large $60 - $110 /month $210 - $350 Price varies based on location, level of infestation and treatment methods.
Bed Bug Treatment One Time Custom Pricing $95 - $116 Tailored to the extent of infestation.
Stinging Insects One Time $314 N/A Price varies based on location, level of infestation and treatment methods.
Flea Treatment One Time $250 - $300 Price varies based on location, level of infestation and treatment methods.
Stink Bug Treatment One Time $274 Price varies based on location, level of infestation and treatment methods.
  • Leader in the industry through technician training and innovative services
  • Comprehensive services to treat a wide variety of pests
  • Punctual and professional technicians help educate customers along the way
  • 60-day guarantee stands apart from the rest of the industry
  • Franchised locations can create differences in quality from branch to branch
  • Smaller commitment to eco-friendly options as compared to the rest of the industry
  • Inspections aren’t as thorough as other companies
  • No free in-person inspections

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Orkin's Pest Control Services: Comprehensive, Cost-Effective Solutions for Georgia Homeowners

Homeowners in Georgia understand the importance of maintaining a pest-free environment. Orkin, a leader in pest control, offers an array of services to keep your home protected from common invaders. With an A.I.M.® approach, Orkin assesses your situation, implements a strategic plan, and monitors for effectiveness, ensuring continuous defense against pests. This guide details Orkin's pricing, services, and guarantees, providing residents of Georgia with the knowledge to make informed decisions regarding their pest control needs.

Orkin's A.I.M.® Pest Control Approach

Orkin's A.I.M.® solution stands for Assess, Implement, and Monitor. This approach entails a thorough evaluation of your home, followed by strategic treatment and ongoing vigilance to keep pests at bay. Orkin professionals, equipped with the right tools and expertise, are adept at handling a variety of pests, from ants to rodents.

Comprehensive Pest Prevention

The Orkin Pest Prevention Plan includes a formidable shield against the 13 most common household pests. The plan involves regular 60-day visits, sealing of gaps, detailed reporting, and a 100% money-back guarantee. Homeowners have the flexibility to cancel at any time, ensuring satisfaction without the constraint of long-term commitments.

Included Pests in the Annual Plan:

  1. Ants
  2. Centipedes
  3. Cockroaches
  4. Crickets
  5. Earwigs
  6. Mice
  7. Millipedes
  8. Pillbugs
  9. Rats
  10. Scorpions
  11. Silverfish
  12. Sowbugs
  13. Spiders

Fair and Transparent Pricing

Orkin's service fees depend on various factors such as location, home size, and infestation severity. For typical homes, monthly costs may range from $40 to $100, with an initial fee between $175 and $350. With current promotions, homeowners can enjoy discounts on these already competitive rates.

Sample of Orkin's Pest Control Costs:

Location Monthly Cost Initial Fee & Treatment
Richland Center, WI $46.50 $211.95
Austin, TX $51.50 $212.50
Jamesville, NY $68.00 $319.05
Hermitage, TN $51.50 $212.50
Altadena, CA $56.00 $226.00
Farmington, NH $53.00 $367.00
Sacramento, CA $62.50 $245.50
Tacoma, WA $54.08 $225.00
Abilene, TX $47.00 $208.00
Baton Rouge, LA $106.00 $218.00
Rockford, IL $46.83 $185.00
Baltimore, MD $65.00 $254.00
Charlotte, NC $45.00 $192.00

Termite Defense and Treatment

Termites present a significant threat to property, and Orkin offers a free termite inspection to kickstart your defense plan. Because every house is different, Orkin tailors treatment plans to your specific needs, which may include Termidor® Liquid, OrkinFoam®, and Sentricon® Bait and Monitoring, among other solutions. Annual costs for termite services can vary widely, from $250 to $1000, ensuring that you get a plan that fits both your needs and budget.

Flying Pest Control: Mosquitoes and Stinging Insects

Orkin provides seasonal mosquito control, adapting the frequency of treatment to your local climate. For stinging pests like wasps and bees, Orkin inspectors can devise a plan to remove nests and prevent future issues. While prices may vary, homeowners can expect to invest around $300 for a one-time stinging insect treatment.

Rodent Control Within the Pest Prevention Plan

Rodents are included in Orkin's Pest Prevention Plan at no additional cost. With Orkin's expertise, you won't have to worry about the extra expenses typically associated with rodent infestations.

Battling Bed Bugs and Fleas

Orkin's bed bug inspection fee contributes to the cost of treatment if bed bugs are found. Treatment plans are fashioned to your home's circumstances using OrkinHeat® and other methods. Flea treatment plans involve a comprehensive strategy including growth regulators, vacuuming, and product application, all tailored to address the unique challenges fleas present.

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Orkin of Woodstock Reviews

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    Cynthia Smith

    Woodstock, GA

    The basics were accomplished. No use of any tools to remove spider webs, etc. or anything extra. The very minimum spraying and traps were accomplished.

  • google avatar

    evelyn thon

    Woodstock, GA

    Super great. He was so thorough and friendly. Orkin always will respond VERY quickly if you have a problem!! This was just our yearly termite check up though.

  • google avatar

    Chris Shiver

    Woodstock, GA

    Excellent long term pest treatment We really appreciate the professionalism and personality of the technician who has been servicing our home for many years Chris Shiver

  • google avatar

    Stephanie Blackmon

    Woodstock, GA

    Just moved into a Leased Townhouse with a wooded area behind me so I opted to have Orkin come out & spray for prevention. Roderick was amazing & even had his home inspector come out to check the large attic. They were both phenomenal. I definitely recommend them if yoy live in the Alpharetta area.

  • google avatar

    Robert Richardson

    Woodstock, GA

    Roderick Swanson is the best . Very professional and efficient. He is always so polite and really cares about his clients satisfaction with the services he performs. He is a compliment to your company

  • google avatar

    David Harden

    Woodstock, GA

    The technician, Kenneth, was on-time, informative, polite and professional in every manner. We are pleased to have him as our regular technician.

  • google avatar

    Fred Miskawi

    Woodstock, GA

    Professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Our “Orkin” person did his job conscientiously and did not rush. Love Orkin... we can call them anytime to come back if we find another bug problem. Feels like they have our family interest at heart. Great job Orkin!

  • google avatar

    Pam Porter

    Woodstock, GA

    Our inspector was super professional and informative in explaining the inspection! He did a great job!

  • google avatar

    Drew Dulmage

    Woodstock, GA

    Great Value and Incredible Service!!! Roderick (technician) is THE BEST Service Tech in ANY field. We highly recommend Orkin.

  • google avatar

    Jasper Tollett

    Woodstock, GA

    We signed up for service back in July. Since signing up, we have had two visits to our home. I have requested a touch-up service multiple times, and no one ever showed up. Since July, we have paid $464.86 for two service visits. When we first signed up for the service, we were utterly lied to and mislead. We were billed incorrectly during the 2nd month, so I called in and was transferred to Mike at the local store. He said he would reduce our bill and change our billing cycle. Unfortunately, the billing error was never corrected, so again we were totally misled and lied too. I've had to call every single month to get this billing issue worked out, and I have finally given up and asked that they cancel our service. When I called to cancel the service, I was transferred to a gentleman who Rudely hung up on me. I guess this happens often. So as of today, we have paid $232.43 each time some came to our house, which is insane. We will be going to another company. Only call Orkin if you want to be lied too and deal with endless frustration.

Stink Bug Control

Orkin's strategy for managing stink bugs focuses on prevention and treatment. Sealing entry points and applying chemical treatments as necessary form the foundation of Orkin's plan to keep these pesky invaders out of your home.

With Orkin's extensive array of pest control options, homeowners in Georgia can rest easy knowing they have access to effective, affordable solutions. Orkin's commitment to satisfaction, evidenced by their guarantees and flexible service agreements, ensures that your home remains a safe haven free from unwanted guests.

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