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Bifen Bifenthrin Review

15–17 minutes to read|

Updated for 2019

Overall Rating:


  • Highly Effective
  • Kills numerous insects
  • Indoor and outdoor


  • Needs diluting
  • Toxic
  • Kills honey bees
Ease of Use




  • 96 oz. jug
  • Concentrated formula


  • The active ingredient is bifenthrin
  • Kills and controls more than 75 insects

The Bottom Line

Bifen Bifenthrin can be used to kill and manage over seventy-five different types of insects. We read through dozens of Amazon reviews, and most reviewers felt that they noticed significant effectiveness very early on. The formula is concentrated, so you’ll need to dilute it before use. While this is an extra step, it will allow you to use the product over multiple uses per jug.

Bifen Bifenthrin Review

Pests like ants, mosquitoes, and ticks can often put a damper on outdoor summer activities. Most bug killers are formulated explicitly to target only a handful of insects. Since there are many common household insects, it can get quite challenging to keep up with the numerous irritating pests in and around your home. Bifen Bifenthrin is capable of killing and managing more than seventy-five different types of insects including mosquitoes, termites, ticks, ants, earwigs, flies, gnats, beetles, roaches, and fleas amongst several other bugs. Most reviewers found that this product was highly effective when used for their residential indoors to eradicate and prevent several types of insects. We read through dozens of reviews where users were primarily targeting ants in yards with great success. You an apply Bifenthrin Insecticide to lawns and fields as well as inside homes and other buildings. Care should be taken to not spray in areas that would affect honey bees as bifenthrin is highly toxic to all types of bees. Bifenthrin Insecticide comes in a concentrated formula, and you should dilute it per the instructions on the product label. The mix ratio depends on where you’ll be applying the product and what the target insect is. Generally, the ratio varies between one-fifth of an ounce to two ounces per gallon of water. You will need to make this mixture in a pump sprayer to apply the chemical.

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