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Orkin, America's largest pest control company, offers services to manage and eliminate pests such as termites, bed bugs, ants, roaches, mosquitos, fleas, and other insects along with wildlife such as rice and rats.

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How Much Does Orkin Cost in Carpentersville

Service Plan Type Home Size Cost Initial Fee Additional Details
Pest Prevention Service Plan Ongoing Plan Small-Medium $40-$65 /month $175- $225 Comprehensive protection from the 13 most common household pests, including mice.
Pest Prevention Service Plan Ongoing Plan Medium-Large $65-$100 /month $225 - $350 Comprehensive protection from the 13 most common household pests, including mice.
Termite Inspection One Time Custom Pricing FREE Based on Free inspection, home size, and termite infestation level.
Mosquito Control Seasonal Small-Medium $25 - $55 /month $0 - $75 Initial Fee based on home size and geographical location.
Mosquito Control Seasonal Medium-Large $55 - $100 /month $0 - $75 Initial Fee based on home size and geographical location.
Mice & Rat Treatment Ongoing Plan Small-Medium $40 - $60 /month $185 - $210 Price varies based on location, level of infestation and treatment methods.
Mice & Rat Treatment Ongoing Plan Medium-Large $60 - $110 /month $210 - $350 Price varies based on location, level of infestation and treatment methods.
Bed Bug Treatment One Time Custom Pricing $95 - $116 Tailored to the extent of infestation.
Stinging Insects One Time $314 N/A Price varies based on location, level of infestation and treatment methods.
Flea Treatment One Time $250 - $300 Price varies based on location, level of infestation and treatment methods.
Stink Bug Treatment One Time $274 Price varies based on location, level of infestation and treatment methods.
  • Leader in the industry through technician training and innovative services
  • Comprehensive services to treat a wide variety of pests
  • Punctual and professional technicians help educate customers along the way
  • 60-day guarantee stands apart from the rest of the industry
  • Franchised locations can create differences in quality from branch to branch
  • Smaller commitment to eco-friendly options as compared to the rest of the industry
  • Inspections aren’t as thorough as other companies
  • No free in-person inspections

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Orkin's Comprehensive Pest Control Solutions in Carpentersville, Illinois

Homeowners in Carpentersville, Illinois, facing the challenge of keeping their homes pest-free can find solace in Orkin's comprehensive pest prevention plans. With a legacy of expertise, Orkin's A.I.M.® solution is crafted to offer a defense against common household pests through a cycle of assessing, implementing, and monitoring. This plan encompasses expert extermination services for a variety of pests including ants, centipedes, and mice, backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

Orkin's A.I.M.® Approach to Pest Control

Orkin's proven A.I.M.® approach stands for Assess, Implement, and Monitor. This strategy ensures that each homeowner receives a program specifically created for their home's unique pest challenges. Initially, an Orkin Pro assesses the situation to identify pests and their potential entry points. Next, they implement a targeted plan using state-of-the-art tools and methods to tackle the infestation. Lastly, they monitor the situation to keep homes pest-free, making follow-up visits every 60 days or as necessary.

Pest Prevention Plan Details

Orkin's Pest Prevention Plan is not just about eliminating pests; it's about creating a barrier to keep them out for good. This includes sealing off entry points and providing homeowners with detailed reports and advice. With more than 13 types of pests covered, including spiders and scorpions, and a revisit schedule that disrupts pest lifecycle, Orkin lays a solid foundation for a pest-free environment.

Know Your Costs

Pricing for Orkin's services can vary based on several factors. For typical homes, monthly costs can range from $40 to $100, with initial fees from $175 to $350. Special promotions, like a current $50 discount, make Orkin's services more accessible to homeowners. Prices may also differ by location; for instance, residents in Rockford, IL, may pay $46.83 monthly, while those in Baton Rouge, LA, could face monthly costs up to $106.00.

Ensuring Commitment-Free Services

While Orkin's annual plan suggests a year-long commitment, their 100% money-back guarantee allows homeowners to cancel at any time. Service agreements are straightforward and customizable, ensuring you get exactly the protection you need without the long-term pressure.

Extra Layers of Protection

Free Termite Inspection

Orkin values thoroughness in their pest control offerings. That's why they provide a complimentary termite inspection with their Pest Prevention Plan, allowing for early detection and customized treatment plans.

Mosquito Shield

Orkin also offers an additional mosquito treatment service, crucial for those warm summer months when mosquito activity peaks. This service is tailored to your home's specific needs and location, with costs varying based on these factors.

Orkin's Termite Expertise

Termites pose a significant risk to the structural integrity of homes, which is why Orkin doesn't offer flat-rate pricing over the phone. Instead, they provide free inspections and then tailor treatment plans to the specifics of your home and infestation, with annual costs potentially ranging from $250 to $1000.

Mosquito Menace Management

Mosquito control with Orkin involves an integrated approach that includes source reduction and the strategic use of chemical controls. Inspections identify breeding grounds, followed by recommendations and treatments tailored to your property's specific mosquito problem.

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Orkin of Carpentersville Reviews

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    Susan Noble

    Carpentersville, IL

    Our Rep is extremely professional and courteous. He goes above and beyond to exceed our expectations.

  • google avatar

    Sheila Lane

    Carpentersville, IL

    Patrick is thorough with building evaluation each service visit and always ask how were doing and if we have any issues.

  • google avatar

    Mary Ann Reed

    Carpentersville, IL

    Always a positive experience! Orkin got rid of our ants a few years back and has kept them at bay ever since. Wouldn’t miss a scheduled treatment!

  • google avatar

    Andrew Floerchinger

    Carpentersville, IL

    My technician Hassan was very detailed. He explained a lot of reasons why ants come in and where the trouble spots are to keep an eye on. He has a great personality and represents the company well.

  • google avatar

    M Fio

    Carpentersville, IL

    We have been using Orkin for several years. Unlike our neighbors we never see ants or bugs in the house. Dan is the best. Very professional and responsive. Always on time and thorough.

  • google avatar

    Lucie Miller

    Carpentersville, IL

    Our tech, Sally Quick was superb. She explained everything to us clearly. Her work was meticulous, smooth and expert. She did a great job and is a credit to your organization!

  • google avatar

    Laura Fischer

    Carpentersville, IL

    John has serviced three of my homes over the last 15 years…he is the kindest, most hard-working, punctual, professional and respectful employee! He answers any question we have are so grateful for him!!! Highly recommend!

  • google avatar

    Larry Polleck

    Carpentersville, IL

    My technician, David, is very good. He knows exactly where the trouble spots in my home are and does a thorough inspection on his service call. He has alerted me of problem areas I didn’t know I had. I am very satisfied with his work and the service he provides.

  • google avatar

    Betsy Curtin

    Carpentersville, IL

    We have had a "new" technician for the last three times to our home. She is not friendly, she arrived smelling like pot (Orkin must not drug test) and was here for about 5 minutes. All that for the low, low price of $143.99. We are considering switching companies but will address this issue with whoever is in charge first to see if we can change techs. It really was not good.

  • google avatar

    Sharon Polaski

    Carpentersville, IL

    My technician, Sally, is wonderful. She is personable, thorough, informative, and friendly. She even deals with my crazy dog. Very happy with my service

Rodent Control Included

With the Pest Prevention Plan, homeowners don't have to worry about additional costs for rodent control. Mice and rat treatments are included, meaning peace of mind comes with no extra charge.

Bed Bug Busters

Orkin's bed bug treatment requires an initial inspection fee that will be credited towards the cost of treatment if bed bugs are found. This meticulous process ensures that homeowners only pay for the treatment they need.

Wasp and Bee Warfare

Stinging insect nests can be a hazard. Orkin's trained professionals can safely remove these threats and provide preventive advice to keep them from returning, with average one-time treatment costs around $300.

Flea Fiasco Fixers

Orkin tackles flea infestations with a comprehensive plan involving inspection, identification, and a multifaceted treatment strategy. This approach is essential for complete flea eradication and prevention.

Stink Bug Strategies

Orkin's action plans against stink bugs involve identifying the species, sealing entry points, and applying appropriate treatments. The goal is to prevent these pests from finding harbor in your home, ensuring year-round comfort.

Pests.org recognizes the importance of accurate and detailed information when considering pest control services. With this guide, Carpentersville residents can make informed decisions about protecting their homes from unwanted pests with the help of Orkin's reliable and efficient services.

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