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9105 Pokegama Lake Rd, Pine City, MN 55063

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9105 Pokegama Lake Rd, Pine City, MN 55063

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User Reviews


Very Good

Based on 12 reviews around the web

How We Rate


Very Good




What Customers Are Saying

“I have used them twice, most recently to get rid bats who had taken up residence in our chimney, and a few years ago to get rid of a family of skunks. Both times they came when they said they would and solved the problems. I did not shop around for prices, but I believe their rates are fair.”

Dale Pepin via Google

“We had bats in our attic and contacted a couple different companies. Dale came out the next day, plugged a few gaps and set up a one way door and then sealed that off after 4 days. Our bills was less than 1/2 of the quote we got from another company and Dale provided friendly, prompt service along with a 1 year warranty. If any more bats show up he will get rid of them for free. What more can you ask for? Great service and a reasonable price.”

Tim Kosel via Google

“$252 for to spray a can and a half of Alpine flea and bed bug in my already prepped home. Here less then 5 minutes doing something I could’ve easily done and had done but the inlaws decided we needed a exterminator thinking it would be a one treatment and their gone type deal which I knew wasn’t the case. Having known what I’d done up to the point he got there the honest man would’ve said “your doing what you can there is no one treatment and fleas are gone option having me come is a waste of your money, but I’d be happy to sell you a couple cans of this chemical we use just remember it’s important to not wash your floors for a couple weeks so the poison stays and keeps them from reproducing.” Then charge me a trip fee and high buck me for the cans of pesticide for a total of a hundred and some dollars. I would’ve then been on here saying how honest this company was and recommended them to anyone reading this. I fix appliances and charge $85 plus parts and feel guilty charging $85 when it’s something simple and I’m there only for 30 minutes. Never could I in good conscience charge someone $252 and when handed $260 not even offer change back to do something I know the customer could easily do themselves and only spend less then 5 minutes doing it. I’d feel like a thief which is how I see this company willing to take the easy money and not properly inform their customers about what to expect before and after the treatment. Robbed I honestly feel robbed after the treatment which still left fleas in the house as they slowly are dwindling down. Oh and he didn’t treat my garage so I have to bomb out there as well still too. If you got fleas don’t call this man if you can handle bombing or spraying a can as directed to on the can. Just make sure it contains IGR “Insect Growth Regulators”. Buying online if needed as the IGR is important in keeping the fleas from maturing to be able to reproduce. A female flea can lay 50 eggs a day after a quick blood snack so imagine every bite you see as 50 more fleas 10 bites can mean 500 more fleas and they exponentially increase in numbers. No treatment can kill every stage of the flea lifecycle either so you have to wait for them to come out of the cocoon stage which they are invincible to all forms of pesticides and can sit in that cocoon stage for up to a year before popping out for a meal which if they get can turn into 50 more fleas and the battle continues. Your best weapon is the vacuum vacuum twice a day or more spraying your bag with pesticides and with the IGR keeping them from multiplying the problem will slowly go away as fewer and fewer fleas hatch and the ones that do will not be able to reproduce because of the IGR. So IGR, vacuuming and patience is what you need not a exterminator. How bout that honesty? I bet you’d pay me $125 for that and a couple cans of pesticide with igr in it and I wouldn’t feel like a crook and you wouldn’t feel robbed, but here’s that info for free and buy your pesticides online it’ll be cheaper and Good luck!”

Josh Anderson via Google

East Central Exterminating of Pine City Review

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