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  • Everything You Need To Know About Gypsy Moth Caterpillars

    By contentrefined | 3 weeks ago

    When summer comes, most people worry about all sorts of different pest problems that the good sunny weather brings with it. For the most part, it is always about mosquitoes, Lone star ticks, and seed ticks among many other pests. These critters not only destroy crops as they feed on the stems and leaves, but…

  • How To Get Rid Of Spider Mites

    By contentrefined | 3 weeks ago

    Most growers around the world know about spider mites. As part of the mite family and closely related to ticks and spiders, these little insects are some of the most destructive pests known to farmers. Sometimes referred to as the two-spotted spider mites, red spider mites, or spruce spider mites, these little creatures are rather…

  • Do Sawflies Sting?

    By contentrefined | 3 weeks ago

    Sawflies are probably the most confusing lot of the insect world. They do not have any particularly specific look because they keep changing as they grow. Sawfly larvae look like little slugs then they slowly start looking like caterpillars and then eventually end up looking like a cross between a fly and a wasp. Considering…

  • Fall Season Is Here – How To Get Rid Of Squash Bugs

    By contentrefined | 3 weeks ago

    Commonly found in North America, squash bugs are damage causing pests that typically attack plants within the cucurbit family. They are particularly fond of the squash plant, hence the name. The adults are also commonly referred to as stink bugs or leaf-footed beetles. The damage these little buggers—or rather the nymphs—can cause is immense and,…

  • Does Growing Vegetables Indoors Attract Insects?

    By contentrefined | 3 weeks ago

    Does growing vegetables indoors attract insects? The answer is: not entirely. Although sometimes it seems like they do. The distinction, however, is that indoor plants or vegetables don’t typically send out signals that attract bugs that are just passing by like is the case with flowers that attract butterflies and bees for pollination purposes. The…

  • Are Ticks To Blame For Meat Allergies?

    By andrew | 2 months ago

    In cultures around the world, sitting down for dinner—sometimes en masse—is a staple for dietary practice, playing a significant role in the community and interpersonal relationships. Often, these meals include some form of meat, specifically beef and pork. In fact, we as Americans average consume about 270 pounds of meat per person, every year—more than…

  • People More Likely To Spread Disease Than Mosquitoes Via Air Travel

    By roberthunter | 4 months ago

    Nearly 700 million people are infected by diseases carried by mosquitoes every year. Yet, it turns out that you are more likely to spread a disease amongst another human through travel than a mosquito, researchers have found. A new study reports that humans are up to 1,000 times more likely to spread diseases like malaria,…

  • Potentially Deadly Parasite Spreads To Florida

    By roberthunter | 4 months ago

    A potentially deadly parasite has been found in various parts of Florida, a new study has found. The parasite—rat lungworm—is mostly commonly found in rats and snails, but once it infects you, it can cause spinal cord and brain dysfunctions like meningitis. In its most severe cases, rat lungworm can put you in a coma…

  • The Effect on Art & Music

    By k2forma | 5 months ago

    Before the Black Death of the 14th century, music was happy and frequently heard. As the plague raged, music was played very grimly or not at all. The only exceptions were people who decided that since they were going to die anyway, they might as well spend the rest of their life in happiness. The somber change in…

  • Bug News

    By writer | 5 months ago

    Musical Termites Termites making music? No, just the instrument, the Aborigional didjeridu. Listen to a developing didjeridu player, Academy student Josh Siegel. Butterfly Buddies The Academy and Ms. Goldfisher’s first grade friends meet at Ardenwood and search for Monarch Butterflies. A Moth Named Ralph? Where do scientists come up with names for animals? Dr. David…