Where do Bats Live and Sleep?

4 minutes to read | Updated for 2019

where do bats live and sleep

Throughout the year, bats move between roosts, often having one for the summer, where large groups of females form maternity colonies raise their young, and another roost for the winter where they will hibernating bats. In the wild, these roosts are formed in wooded areas, caves, rock crevices, and any other places that bats can find to protect them from the weather conditions and allow a safe resting place away from predators.

However, due to the loss of their natural habitat, species of bats such as big brown bats, Mexican free-tailed bats, northern long-eared bats, little brown bats, Virginia big-eared bats, and hoary bats must now seek alternative places that suit their needs, which is why you may notice them appearing in your attic, chimney or crawlspaces within the home. Although these roosts may start off with just one or two bats, with the right conditions and in an area of high bat population they can grow to host hundreds or even thousands of bats which is bad news for homeowners.

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