For a lot of families, it can be important to use healthy and safe products for their family. Liquid fertilizers and natural products like mosquito repellent and essential oils can be extremely important to keep insects at bay because they help your children and the adult members of the family too to stay away from pesticides or other chemical products. However, when should you be using the products that you do have? How do you know when it’s important to use any type of fertilizer or any type of repellent around your family?


What Is Natural Fertilizer and Bug Repellent

When it comes to natural products people are generally referring to something that is organic. It means something that is made only of products that you can find naturally in the environment like plants and fruits or vegetables. Natural products and essential oils are becoming more and more popular even as more and more chemicals are being invented that can make our lives easier, but they don’t necessarily make our lives better or make them healthier, which is why people are so interested in having natural products to help keep their family healthy and safe.

All natural fruits and vegetables, also known as organic, are those that have not been treated with any type of chemical but they may have been treated with different types of fertilizer or bug repellents even still. That’s because bug repellents and fertilizers can be made entirely organic as well.

It’s important that you look at what is in anything that you use because if you want to have organic and completely healthy foods for your family you can’t use chemicals that are used to create a number of the other products that you might find in the store. The natural products that you’re looking for are going to be made with things like manure and animal by-products or waste from the manufacturing process.

These things can be broken down into smaller pieces to serve as a type of fertilizer that is actually very natural. Broken down and dying trees or other plants are also a great source of fertilizer for newer plants and produce because they contain a great deal of healthy nutrients that help to improve growth and develop more strength in the newly developed plants.

When something grows out in nature it doesn’t use nasty chemicals from a spray bottle to keep insects at bay but instead uses the broken down products in the soil to help it grow. A tree may grow in the forest after old ones die and start to break down. When that tree dies, it also starts to break down and then becomes fertilizer for another tree that will grow in its place at some point in the future. This shows that nature is already taking care of itself when it comes to growing and nurturing plants. It can continue to do so in your garden as well.


When To Use Fertilizers and Bug Repellents

Different types of fertilizers are actually out there and available for you to use for anything. It’s important to know when and how to use them, however, so that you can know you’re keeping your family as safe as possible. A fertilizer can be used at any point in time while you’re preparing to plant your produce or after you’ve already planted it.

Fertilizer helps to improve the quality of the soil and that means that it helps the plants or products to grow better, faster, stronger, and healthier. These are all things you want in the food that you eat. Bug repellents can be important when your food is starting to grow because you want to make sure that bugs aren’t going to eat the tiny shoots as they start to come up or the berries and fruits as they finally start to grow.

These repellents will make sure that bugs aren’t going to lay their eggs right in your brand new fruits and vegetables and that means that they also won’t be eating the food you’re trying to grow. But the repellents can be used at any time once the seeds have been planted, though they’re usually used when something starts to come up from the ground.

If you’re concerned about your family getting too many chemicals into their daily diet you may want to consider using these products. If your child or someone in your family has special dietary restrictions or allergies you may also want to consider looking at more organic methods of protecting your food.

After all, chemical products that are used in fertilizers and bug repellents could have side effects for children with these kinds of conditions. You want to make sure that you are protecting your family and even if you don’t have a problem with the way most things are grown, watching out for allergies and more is extremely important.

How To Use Fertilizers and Bug Repellents

The best thing that you can do with these products is to make sure that you work them directly into the ground around the products that you’re trying to grow. Fertilizers are great to put directly into the soil before you even plant the seeds because that gives them time to really work their way in and make sure the soil is ready for the seeds when they’re first planted.

Bug repellents, on the other hand, may need to be added later to keep pests away, but should still be directed toward the soil and generally not onto the plants directly. Make sure that you look at what you’re using on your plants because not everything that’s organic is going to be good for every type of plant. Some plants may not do well with others as some of the naturally occurring additives in one may not be healthy for another.

You want to make sure you’re paying attention to this and also to when you put the ingredients into the soil or onto the plant as timing could also be a very important factor when you’re doing anything. Plants and produce and anything else you want to grow can do it on its own, but you’re going to have some problems with pests and disease that could affect your yield.

You’ll get something if you plant seeds and care for them, even without any type of fertilizer or protective bug spray, but you’re definitely going to get a lot more if you use something to fertilize the soil and keep diseases and bugs away. What you use in order to do it, however, is going to be entirely up to you. You just have to make sure you look into it.


Why Organic Versus Traditional?

So, why would you want to use an organic product in your growing rather than something a little more traditional? Well, organic products are going to help your plants to grow in much the same way that the chemical versions would. You’ll find that you get some great quality and great yield, but you’re not going to get quite as much as you would if you were using those traditional, chemical-laden products.

That’s because those chemicals have been specially designed to enhance the overall yield of your products and they do it quite well, which is why they continue to be used. Organic products are going to give you a more realistic and natural yield by simply cutting down on the number of bugs or diseases that your plants may have to try and fight off but by not changing the chemical structure of the plants themselves.

This means you’re not going to get as much out of your work, but you are still going to get a whole lot of other benefits that could make up for the fact that your yield is going to be a little bit lower and your plants may not look quite as nice as the chemically enhanced ones.

Organic produce is going to have less of the chemicals that you’ll find in other products because it’s made without chemicals. Instead of things from your fertilizers and bug repellents leeching into your product, there’s nothing harmful that can seep in.

That means you won’t have to worry about some of the side effects that you can get if you don’t carefully clean chemically-grown products because there’s nothing like that anywhere on your food. It’s going to be safer for your family to enjoy and use at all times because of the all-natural element.

No matter whether you prefer organic or chemically-grown produce, it’s great to grow and use your own type of fertilizer and bug repellent to keep your produce from being infested with disease and bugs. It may take a bit of work, but it’s definitely going to be a great outcome for you and for your family at the same time. Make sure that you look at your options and that you’re considering different types of products for your garden because you never know what you could end up with in the end.