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Despite being a lawn care company, TruGreen’s Mosquito Defense service has quickly gained an impressive reputation for effectiveness. This fact, combined with the company’s decades-long track record of professional service, has led us to select TruGreen as Best Mosquito Treatment for 2023.

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TruGreen is the country’s biggest lawn care company. But because reducing the presence of mosquitoes on your property requires expertise with plants and other features of your landscape, TruGreen has emerged as a strong competitor in this specialized area of pest control.


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TruGreen was founded in 1974 as ChemLawn, and became the largest lawn-care company in the country after merging with Scotts LawnService in 2016. As a natural outgrowth of their lawn care services, TruGreen recently began to offer mosquito control services, and have quickly established a solid track record of success with its treatments as evidenced by positive online reviews and testimonials. TruGreen backs up their targeted treatments by professionally-trained technicians with a “mosquito-free guarantee,” which offers free service at any time if you experience biting mosquitoes between visits. What’s more, with locations in almost every state, TruGreen’s mosquito services are a solid choice in most areas of the country.


TruGreen’s lawn care offerings enjoy a solid reputation for customer service and reliability.


The company has expanded mainly through franchising, something which has been known to cause problems with service at other companies.

Features & Services Provided

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Owning to their status as a lawn-care service, TruGreen only offers treatment for mosquitoes and for a few other lawn and garden pests. But here’s an overview of some of the features of TruGreen’s mosquito defense services:

24-Hour Promise

TruGreen promises that their Mosquito Defense will eliminate the mosquito population in your yard in 24 hours after the first application.

Systematic Application

TruGreen’s professionally trained specialists use targeted application of their innovative mosquito control formula, using specialized equipment that directs the treatment where mosquitoes are most likely to harbor, like the undersides of leaves on shrubs and trees.

Mosquito-Free Guarantee

TruGreen provides a re-treatment guarantee for their mosquito defense service, which means they will send their technicians out if the consumer has a problem with biting mosquitoes between the scheduled monthly treatments.

Additional Services

TruGreen’s main staple is lawn care services, and mosquito control can be added to lawn care contracts. The company also offers a general Lawn Pest service for fighting fleas, ticks, and other outdoor problems.


TruGreen’s mosquito-free guarantee provides for retreatments as needed if the customer has a problem with mosquitoes after their monthly visit.


While the company does offer services against other outdoor pests, it does not treat for common indoor pests.

Customer Support & Reviews

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A Word About Reviews

It can be difficult to judge pest control companies using online reviews: negative reviews tend to outnumber positive reviews for all companies. But looking at negative and positive reviews can give consumers some idea of the trends in a company’s performance.

Most online reviews of TruGreen involved their lawn care service, but we included these in our survey because they provide an insight into how TruGreen interacts with its customers and into their reliability and business practices. Overall, customers were pleased with TruGreen’s services, with many having used them for lawn service for several years. People using their Mosquito Defense service were similarly satisfied, with most praising the effectiveness of their service even if they needed a re-treatment. The only downside were a few complaints about the technicians delivering the company’s lawn care services, though it isn’t clear that those complaints carry through to the mosquito service.

Punctuality and Professionalism

As mentioned above, some of TruGreen’s lawn care customers had issues about their experience with the company’s technicians, and these chiefly centered on the technicians’ occasional failure to show up for scheduled treatments. On the other hand, customers also praised individual technicians, and expressed appreciation for the company’s customer service representatives.

In my 3rd year with TruGreen for my total lawn, tree/shrub, insect control, and mosquito control. I am a very pleased customer overall and would recommend them to others who are looking for a lawn service company that can provide an entire menu offering total property care.

Connie B., Marietta, GA


When we look at persistence, we look at whether customers had problems getting the company to re-treat if the first treatment wasn’t effective. Granted that there were relatively few reviews on TruGreen’s mosquito treatments, this didn’t seem to be an issue.


Overall, customers seemed to feel that their mosquito service was effective and allowed them to enjoy the outdoors on their own property free of worry about bites.

I have the mosquito treatment and they just did my first application this year. I have noticed a very significant decrease in mosquitoes which is what I wanted. I wanted to be able to do my yard work without being eaten by mosquitos and so far I have been bite free. I have almost 8 acres of land with most of it being woods as well as quite a bit of marsh so I always had a lot of mosquitos around. This was definitely a worthwhile investment for my family. I am a very satisfied customer!


TruGreen has gotten high marks for years for their lawn care services.


Some customers had issues with their technicians’ punctuality.


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What you get charged for pest control services can vary widely depending on where you live and what type of pest you’re dealing with, which makes it hard to compare costs across regions of the country. So we assess companies on how far they go to help the consumer compare costs across companies and control costs once they take on a service.


One nice feature of TruGreen’s mosquito defense service is that the company quotes a base price for their service on their website. Some caveats apply: the quote is only for people entering into a contract, and only for properties of ½ acre or smaller. At the same time, it’s a useful starting point for those comparison shopping.


As mentioned above, TruGreen offers a “Mosquito-Free Guarantee” for its service, meaning that the company will provide free re-treatments between scheduled visits as necessary if the customer has a problem with biting mosquitoes. Perhaps understandably, this is limited to customers who contract for regular service, and it’s not clear that those who contract for a single service (in advance of an event, say) enjoy a guarantee.

No-Annual Contracts

TruGreen does not require an annual contract, but it does encourage customers to take on multi-month contracts for the mosquito season.


TruGreen provides a base quote on their website, and their guarantee provides for free re-treatments.


Some customers complained about feeling pressured to take on other services.


Despite being a lawn care company, TruGreen’s Mosquito Defense service has quickly gained an impressive reputation for effectiveness. This fact, combined with the company’s decades-long track record of professional service, has led us to select TruGreen as Best Mosquito Treatment for 2021.
More Things to Know:
  • TruGreen started as ChemLawn, was a subsidiary of Terminix for a while, and merged with Scotts LawnCare in 2016.
  • TruGreen has a national reach, with locations in almost every state.
  • TruGreen also offers a Lawn Pest Service targeting ticks and fleas outdoors.