The Pests Most Likely To Aggravate Your Allergies

6 minutes to read | Updated for 2019

Pest Control for Expectant Mothers

Having a home infested with pests is a real annoyance. Pests like flies, cockroaches, and rats are known to transmit hundreds of types of diseases, and they also come with a general stigma of filth—for good reason, too. As if the diseases aren’t bad enough, pests are also known to cause allergic reactions that can lead to asthma attacks.

If you have a pest problem, you aren’t alone. A survey found that more than 80 percent of homes in America suffered a pest problem over a year, with many experiencing problems with flies and rodents. The frequency of pest infestations can mean that millions of Americans are potentially at risk to being exposed to pest allergens. Now let’s take a look at what kind of pests can cause these allergic reactions.

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