The Impact Of Crane Flies On The Pacific Northwest

8 minutes to read| Updated for 2021
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At the tail end of every summer, fantastical beasts raise from the the turfs of the Pacific Northwest, almost immediately finding counterparts so they can mate. After a life largely made up of eating and living underground, you might seek out someone’s touch as soon as possible, too.

These beasts are more formally known as crane flies. (OK, maybe they’re not really beasts.)

Since the insect’s introduction to the area, crane flies have caused damage to lawns all across the Pacific Northwest.

The female crane flies quickly lay eggs right where they just emerged less than 24 hours previous: the doldrums of the damp soil. The process then starts all over again: eggs hatch, the larvae of the crane flies feed and destroy lawns for part of the year, and then pop up again in August and September to live for the best two weeks of their life in the temperate, wet climates of the Pacific Northwest.

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