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Mosquito Squad offers the standard packages for mosquito control and has a track record of effective treatment and customer satisfaction, despite the occasional administrative glitch among its franchisees.

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Founded in 2005, Mosquito Squad is one of the country’s leading mosquito control companies, and a pioneer in the use of mosquito barrier sprays for residential customers. With a national reach, and solid record in online reviews, the company is a reliable choice for seasonal mosquito control in most of the country.


Our Rating:

Mosquito Squad is one of the oldest companies to specialize in applying barrier sprays against mosquitoes in residential settings. Founded in 2005, with more than 200 franchises operating across the country, it is now one of the nation’s largest mosquito control companies. They also provide tick repellent and extermination services, and are set up to install mosquito misting systems. In online reviews, the company has a strong record of customer service (with a few questions from customers about administrative issues), and provides a lot of important tools to help customers comparison shop, including free inspections and a money-back guarantee.


This fast-growing company was one of the first to provide barrier sprays.


Mosquito Squad has expanded through franchising, which can sometimes affect the quality of service.

Features & Services Provided

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In terms of features and services provided, the name Mosquito Squad says it all. The company doesn’t treat only mosquitoes, but it only treats for these flying pests and for ticks in the outdoor environment.

Free Inspections

Not every company in the mosquito control category provides free inspections, but Mosquito Squad will base its quote on a free initial consultation including an in-person visit.


Mosquito Squad offers the industry standard guarantee, but that’s nothing to sneeze at: if a problem arises, the company will retreat at least once, and then refund for the most recent service provided.

Eco-Friendly Treatments

Not every mosquito control company offers environmentally sensitive treatment, but Mosquito Squad can provide biological-based chemical applications. (The company does, however, recommend that their environmentally-friendly treatments be applied more often than their standard formulas.)

Additional Services

In addition to applying treatments that eliminate and repel mosquitoes, Mosquito Squad will install misting systems that provide consistent, passive mosquito control. They also offer one-off mosquito services for special events.


Company provides free consultations and inspections.


Company does not provide treatments for household pests.

Customer Support & Reviews

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A Word About Reviews

It can be difficult to judge pest control companies using online reviews: negative reviews tend to outnumber positive reviews for all companies. But looking at negative and positive reviews can give consumers some idea of the trends in a company’s performance.

Like many of its competitors, Mosquito Squad does quite well in online reviews, with many customers praising the effectiveness of their treatments.

Punctuality and Professionalism

One thing that makes life easier for mosquito companies, of course, is that because they treat only outdoors, they have a little more flexibility in their scheduling. That said, there were almost no complaints about the company’s technicians in the reviews we surveyed. There were similarly few issues raised about office staff and other personnel, but there were some complaints about billing problems and other administrative issues.


Probably because of the effectiveness of their treatments, Mosquito Squad customers didn’t have much to say about how persistent they were with stubborn mosquito problems. The few that did mention having to re-treat said that the company showed no hesitation coming and spraying again.


Customers raved about Mosquito Squad’s effectiveness at keeping their yards mosquito-free, even during the worst months of the mosquito season.

We love Mosquito Squad. We have been using them for 3 years now and my husband can finally do yard work! If we see any mosquitoes, they show up right away to spray. Won’t do a year without them.


Overall, a strong record of customer service in online reviews.


Some locations seemed to have administrative issues, including problems with billing.


Our Rating:

Cost is a hard variable to measure since every house and pest is different, but we assess companies based on criteria that can be standardized across the industry, gauging mostly whether they give consumers the ability to shop around and control costs.

Free Inspections

As mentioned above, Mosquito Squad offers free on-site inspections to assess conditions on a customer’s property before offering a quote.

Money-Back Guarantee and Free Follow-Ups

Mosquito Squad offers a solid guarantee, which provides for free re-treatments if an initial treatment isn’t effective, and will refund the cost of the treatment (or the previous regular treatment if the customer is on a service plan).

Yearly Contract?

Mosquito Squad strongly recommends a yearly contract, but the company doesn’t require one, and does offer one-off treatments for special events.


Offers free onsite inspections, which not every mosquito control company does.


Some customers noted issues with billing.


Mosquito Squad offers the standard packages for mosquito control and has a track record of effective treatment and customer satisfaction, despite the occasional administrative glitch among its franchisees.

More Things to Know:
  • Mosquito Squad is one of the nation’s oldest mosquito control companies.
  • The company offers mosquito misting system installation and tick control treatment.
  • Provides a solid money-back guarantee.

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