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One of the biggest mosquito specialist companies out there, Mosquito Joe provides excellent and effective service, and, judging by online reviews, has produced a lot of satisfied customers. If you’re dealing with mosquitoes on your property, Mosquito Joe worth a call.

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One of the largest mosquito control specialists in the country, Mosquito Joe has expanded rapidly while maintaining an excellent record of customer satisfaction.


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Mosquito Joe was started in the Virginia Beach area of Virginia over eight years ago, and since then it has seen rapid growth, quickly expanding through franchising to achieve a national reach and over 200 locations. The company offers the standard range of services for outdoor mosquito control, including flea and tick abatement and “green” mosquito treatments. The company enjoys a solid reputation among online reviewers, with many praising the company’s business practices and effectiveness.


Solid record of customer satisfaction.


Company has expanded through franchising, which sometimes creates quality control issues across locations.

Features & Services Provided

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As the name implies, Mosquito Joe focuses on mosquitoes, but the company also treats to control fleas and ticks on residential and commercial properties.

Free Inspections

Like many of its competitors in the mosquito control field, Mosquito Joe gives a quote based mainly on the owner’s description of the property. The company, however, also takes the innovative step of looking up satellite images of the property in order to provide a more accurate quote.


Mosquito Joe provides a money-back guarantee. If a customer complains about mosquitoes within two weeks of treatment, the company will re-treat; if the problem persists, they’ll refund the cost of the most recent treatment.

Eco-Friendly Treatments

In addition to their standard mosquito treatments, Mosquito Joe offers alternatives made from natural ingredients. They do advise, however, that they need to re-treat more frequently if a customer chooses this kind of treatment.

Additional Services

Mosquito Joe also provides one-time services for special events. In addition, the company offers an installation service for mosquito misting systems.


Mosquito Joe offers a solid money-back guarantee.


Offers the standard (and limited) list of services for most mosquito control companies.

Customer Support & Reviews

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A Word About Reviews

It can be difficult to judge pest control companies using online reviews: negative reviews tend to outnumber positive reviews for all companies. But looking at negative and positive reviews can give consumers some idea of the trends in a company’s performance.

Perhaps because of the limited nature of mosquito control services, the companies frequently rack up multiple positive reviews in online forums. Mosquito Joe nevertheless stands out among its competition, with a solid track record of customer satisfaction.

Punctuality and Professionalism

Even though Mosquito Joe technicians do their work outside, they still earned praise for courtesy and punctuality. Some reviewers did report problems—and some noted administrative issues having to do with billing and scheduling—but overall, people were satisfied with both technicians and office staff.


Because the standard treatments for mosquitoes tend to be highly effective, very few customers touched on Mosquito Joe’s willingness to re-treat. Where the subject came up, however, reviewers mentioned that the company was happy to promptly re-treat if necessary.

Mosquito Joe changed our summers!! We can now play, relax or eat outside at any time of day, even in humid conditions. The difference is unbelievable and I can’t believe we waited so long to call.


Mosquito Joe got a great deal of praise from reviewers for the effectiveness of its treatments, with many customers saying that they were able to enjoy the outdoors around their homes much more than they had been able to do before.


Consistent praise from customers for effective, courteous service.


There were a few complaints of administrative issues related to scheduling and billing.


Our Rating:

Cost is a hard variable to measure since every house and pest is different, but we assess companies based on criteria that can be standardized across the industry, gauging mostly whether they give consumers the ability to shop around and control costs.

Free Inspections

Like most of its competitors among mosquito control companies, Mosquito Joe offers a free consultation before offering a quote, but won’t necessarily provide an eyes-on inspection of your property. Before providing a quote, they do, however, look at a property using online satellite images in order to provide a more accurate price.

Free Follow-Ups

Mosquito Joe also offers free re-treatments as needed if there’s a problem with an initial application, or if biting mosquitoes appear between regular visits.

Yearly Contract?

Mosquito Joe is very clear about not requiring customers to get a long-term contract, though they also make it clear that regular applications provide more effective treatment.


Mosquito Joe provides an industry-standard re-treatment and refund guarantee.


While they get points for innovation, they do not provide an eyes-on inspection before offering a quote.


One of the biggest mosquito specialist companies out there, Mosquito Joe provides excellent and effective service, and, judging by online reviews, has produced a lot of satisfied customers. If you’re dealing with mosquitoes on your property, Mosquito Joe worth a call.

More Things to Know:
  • One of the largest mosquito control specialists in the country.
  • Offers treatments using chemicals derived from natural substances.
  • Also provides tick and flea treatments, and mosquito misting installation.

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