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In an increasingly crowded field, Mosquito Authority stands out: while offering more in the way of additional services, it nevertheless has a remarkable record of customer satisfaction. A relatively new company, but certainly one worth looking at if you’re in need of mosquito control on your property.

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Some companies specialize in particular pests, and many pest control companies specialize in ridding their customers’ yards of mosquitoes. Mosquito Authority is a relatively new company in this field, but it has one of the most impressive records of customer satisfaction in online reviews.


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A relatively new name in pest control, Mosquito Authority is nevertheless an up-and-coming company, with 130 locations in 33 states after just 8 years in business. While offering a standard suite of mosquito control services, the company also offers a more generalized pest control service, and despite its relatively recent founding (the company started in 2010), it has built up an impressive stack of praise-filled reviews in online forums.


Mosquito Authority is an up-and coming business that offers more than just mosquito control.


The company has grown through franchising, which has been known to cause issues with quality in other companies.

Features & Services Provided

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Mosquito Authority stands out for offering more than just mosquito control services, but as the company’s name implies, combating mosquitoes is the company’s mainstay.

Free Inspections

Mosquito control is so often a one-size-fits-all affair that many companies don’t send out someone to provide an eyes-on inspection of the property involved. In line with their competitors, Mosquito Authority doesn’t provide a preliminary inspection, but they do provide a free consultation over the phone before sending out a technician.


At the same time, Mosquito Authority also stands with its competitors in offering a money-back guarantee for its services. If mosquitoes return or the treatment seems ineffective in other ways, they will treat again, and if that doesn’t help, they will refund the price of the most recent treatment. Note, however, that some locations don’t refund the entire cost of the first service provided: they only offer an 80% refund for the first two visits, and a full refund after that.

Additional Services

Unique among mosquito control companies, Mosquito Authority offers a broad-spectrum outdoor pest control service that is designed to prevent common indoor pests from entering your home. They guarantee this service, and offer to treat indoors if the system fails to prevent an infestation.


The company offers a broad-spectrum outdoor pest control service in addition to mosquito control.


The company has less of a commitment to green treatment than some of its competitors.

Customer Support & Reviews

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A Word About Reviews

It can be difficult to judge pest control companies using online reviews: negative reviews tend to outnumber positive reviews for all companies. But looking at negative and positive reviews can give consumers some idea of the trends in a company’s performance.

Most mosquito control companies we looked at seemed to do a good job of winning praise among online reviewers, but even so Mosquito Authority stands out, with almost all the reviews we surveyed expressing appreciation for the quality and effectiveness of the company’s treatments.

Punctuality and Professionalism

Because mosquito control companies tend to intrude less on customers’ lives than standard pest control technicians, it’s rare for customers to complain about their interactions with front line staff—though complaints about administrative issues are still common. Mosquito Authority, however, has a practically clean sheet even in this category, with almost no complaints about either the frontline technicians or the office staff.


Also in line with its competition in this specialty, Mosquito Authority got practically no complaints about their willingness to re-treat when needed.


This stellar record on persistence is probably a result of the effectiveness of standard mosquito treatments. Customers frequently praised Mosquito Authority’s service for its effectiveness in allowing them to enjoy their yard again.

Fantastic company – stand by what they do and very informative. Whenever we request a respray they are always there same day or next. Customer service is excellent – on the rare occasion I have to call I am always taken care of effectively and efficiently. Technicians are always friendly and willing to go out of their way to service my property the way I wish. Best in the business!


A solid track record of customer satisfaction.


Being relatively young, the company’s stellar record may be the result of the limited number of customers writing reviews.


Our Rating:

Cost is a hard variable to measure since every house and pest is different, but we assess companies based on criteria that can be standardized across the industry, gauging mostly whether they give consumers the ability to shop around and control costs.

Free Inspection

In line with most of its competition in the mosquito control field, Mosquito Authority does not offer a free on-site inspection.

Free Follow-Ups

The company will re-treat as necessary between scheduled treatments.

Yearly Contract

They don’t require a season-long contract, but their pricing and guarantees are set up with regular service as the default.


Mosquito Authority’s guarantee is on a par with its larger competitors.


Very much geared toward customers who take on regular service.


In an increasingly crowded field, Mosquito Authority stands out: while offering more in the way of additional services, it nevertheless has a remarkable record of customer satisfaction. A relatively new company, but certainly one worth looking at if you’re in need of mosquito control on your property.

More Things to Know:
  • Mosquito Authority offers preventative outdoor treatments to head off indoor pests.
  • As far as outdoor pests go, Mosquito Authority offers treatments for ticks and flies in addition to mosquitoes.
  • Franchisees routinely praise the central offices for their training and support.

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