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Heron Home & Outdoor is an excellent choice for people suffering from pest infestations in Orlando and surrounding counties. With services ranging from pest control to lawn care and insulation, customers won’t have to book multiple companies to meet their needs.

Moreover, with free inspections and an all-inclusive pest control service, customers won’t have to struggle with complicated service packages to have pest-free homes.

Our Heron Review

Founded in 2002 as a three-person operation, Heron Home & Outdoor is one of the fastest-growing pest control companies in the United States. With a team of over 200 employees, we were impressed by the company’s emphasis on training, advancement opportunities, and benefits for its employees.

Happy employees are the backbone of any company no matter the industry, and the majority of positive reviews found on the company’s website reflect this. Many customers reference their pest control technicians by name and detail their professionalism, friendliness, and efficiency when treating infestations.

Along with pest control, we noted that the company also offers various services that make sense in conjunction with pest control. This includes lawn care, wildlife removal, irrigation, insulation, and disinfecting services.

All of these services help prevent pests before they become massive infestations. This also means that customers don’t have to hire multiple companies to meet their exterior and interior home needs.

Overall Quality

Our Rating:

We believe that Heron Home & Outdoor is a reliable choice if you’re looking for a quality pest control company that can offer additional wildlife removal and home improvement options.

The pestfree365 system is comprehensive and is a simple way for customers to have their pest control needs met without being bogged down by complicated packages. The company also offers generous discounts for new customers, a referral program, and a ten-year, $1 million repair warranty for customers who need termite extermination.

We find that companies that offer these warranties and guarantees show confidence in their service and their employee’s training.

Last but not least, Heron’s reviews offer social proof that customers are happy with the employees’ professionalism and knowledge. The majority of their positive reviews are found on their website, in which they state that the reviews are verified and written by actual paying customers.


Large roster of services that make sense


Some customers weren’t satisfied with the company’s communication

Features & Services Provided

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Heron Home & Outdoor can exterminate and manage these pests:

  • Ants
  • Bed Bugs
  • Bees, wasps, and hornets
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Spiders
  • Termites
  • Mosquitoes
  • Rodents
  • Pantry Pests

Heron also has an impressive roster of services that includes wildlife removal, lawn care, irrigation, and insulation.


Heron’s pestfree365 service for pest control is a comprehensive system for both residences and commercial buildings. This all-inclusive pest control includes monitoring and treatment for termites, bed bugs, and 36 common household pests. Termite and bed bug services are typically separate offerings for most pest control companies.

If you purchase this pest control system, you’ll enjoy four comprehensive treatment visits each year; however, if you notice pests in between those visits, the company will send a technician out for free follow-up inspections.

The company makes sure their treatments are inaccessible to children or pets. After each treatment, you’ll receive detailed notes so you can keep track of the pest control history of your home.

Termite Extermination

Termite extermination is a separate service that includes a ten-year, $1 million repair warranty that protects you from damage after the company treats your home for termites. Heron uses Senticron, which is one of the most effective termite extermination options in the industry.

They utilize a bait system and bury it around your property in a non-invasive manner. The bait slowly spreads throughout the colony to wipe it out.

Wildlife Removal and Exclusion

Heron offers a wildlife removal guarantee. If the same animals return to your home within 60 days after the service, the company will return free of charge to trap and remove the nuisance. They also offer an optional three-year warranty on all of their work.

Not only will the company humanely trap any wildlife, but their service also includes a thorough 22-point inspection to prevent them from coming back. They will also clean up and sanitize the areas that the animals occupied.

Additional Services

Heron Home & Outdoor also offers various services that make sense when you’re scheduling for pest control. These services include lawn care, irrigation services, and TAP insulation for fire resistance and pest control.

The TAP insulation utilizes borates that help keep your home more fire resistant and pest free. In combination with regular lawn care, this service will help prevent pest infestations for the long term.

Lastly, Heron also offers comprehensive disinfection services with products that are EPA-certified.


Variety of services for residential and commercial properties


Website can be confusing for new customers

Customer Support & Reviews

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A Word About Reviews

It can be difficult to judge pest control companies using online reviews: negative reviews tend to outnumber positive reviews for all companies. But looking at negative and positive reviews can give consumers some idea of the trends in a company’s performance.

Overall, Heron Home & Outdoor has fairly average reviews across multiple websites. Their website listed many of their positive reviews. Other reviews stem from the company’s lack of communication with clients, including inefficient service or making appointments.

Many positive reviews found out the company’s website stated the staff’s friendliness and professional lawn care. Customers who hired them for pest control are happy with the employee’s friendliness as well as professionalism.

Punctuality & Professionalism

Positive reviews on Heron’s website often detail the professionalism and friendliness of the company’s employees. The technicians care about the customers’ pests concerns, and customers are pleased with their dedication.

Kirby is by far the best pest control person I’ve ever had. He always goes above and beyond, is very personable, and takes an active interest in the property he’s servicing. Kudos to him and Heron Pest Control for employing him. Thanks so much, Kirby. I appreciate your work ethic.

Betsy G.


Heron’s technicians are knowledgeable and proficient when it comes to addressing pest control issues. Reviewers state that if they still see pests after the initial treatment, scheduling follow-up appointments was simple.

We are fairly new customers and have been very pleased with the responsiveness of Heron. We have had a mealy bug problem off and on for several years and Heron has been prompt to address it and to come back for follow-up when needed.

Carroll J.


Heron’s effectiveness directly stems from the professionalism and dedication of its technicians. The majority of reviewers name their technicians and are pleased to respond to all of their concerns with patience and knowledge.

We have been using Heron for over 6 months to treat pests indoors & outdoors, in addition to lawn service. We had a serious ant problem that Fred eliminated; our lawn has improved and looks better than it has in years due to Robert’s efforts; and now we are exploring squirrel /rodent ctrl & repairs as a result of the professionalism and thorough assessment from Megan Smith. We would certainly recommend Heron due to these service technicians.

Richard T.

Customers are happy with the professionalism and efficiency of their technicians


Some reviews stated concern about communication issues


Our Rating:

Heron Home & Outdoor doesn’t post their prices online as they encourage new customers to call the number listed on their website for an instant quote. You’re also able to fill out your contact information on their website for them to contact you later.

Heron will make sure that you’re only paying for services you need after they conduct a thorough, free inspection of your home. For the pest control industry, prices go by your local area, the square footage of your home, the pests invading the site, and the infestation level.

Heron also comes back free of charge if you find that there are still pests in-between your scheduled treatments. Moreover, they have several specials that new customers can take advantage of across all their service areas.

Initial Mosquito Service

All you need to do is fill out your information as well as your referral’s on their website, and you’ll both receive a service credit or discount of $40. Clients can’t combined offers and other discounts.

$50 OFF Year-Round Pest Protection

New customers can take off $50 from their initial service. This is only applicable after a customer has purchased recurring services.

$100 OFF Termite Protection Program

New customers that need termite control can enjoy $100 off their initial service.

$100 OFF TAP Insulation

Customers can also enjoy a discount of $100 on any TAP insulation service.

More Discounts

Heron Home & Outdoor also offers lawn or shrub care, irrigation repair, and tap insulation. All new customers can enjoy discounts on these services when they book. The offers range from $25 to $100.


New customers can take advantage of a variety of discounts


Need to call in order to get an idea of their pricing

Heron Home & Outdoor is an excellent choice for people suffering from pest infestations in Orlando and surrounding counties. With services ranging from pest control to lawn care and insulation, customers won’t have to book multiple companies to meet their needs.

Moreover, with free inspections and an all-inclusive pest control service, customers won’t have to struggle with complicated service packages to have pest-free homes.
More Things to Know:
  • Serving nearly 14,000 customers over seven counties
  • Partnered with the Rentokil family of companies
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) certified