Get Rid Of Springtail Bugs In Your Home & Garden

Mar 6, 2018 | Informational, Outdoor

If you have a springtail infestation in your home or garden you want to make sure that you get rid of them before they can become a nuisance for you and your family. While they don’t cause any serious damage to your home, they can actually bite and that is definitely something you’ll want to avoid and pest control is very much needed. No one wants to be the victim of any kind of bug bites, right? So, what do you do if you have springtail bugs where you live? Well, you start the extermination process.

What Are Springtail Bugs

These little bugs are often mistaken for fleas, ants, bed bugs, and even lice, but they are their own type of bug and have their own ways and preferred habits. No matter what they are, however, you definitely don’t want them in your home. The one good thing about springtails is that they actually don’t cause any damage because they don’t eat the structure of your home, wear down the foundation, or eat your plants or flowers or anything else.

Rather, they are annoying pests that like damp organic matter and moist soil—and most people have difficulty getting rid of. That’s because they tend to show up randomly and they tend to show up in fairly large swarms. What happens is that these little bugs start to repopulate and you end up with a springtail infestation. As they continue to expand in population, they have to move again in order to find an even bigger place to stay.

That means they show up at your house out of the blue and they stay for quite a long period of time because they’re determined to stay there until they fill up space and need something larger to move into. This also makes it a little more difficult for you to prevent them from coming in the first place.

Getting Rid Of Springtail Bugs

So, how do you start the process of getting rid of springtails? Well, you need to start pest control before they even show up because even though you never know when they will, you can do a few things that cut down on the chances of your yard playing host to them. After all, they need more than just a large amount of space. There are some other things that these bugs look for when they try to find a new home as well. One of the first of things required is the level of moisture that’s in an area and that they can use to continue to grow and increase in numbers.

The first thing you want to do for springtail control is to get rid of excess moisture, organic matter, and damp soil around your home.

Remove Moisture

The first thing you want to do for springtail control is to get rid of excess moisture, organic matter, and damp soil around your home. That means making sure that you get rid of things that contain a lot of water like rain barrels, buckets or anything else that may gather it.

If you have a pool, you’ll want to keep it covered or make sure to empty it frequently (in the case of small pools). The more moisture you can get rid of the better it’s going to be for you and your family and the less likely those little bugs are going to want to stay in your home or your yard.

Cut Down Humidity

Along the same lines of moisture are the humidity in your home and your yard. You want to have the lowest level of humidity that you can get away with because of these bugs like a more humid environment. If you can reduce the humidity levels in your house, it will be less likely that these bugs will come into your home.

What’s more, if you can reduce the moisture levels in your yard, you can keep them out of your space entirely and make sure that they just keep moving on to somewhere bigger and even better (for them at least) that doesn’t include you and your family.

Treat The Entire Yard

No matter what portion of your yard you see them in you want to make sure that you’re treating the entire area like it could be their nest. This is important because they could move around to different spaces in the yard if one specific area because less hospitable. You want to get rid of them entirely rather than just chasing them around your yard so look at the entire thing as their nest.

They will continue to repopulate until they can fill it, after all, so treating the entire yard is going to be your best bet in the long run. If you can treat the entire thing you’ll be able to make sure that those bugs aren’t going to stick around and aren’t going to come back either.

What To Use

There are a number of different products that you can use in your yard to make sure that these springtail bugs aren’t going to stick around. There are actually a number of different products that you may already have that will work because in many ways you can treat these bugs the same way that you would treat other bugs and insects that get into your home or into other areas of your yard.

That means you should be checking the insecticides that you already have to see if they can work against these bugs. Remember that you only want a spray designed to eliminate the bugs that are pestering you. Don’t use insecticides if you don’t actually have these pests and keep children and pets away from any of them until they are dry or considered ‘safe.’

Insect Pellets

These are actually small pellets that are put around the yard in different areas, usually as a type of powder or a small trap. The pellets smell attractive to the insects so they come find them and then they take the pellets back to the main part of their colony so that everyone can eat them. When they do this, the pellet will actually kill them off, which is the best thing for you because it makes sure that you don’t have to deal with them anymore and a small amount of the pellets is actually able to kill off a large number of the insects themselves.

This will save you from a lot of the work that you might have to do otherwise. These types of pellets are similar to the ones you would use for ants or other infestations of bugs so make sure you keep them out of reach of children and pets in the same way.

Insects And Worms

Other insects are also known to eat these pests, which means that you can introduce them into your yard or even import them from other areas to make sure that they take care of the springtail bugs. Keep in mind that these insects are not always native to your area and that means it’s important to look at your local regulations to make sure it’s allowed that you bring these insects in and just what it can mean for your yard, your plants, your pets, and your children if you do.

There may be added warnings that you should keep in mind before deciding on this specific course of action. Any kind of foreign species can be a danger to your yard or your family or pets so make sure you know what you’re getting into before you bring something in.

Standard Insecticides

Most insecticides are going to be a great option for this type of pest because you can actually treat them the same way that you would treat ants or even roaches in your yard. You’ll be able to spray different insect sprays that you would for these creatures or use different types of powder around the yard in the same way. These will help to get rid of the insects that attempt to go through them or get caught up in them the same way as with other insects.

This can be a great thing for you because they’re really easy to use and you don’t have to worry about a lot of potentially dangerous side effects like with introducing a foreign species. Ultimately, you want to make sure you get rid of these insects as quickly as you can.

Whether you’re trying to keep their numbers down before they even get started or you’re trying to get rid of a full infestation, it’s going to require you to do a little bit of work and make sure that you’re making your yard as unfriendly to them as possible.

At the same time, however, you want to make sure that you keep your children and your pets as safe as possible—and that means being careful with any kind of insecticides or other sprays or bugs that you introduce. Most of these options are going to work just fine whether the insects are in your home or in your yard. So, make sure you take care of them quickly before that infestation starts to take over your home and your life.

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