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You may have spent months, even years, perfecting your lawn and garden. Now, the area surrounding your home is just as important to you as the inside of your home. But what happens when you realize you have a wild animal issue like ground squirrels or voles invading your space and wreaking havoc on your beautifully manicured lawn?

If you have noticed mounds of dirt and burrows and tunnels popping up around your yard or holes forming and damaged plants appearing without much notice, you may have a family of moles in your garden or, worse still, a gopher infestation. This can seem like a scary situation, but it is manageable!

All you need is the right knowledge and tools to create optimal protection for your lawn and garden. First, you need to know what gophers are and how to get rid of them quickly and efficiently!

What Are Gophers?

Gophers are rodents that burrow underneath the ground to get where they want to go. While they might seem cute and cuddly, these rodents can actually be quite the pests. You can find gophers all around North America. If you live in North America, you are not safe from a gopher infestation. You will need to take the necessary precautions to keep them out of your yard and/or remove them when they arrive.

Gophers mate starting at around age one and can have up to three to five babies.

These furry little pests do not have long lifespans. This is a good thing for homeowners! You can rest assured that the same gophers won’t be around for a long time. However, gophers do mate starting at around age one and can have up to three to five babies. This is an important fact to keep in mind when determining the best time for gopher removal.

What Kinds of Problems Do You Have When Gophers Invade Your Space?

Why are gophers known as pests in the landscape world? Gophers are known for their intricate tunnel systems, which can make them hard to catch and remove. They typically eat plant roots and vegetables both above and below ground. What does that mean for your yard and garden? It means that if gophers find their way into your yard, they can cause serious damage.

Gophers spend every day foraging for their food and storing it for later consumption. Their tunnel systems lead them to their ideal food sources. This can be a huge problem for homeowners because they can hide away for some time without needing to come out. Gophers may be tiny (only growing up to 12 inches), but they do have systems built in to help them survive.

Because gophers love plant roots and vegetables, homeowners can find many different things destroyed in their yards. Some things that might be destroyed are underground sprinkler systems, buried cables, underground pipes, and yards. These furry little pests chew and gnaw on pipes and cables, which can cause massive damage that may need replacing.

Gophers can also cause serious damage to yards that can cause things/people to fall into them. Even lawnmowers or other yard tools can fall into the holes the gophers create. This can lead to the destruction of the tools.

As you can see, gophers can become a serious problem for your lawn and garden. These pests should be taken care of as soon as possible to avoid massive damage. If you aren’t sure how to go about solving your gopher issue, check out these solutions we have gathered for you.

Some of the Different Solutions to Getting Rid of the Pesky Gophers

Gopher Traps

One way you can get rid of gophers in your lawn or garden is by using gopher traps. Traps are best used for smaller invasions and not entire families that are underground. When you decide to use traps, you will have to use a bait to get the gophers into the traps. Deciding which bait is best for your needs can be a bit difficult, but all you need to focus on is finding a bait that uses desirable foods for gophers. Traps are often the most humane options for your furry little pest friends.

Check out the Tomahawk Professional Series Rigid Trap with Easy Release Door for a great gopher trap option!

Gopher Poisons

If you have a more serious gopher invasion in your lawn or garden, a trap might not be the best solution. You might be on the hunt for a more serious solution such as a poison. Poisons that are geared towards gopher elimination can help get rid of your pest infestation quicker. When you choose a gopher poison, you want to find one that will have the least amount of residual effects on your lawn. Poisons work to create chemical reactions inside the gopher’s body that kill the gophers within a specified amount of time (usually 24 to 48 hours after ingestion).

Gopher poisons are highly effective at gopher removal. Here is Our Recommendation for a gopher poison that works quickly and efficiently.


Gopher infestations are real threats to homeowners. If you work hard to maintain a yard and garden, you want to ensure that no pests (such as gophers) can ruin your hard work. There are many different options for keeping the gophers away. Choosing the right option for your lawn and garden needs is crucial to eliminating gophers from your yard for good. While these pests may look furry and friendly, they are definitely not meant to be long-time guests. Take action before it’s too late. Ensure the safety of your lawn and keep those pesky little gophers away for good!

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