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  • Kills bed bugs fast, with long-term protection up to two weeks
  • USDA Proven
  • Non-toxic, safe, and eco-friendly
  • For use in sensitive environments like schools, health clinics, and public areas
  • Easy 3-step application


  • May have strong cedar smell
  • Pricey but effective for those on a budget
  • Repeated treatments may be required

The thought of bed bugs, ants, vermin, or other insect infestation in your home sends a shiver down the spines of most homeowners. So, how can you solve this problem and bring life back to reasonable normally? What are bed bug infestations and what steps can I take to prevent this outbreak from affecting my home ever again?

These are the questions we hear a lot from our customers and in this article, we will talk you through some effective prevention methods, along with some product suggestions that when used effectively, they prevent the return of bed bug infestations.


Cimex lectularius, or bed bugs to us, go through several stages during its life. There are five stages from egg to adult:



1-5 stage Molt



Bed bug eggs are grain-like and milky-white in color. A female can lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime and groups of eggs are often placed in tiny cracks or crevices. Eggs are approx 1 mm in length and are roughly the size of two grains of salt. Eggs take two weeks to hatch.


The newly-hatched bugs are called nymphs. They pass through five molts before reaching maturity. Nymphs are smaller in size, compared to adults and are not yet reproductively mature. The young nymphs are yellow and white in color and, in order to progress to the next stage of development, each bug needs a blood meal.

Growth stages or molts (1-5)

Each molting stage usually lasts two weeks, except the first egg development stage which takes longer. Growth from egg to mature adult bedbug is usually 100 days. At the end of each two-week period, the insect needs a blood meal before entering a new growth stage. At which point the bedbug will molt its skin and grow into the next growth stage.

Stage 1 – 2nd week

Stage 2 – 4th week

Stage 3 – 6th week

Stage 4 – 8th week

Stage 5 – 10th week (adult bug growth limit)

All these stages involve the blood meal (this is when you end up with bed bug bites) and as the bed bug reaches the adult stage, they begin to reproduce and start a bed bug infestation.


When reaching adulthood (about 6–8 weeks), the bed bug starts to feed weekly, compared to the bi-weekly molts of the nymphs. The lifespan of an adult bed bug is approximately six months; however, they may live up to a year in cool conditions without food.

It can take up to 14 days for a bed bug bite to show up. They appear as red itchy mark and look blotchy, with the skin having a tingling irritable feeling. Sometimes the presence of bed bugs is difficult for people to see and you can go weeks and even months before you realize there is an infested bed.

Infestations can build-up over months and reach thousands of numbers of bed bugs. Now you’re a bedbug expert, how do you treat this problem? Well, luckily, there are a variety of sprays and treatments on the market, which kills these little critters.

How Does EcoRaider Bed Bug and Insect Killer Work?

EcoRaider bed bug and insect killer eliminates 97% of all known insects and bugs. This mixture is formulated for optimum insect poisoning, without harming house pets or family members. A lot of time and effort has gone into formulating the mixture for this purpose, primarily for ease-of-use, safety, and application.

You can use this spray on floors, sofas, kitchen tables and almost home areas without worry for home after effects or unhygienic contamination. This spray will eradicate bed bugs and other unwanted visitors for good—usually without the need for retreatment or continuous application.

It effectively targets invertebrates, so is a selective treatment spray. Our product is known to outperform generic professional bug killer spray, with an 87% mortality effect killer ratio. In performance tests, the EcoRaider bed bug spray is proven to work in normal household conditions, killing pest and insects constantly and accurately, again and again—even in an era of bed bug developing resistance.

Compared to the main competition, EcoRaider is a selective, all-natural product and, as mentioned, has a very high kill rate. So, don’t worry about pesticide products, reach for EcoRaider in the first instance for safe, effective treatment.

Key Features

EcoRaider offers a variety of bed bug killers to tackle any infestation and put a stop to bed bug bites. I mean, let’s face it: no one likes the idea of a mattress crawling with bed bugs and bed bug eggs ready to hatch and crawl all over you. Imagine getting into bed for a peaceful night’s sleep, then it not turning out as expected.

Thankfully, EcoRaider bed bug spray with active ingredients is a highly effective way to eradicate these nightmare bugs from your bed and the rest of your house. This spray is safe for pets and children, meaning that the solution can be liberally applied to floors and surfaces allowing for the excellent treatment of any infestation.

The treatment of an insect outbreak can be a nightmare without the need to move temporarily move because of nasty toxic substances. This is why this killer spray feature is highly effective. So, you have noticed a bed bug infestation, read about these crafty little critters and found and bought an effective spray? What is the best way to apply it and what further steps should be taken?

Well, first of all, always buy more than you need to ensure total bed bug control. Most products have a shelf life of at least 3–5 years. The advice we give to all our customers is to apply the treatment liberally. These creatures like to make a home in all sorts of crevices and hidden areas. If you cover the whole area, the chances are you will kill most, if not all, of the infestation.

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