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Critter Control has an impressive record of customer service while providing professional and humane wildlife management and removal services. This combination of customer service and expertise makes it stand out among pest control companies.

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Critter Control is one of the nation’s foremost wildlife control and removal companies, offering state-of-the-art, humane wildlife services in most parts of the country and providing a high level of customer satisfaction.


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Critter Control has been providing wildlife control and removal services to homes around the country for almost 35 years. They’ve recently expanded rapidly, but the company’s track record suggests that this expansion hasn’t interfered with their commitment to quality. In online reviews, customers express widespread satisfaction with the company’s services, and in particular its effectiveness at eliminating wildlife pests. In addition, the company takes on a wide range of animals, offers a robust guarantee, and has worked on its own to develop a widely-used certification for wildlife removal technicians.


Critter Control is a leader in wildlife removal and management.


Critter Control’s rapid expansion has been driven by franchising its brand, a process that has been known to lead to quality issues in other companies.

Features & Services Provided

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Critter Control provides services to remove and manage a variety of animals, including:

  • Alligators
  • Deer
  • Birds
  • Snakes
  • Armadillos
  • Skunks
  • Rabbit
  • Raccoons

Here’s an overview of some of Critter Control’s other features:

Humane Methods

Critter Control makes an effort to remove animals in the most environmentally-friendly and humane way possible. Critter Control also live-traps animals if possible, and will then return them to the wild. Their teams of dedicated biologists, zoologists, animal control officers, and anti-cruelty personnel ensure that they adopt the most animal-friendly practices possible.

Free Inspections

Some Critter Control franchises offer free initial inspections, but not all locations do. Where they do not, they opt for free over-the-phone quotes on the price of a service.


Instead of offering a standard 30-day, money-back guarantee, Critter Control offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which promises to retreat a home—and repair any damage incurred—if pests reenter a home through an entry point that the company repaired. This can be a selling point for homeowners looking to move, and it also means that the company will come out and retreat your home at no cost to you.

Additional Services

Critter Control also offers several other wildlife-related services like dead animal removal, air purification, and attic insulation restoration.


Critter Control stands out for the long list of wildlife issues it addresses, and for its commitment to humane treatment.


Not all locations offer a free eyes-on inspection at the start of service.

Customer Support & Reviews

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A Word About Reviews

It can be difficult to judge pest control companies using online reviews: negative reviews tend to outnumber positive reviews for all companies. But looking at negative and positive reviews can give consumers some idea of the trends in a company’s performance.

Word on the street: Reviews of Critter Control vary by location but overall, they do well in this category, with some locations racking up 4- and 5- star averages on popular review sites. In particular, consumers praised Critter Control’s technicians for their professionalism and knowledge, and praised the company in general for the effectiveness of its approaches.

Punctuality and Professionalism

Generally, people felt that Critter Control was extremely professional and easy to work with. Many technicians were cited for their patience and willingness to answer all questions.

I recently had a rat remediation performed by Critter Control. Although the remediation required a full day, I found the techs to be very professional and very courteous toward me and respectful of my house and yard while they set up all the equipment necessary to perform the work.


Sometimes companies will make up excuses for not re-treating a property or fail to keep their promises to their consumers. In contrast, reviewers found that Critter Control kept its commitment to effective treatment, and their Lifetime Warranty was cited a few times in this regard:

My home is a large older house which we acquired two years ago. The house had a serious problem with wasps both in and around the house. [Critter Control] responded with sound technical advice, and subsequently they sealed every nook and cranny on the exterior. A year later there was still a little wasp activity and [Critter Control]’s expert came by three times, giving us advice on how to keep bees out of the chimneys and also recommended an additional treatment inside the attic, all of which was done at no charge.

Stephen T., Fort Worth, Texas


There were very few negative comments about Critter Control’s ability to completely eradicate a pest or animal from a reviewer’s property. In fact, many reviewers expressed surprise at how quickly the problem was fixed.


Critter Control gets high marks for quality service in consumer reviews.


Critter Control’s focus on wildlife removal gave us a smaller sample of reviews to survey.


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Costs of pest control vary greatly by project and location, and most companies will not give you pricing options on their website. To evaluate cost, we instead looked at how the company helped customers control how expensive a project might become.


One place where Critter Control doesn’t get a full score is in its policy on free initial inspections, a common practice in the industry. Some locations do provide this service, but not all, though all locations offer a free estimate over the telephone.


Critter Control will provide free re-treatments of the property until an issue is resolved, and while they don’t have a money-back guarantee, their lifetime warranty provides you with a guarantee that they’ll take care of problems caused down the road by any failures of their approach or treatments.

No Annual Contract

Critter Control doesn’t require an annual contract to provide service, which is perfect for its wildlife removal specialty.


Critter Control offers an industry-leading lifetime warranty for its wildlife removal practices.


Again, Critter Control doesn’t always offer free eyes-on inspections.

Critter Control has an impressive record of customer service while providing professional and humane wildlife management and removal services. This combination of customer service and expertise makes it stand out among pest control companies.
More Things to Know:
  • Critter Control’s founder, Kevin Clark, is widely regarded as a leading expert in wildlife control.
  • The company keeps biologists, zoologists, and other experts on wildlife on staff to advise technicians on wildlife issues.
  • Critter Control has developed a nationally-used certification system for wildlife removal technicians, and requires all its managers to meet this certification.
  • The company website offers much helpful information about wildlife pests and the issues they cause.