Arrow Exterminators is a family-owned and operated pest control business that spans across several southern states. Privately held since 1964, Arrow has been providing high-quality pest control services to thousands of families across the region. The company is still led by family and is today headed by Emily Thomas Kendrick, the granddaughter of founder Starkey Thomas Sr., and they still strive to offer the highest quality service to their customers across the south.

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Arrow has also been family-owned and operated since the company’s inception in 1964 and family values infuse every aspect of their business. Their business model feels very much like a small, local company despite the fact that Arrow has over 100 service centers in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas. However, even though they expand do all of these different states, your access to them might be limited depending on where you live. Georgia alone has 37 of those service centers and Florida has 20, so the remaining 9 states have fewer than 45 locations to share.

Despite this fact, Arrow’s goal is to become the country’s largest privately-held pest control company and they actively expanding their reach through acquisitions of other smaller enterprises. Through this, the company remains unified and quality of service can be standardized through the centralized power structure as opposed to opening up franchises and leaving quality dependent on the management skills of a franchise. While this keeps the company unified overall, it can create some tensions in local communities while newly acquired locations learn the needs of the surrounding area, but Arrow’s history of acquisition has helped them figure out how to make the transition as smooth as possible.


Family-owned-and-operated for over 50 years.


Only services the southern United states.

Features and Services Provided

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Arrow Exterminators makes of point of protecting your home in the most environmentally-friendly and sustainable way. The company offers a huge number of services for home pest control, including:

  • Termites

  • Rodents

  • Bedbugs

  • Fleas

  • Ticks

  • Ants

  • Mosquitoes

  • Spiders

  • Cockroaches

  • House crickets

  • Wildlife (Raccoons, birds and squirrels, etc.

  • Millipedes

Arrow pest control also goes beyond standard control and offers handyman and insulation services, as well as lawn care and moisture control services. This is particularly helpful because Arrow can become your one-stop-shop for all of your home care needs.

Free Inspection

Arrow Exterminators introduced the STEPS pest control system in 2009. STEPS, standing for Sustainability Through Environmental Practices and Solutions, is an all-encompassing guarantee for consumers that their pests will be treated in the least harmful way possible. Arrow does this through a three-step process of first inspecting the property, targeting the root cause of pests, and treating in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.

As part of this program, Arrow offers a free home evaluation for anyone seeking their pest control services to help technicians and homeowners better understand the scope of the problem. When an Arrow technician comes to your home, they will provide a thorough search for the warning signs of the most common pests. They will look at your indoor and outdoor plants, for example, to find evidence of earwig damage such as ragged edges of leaves and holes found on petals of plants. Though these insects are not dangerous to humans, they can cause damage to your property.

Arrow technicians can spot the differences between the three most common types of earwigs, and will work with you to find the root cause of how these insects ended up in your garden or home and put protections in place to prevent them from entering in the future. They will then treat the pests in the most environmentally-friendly way possible through the use of natural and organic products.


As part of the STEPS pest control initiative, Arrow also has a 100% Satisfaction guarantee and promises to keep returning until a problem is solved. This guarantee lasts for 30 days after the initial treatment and includes free re-treatments or your money back.

“Green” Treatment

Arrow’s commitment to environmental sustainability is aggressive compared to many other pest control companies. In addition to searching for root causes of pests that are easily fixable, such as a crack in a door wall or a small hole in an attic, they are GreenPro Certified by the National Pest Management Association. In order to achieve this certification, Arrow must adhere to a strict set of qualifications that are designed with the environment in mind and must ensure that all of their technicians are trained according to these standards.

The GreenPro certification is the largest and most credible certification program for pest management companies in the country and its standards are set by an independent advisory board that is made up of environmental advocacy groups, government representatives from the state and local level, and experts in pest management. It is an extraordinarily well-respected program that focuses on preventing pest management in the future as well as addressing the current issues at hand.

Technician Training

As part of the STEPS Program and the GreenPro certification, all Arrow Exterminator technicians undergo GreenPro training. This education is specifically focused on how to remove pests in the most sustainable way possible, including removing food and water sources and making necessary home repairs to prevent infestations. Rather than just learning how to treat a problem, Arrow’s technicians are specifically taught how to identify and fix the cause of pests. In many cases, it is likely that Arrow can also fix these issues through their handyman services.

Rather than just learning how to treat a problem, Arrow’s technicians are specifically taught how to identify and fix the cause of pests.

Arrow technicians receive thorough training to identify common pests, learning all of the warning signs and behaviors of the most common ones. For example, technicians are taught about the three most common types of earwigs that appear in homes in the United States and how they differ from each other in terms of treatment and living patterns.

Arrow has also received Quality Pro Mark of Excellence for their business practices, which includes their training efforts. This distinction has only been awarded to 3% of American pest control companies, which must meet high standards in customer satisfaction and business operations to receive it.


Services go beyond pest control.


Commitment to “green” solutions may reduce effectiveness.

customer supportCustomer Support and Reviews

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While reviews for pest control companies can sometimes be very difficult to gauge, Arrow seems to be doing generally fine with customer satisfaction. Their Atlanta location has 3 out of 5 stars on Yelp based on 12 reviews, but their website also has raving testimonials.

Word on the street: People seem to be generally happy with the services that they receive from Arrow. The largest complaint by far was that Arrow had a hard time communicating with customers effectively. Many people reported that the company was unresponsive to repeated attempts to get in touch and often failed to come to their homes during the time they had scheduled. One customer even canceled his service after 40 years after Arrow charged him for a service he had previously tried to cancel. However, these are likely anomaly reviews that showcase the very worst of the Arrow experience.


The majority of bad reviews we found concerned Arrow technicians and customer service struggling to effectively communicate with customers, not so much with how punctual or professional their technicians were. Most positive reviews reflected that technicians were courteous, timely, and fun to work with, and there were very few negative reviews that demonstrated a pattern of technicians missing services or arriving late.


Most of the reviews found contained nothing but high praise for the company’s guarantee, saying that the technicians were helpful with recurring problems and were able to find a solution right away. There were almost no reports of Arrow mistreating customers and making excuses for not re-treating if there was a problem.  However, one reviewer on Yelp complained that the company had performed over $5,000 worth of work to prevent a problem, only for it to return a year later. Arrow claimed the return of the problem was due to a faulty A/C heating unit installation and voided the warranty on the service so the homeowner was unable to ask for more help without paying for another treatment. When a new company was brought in, the technicians explained that the cause of the pests returning was the low-quality treatment performed by Arrow the previous year.

“A little more than 1 year later, I started hearing squirrels/rats in our attic again… [Arrow] claimed work done by a different business on our A/C heating unit was to blame and voided our warranty. So, basically they told us we were out of luck and they weren’t interested in fixing the problem.

“We called a different animal removal company and had them come take a look at the problem. They tell us the reason the squirrels were able to get back into the house was because of SLOPPY work done by Arrow in the first place. This company took me through their survey step by step, showing me the problems, and I was able to see the shortcuts Arrow took. It made m [sic] furious.”

Christian D. Roswell, Georgia


Overall, people were generally happy with the quality of service provided by Arrow and very few commented that they needed to have Arrow come out more than once to fix the same problem. In fact, most of the negative reviews surrounding Arrow had more to do with their business practices and communications than with the actual pest control service itself.

“Thank you so much for taking care of the fleas in our basement.  Never knew rodents could get in, or that they had so many fleas!!!”

Connie B., Marietta, GA

While customer satisfaction is both important to a business and hard to gauge, it seems that overall, Arrow Exterminators is passing the test. In order to maintain their Quality Pro Mark of Excellence recognition, they must adhere to a certain level of customer satisfaction, and it can be assumed that the negative reviews out there reflect the worst of all Arrow Exterminator experiences and the positive reviews reflect the more normal day-to-day experience.


Many customers who reviewed the company had been working with Arrow for a long time.


Miscommunication was a major complaint of many customers.


Our rating:

Costs for any Arrow Exterminator treatment will vary depending on your location and the nature of the pest control problem. However, according to one Yelp reviewer in Atlanta, GA, the cost broke down to:

• $125 for a one-time visit with a 30-day guarantee
• $300 for a year-round prevention schedule

This variability by location makes it hard to judge the company based on price, but there are certain elements to consider:

Free Inspection

Arrow does provide a free initial home for inspection for pest control services, an aspect of the service that is incredibly important to controlling the costs of a pest control initiative. If a technician does not see the full extent of your property’s pest problem and only provides you with an over-the-phone quote, there is a greater chance that there will be a surprise expense that they find once they come out to your property for the first time. Many large companies give this quote over the Internet or consult with homeowners over the phone, but without seeing the problem in reality it is hard to have an accurate idea of what is needed for the solution. This free inspection does set Arrow apart from other major companies and helps homeowners have a sense of security in the price quote that they have received.

No Annual Contract

Arrow also does not make you buy an annual contract with the company in order to receive treatment. Therefore, your pest control prevention and care can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

30-Day Guarantee

Arrow will provide free re-treatments at no cost to you for 30 days after the initial treatment. While this is standard across the industry, it does serve as a major protection for consumers who might be using a company for the first time.


Family-owned-and-run, Arrow Exterminators offers a wide variety of services at a good price.


That being said, the company is only limited to southern States.



In general, Arrow Exterminators is a great company to work with if you are looking to support a family-run business. Their dedication to the environment and proof of high-quality service through certifications sets them apart from the competition in many ways. However, Arrow is more limited in its locations and only serves parts of the country.

Reliability 8

Overall Rating:

Features & Services Provided 10
Customer Support & Reviews 8.5
Costs 10

Overall Rating:

More Things to Know:

  • Arrow Exterminators offers free home inspections and a money-back guarantee if you aren't satisfied.

  • The Sustainability Through Environmental Practices and Services (STEPS Program) was introduced in 2009 to ensure the most environmentally-friendly pest control services are used.

  • Arrows Exterminators received a Quality Pro Mark of Excellence for business practices, including their training efforts. Only 3% of American pest control companies receive this mark of excellence!