Advantage Cat Flea Treatment

Updated for 2023

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  • Fast-acting – Works within 12 hours
  • Safe for cats
  • Works on contacts
  • Easy to apply
  • More expensive than some products
  • Some cats may dislike application method

If your cat has fleas, then your veterinarian may very well advise that you use a treatment such as Advantage to help you get rid of the infestation.

In this short guide, we will look at how fleas can affect your cat and how effective Advantage is in eradicating them.

The Dangers of Fleas


Fleas are no fun for your cat and an infestation can cause serious health problems for felines and their owners. Fleas don’t just cause discomfort, either. In young, old, or sick cats, a flea infestation could result in anemia and potentially death. Many animals have an allergic reaction to flea bites as they inject their saliva into the pet’s bloodstream when they bite.

The animal produces histamine to combat the toxins which result in inflammation. As a result of this, your cat’s skin will become extremely sore. Cats can become irritable, anxious, and very restless. They can chew and bite their skin and fur in an attempt to stop the itching—a condition known a neurodermatitis. This is very unpleasant for your pet, obviously, and poses a further risk of secondary infection.

Fleas can also pass on tapeworms if they have bitten infected wild animals which can be extremely dangerous if transmitted to cats. If your cat has fleas, your home will also soon be infested with fleas too, which poses a risk to human health. Fleas and flea bites can cause a host of illnesses in humans including allergic reactions, typhus, and possibly tapeworms.

Trying to get rid of fleas for good?

Get a FREE Quote & BEST PRICE from a local exterminator

(866) 470-1609

Available Next Day

No Obligation Assessment

Guarantee Results

Key Features

How does Advantage Work?

Advantage II is produced by German pharmaceutical giant Bayer and contains the active ingredient Imidacloprid. This chemical kills fleas on contact and has been proven to be very effective.

The chemical will give the cat protection almost like a shield from flea larvae. As soon as your cat has been treated, whenever it comes in to contact with larvae, they will be killed instantly.

Easy to Apply

Advantage II comes in a small tube in the form of a gel. Simply open the tube and apply to the skin on the back of your cat’s neck. This application method is far easier than bathing or administering an oral medication.


Pet owners that are experiencing a flea infestation for the first time may waste a whole heap of money on ineffective shampoos and powders before turning to an effective product like Advantage II. While it may be more expensive than other products, it is recommended by veterinarians and it works.


If you have several cats, then it is worth taking the precaution of separating cats when you apply a topical medication such as Advantage II. Cats have a tendency to groom themselves and each other a great deal and may ingest the medication from another cat’s neck.

After applying Advantage II or a similar product, separate cats for at least two hours after application. As with all medications, you should lock them away from children. In the event that your child swallows this product, then contact emergency services immediately.

Customer Service

Advantage, as we mentioned earlier, is produced by the German pharmaceutical multi-international company Bayer. You can check out the extensive website run by Bayer—Bayer Pet Basics, which has loads of helpful advice and tips for both cat and dog owners alike.


The active ingredient in AMDRO—Hydramethylnon—is not a long-lasting ingredient like you can find in other products. Bifenthrin is an active ingredient found in other ant killers, which lasts longer; however, it is not considered to be as environmentally-friendly. Amdro offers a compromise between eradicating ants and best preserving the environment of your yard. It does, however, mean that you will need to reapply Amdro regularly unlike other products containing Bifenthrin.

This product works best when it is applied to dry ground. If you have an ant infestation and you rarely get a dry week or so, then this product is not going to be effective on the wet ground.

The active ingredient works slightly slower than other active ingredients used in competitive products.


Although Advantage is slightly more expensive than its main competitor, frontline, in most cases this shouldn’t pass a couple of dollars per dose, which is justified by the better quality.If you live in Northern states, then it is not necessary to treat your cat for fleas all year round. You can start your flea prevention program early spring and continue it until early winter, so you may only require a flea prevention medicine for around eight months a year.


Advantage II is a good option for protecting your cat from fleas and can be a smart choice if you have a sensitive cat. The chemicals in Frontline are different to those contained within the Advantage II product and there have been instances of some cats experiencing irritation at the site of the application. This product works on contact with your cat, unlike Frontline where the product only works if fleas have bitten your cat.

Advantage II is, however, only effective in the elimination of fleas—if you want a product that will offer dual protection for fleas and ticks, then Frontline will be a better option. Cat owners with smaller cats may prefer the Advantage II product as it is offered in smaller dosages perhaps more suitable for smaller cats.

Some cat owners prefer to use natural flea repellents and prefer to only use insecticides and chemicals such as those contained in Advantage for when an infestation strikes. Vets do, however, recommend using products such as Advantage as a preventative medicine. Indeed, if you use a natural repellent and only use a stronger chemical in the event of an infestation, then essentially the natural repellent did not do its job! Advantage II is a safe and effective year-round flea prevention medicine for your cat.