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Terminix began as a targeted termite control company. Though it still offers some of the best termite treatments in the industry, its expanded services include treatments for common pests and rodents.

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Terminix Coupons, Specials, and Bundles in Mill Creek

Special/Bundle Details Savings
General Pest Control1 Promotional offer to start pest control services at $99. $50 Off
Termite Plan3 Discount on any termite plan, including a free inspection. Save 10%
Mosquito Control2 Discount on one-time mosquito service targeting all U.S. mosquito species. $50 Off Quick Guard Service
Rodent Control4 Discount on rodent control services, including a free inspection. Save $100
Termite + Pest Includes a free inspection to start pest and termite control. Save an average of $175
Pest + Mosquito Bundle pest and mosquito control for savings and a free inspection. Save an average of $100
Termite + Pest + Mosquito Comprehensive bundle for maximum protection and savings, with a free inspection. Save an average of $375
Termite + Mosquito Combine termite and mosquito control for savings and a free inspection. Save an average of $100

How Much Does Terminix Cost in Mill Creek

Service Initial Service Fee Monthly Fee Price Range Additional Details
One-Time Pest Control $250 - $275 Comprehensive interior and exterior inspection and treatment.
Pestfree365 Plan $99 - $120 $40 - $50 Quarterly Service Covers 25 common household pests with the Nix Pest Guarantee.
Termite Treatment Custom Pricing Based on free inspection, home size, and termite problem.
Mosquito One-Time Service $150 Comprehensive exterior inspection and treatment.
Ongoing Mosquito Service Approx. $70 Per treatment Regular service during mosquito season.
Rodent Control Custom Pricing Based on free inspection and specific rodent problem.
Bed Bug Service Custom Pricing Tailored to the extent of infestation, includes follow-up.
Wildlife Control Highly Customized Pricing Based on type of animal, size of problem, and home inspection.
  • More than 90 years of industry experience
  • Highest industry-standard methods for termites and bed bugs
  • Excellent communication with customers, especially if there are problems
  • Termite Bond and satisfaction guarantee keeps customers from paying additional costs
  • Franchised locations mean quality can differ across locations
  • Prices can be costly for more common household pests
  • Effectiveness can vary depending on target pest and location
  • Hidden costs dependent on the pest plan you choose

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Call Now for a Free Quote with Terminix in Mill Creek

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Terminix offers a range of pest control services tailored to meet the specific needs of homeowners, ensuring a pest-free environment with competitive pricing and packages. Whether you're dealing with common household pests or more daunting challenges like termites and rodents, Terminix has a plan for you.

Terminix: Your Partner in Pest Defense for Mill Creek Homes

Mill Creek, nestled in the serene state of Washington, is a picturesque community where homeowners cherish their peaceful living spaces. Just like a well-kept garden requires a vigilant eye to ward off weeds, homes too need a shield against uninvited critters. That's where Terminix comes into play, offering a gamut of services designed to keep your abode pest-free. From termites that threaten your home's integrity to the nuisance of mosquitoes in your backyard, Terminix has tailored solutions to protect your haven. With specials and bundles that are gentle on your wallet, this guide walks you through how your Mill Creek home can stay pest-free without breaking the bank.

Comprehensive Pest Control for Every Nook and Cranny

Imagine opening your pantry to find an army of ants marching towards your food, or hearing the scuttling of mice when the lights go off. Unsettling, isn't it? Terminix's General Pest Control services are like having a guardian at your doorstep, keeping such scenarios at bay. Starting at just $99, you can kick off your pest defense with a detailed inspection and treatment that covers a host of common intruders, including those pesky cockroaches, mice, and spiders.

And here's the kicker: if those critters dare to reappear within 30 days, Terminix will be back in action at no extra charge. Quarterly plans are also available, offering ongoing vigilance against pests with a starting fee of $99 and a reasonable monthly range of $40-$60, ensuring your home stays fortified all year round.

Save when bundling services with Terminix of Mill Creek

  • Save $175

    Pest1 + Termite Control3

    Save an average of $175 when bundling pest and termite control

  • Save $100

    Pest1 + Mosquito Control2

    Save an average of $100 when bundling pest and mosquito control

  • Save $375

    Pest1 + Termite3 + Mosquito Control2

    Save an average of $375 when bundling pest and termite control

  • Save $175

    Termite3 + Mosquito Control2

    Save an average of $175 when bundling pest and termite control


Termite Treatment: A Stronghold Against Silent Destroyers

Termites might be tiny, but their impact can be monumental. These stealthy wood-munchers can cause havoc before you even realize they've moved in. Terminix's Termite Treatment and Plans are your strategic counter-attack. From the Basic Plan with annual inspections to the Premium Plan that combines pest and termite control, saving you an average of $175, your investment in Terminix is a fortress built on assurance and expertise.

Buzz Off, Mosquitoes!

When the weather gets warm, mosquitoes love to crash your outdoor fun. Terminix helps you reclaim your backyard with treatments that start at $150 for a one-time service or around $70 per visit during peak mosquito season. The Quick Guard Mosquito Service® is like an invisible shield that stops mosquitoes in their tracks, offering lasting relief so you can enjoy those summer barbecues without the uninvited guests.

A No-go Zone for Rodents

Rodents can try to make themselves at home, but Terminix's rodent control services put up a 'not welcome' sign. If you hear the telltale signs of rodents, a free inspection followed by a custom plan, backed by a $100 savings, will show them the door. Regular follow-ups make sure they don't come back, giving you peace of mind.

Say Goodnight to Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can turn your dreamy slumber into a nightmare. Terminix doesn't just treat; they conquer, with a free inspection followed by a carefully crafted attack plan. Whether it's the RapidFreeze® solution or other innovative tactics, these pests will be a thing of the past. And since every situation is unique, pricing is tailored, ensuring you pay for the exact defense your home needs.

Wild about Wildlife Control

The great outdoors is wonderful until wildlife decides to take up residence in your home. Terminix's Wildlife Control services start with a free inspection, identifying the culprits, be they raccoons or squirrels, and crafting a plan to humanely evict them. With a $100 saving to boot, keeping nature in its place has never been more affordable.

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Terminix of Mill Creek Reviews

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    Andrea Goffin

    Mill Creek, WA

    Jon showed up on time and was very thorough with his work. He was very polite and explained everything he was going to do, making sure I understood both the service and the products used.

  • google avatar

    Laura Kathryn

    Mill Creek, WA

    Andrew Serles has been my Terminix technician for five years now. He is knowledgeable and professional. He does a thorough job of pest control at my facility and takes the time to answer and educate me on questions I have. He knows the chemicals he uses and applies them safely (I have dogs!). I have had other technicians come out , but they are not as good as Andrew. Andrew is used as the person who trains new technicians too.

  • google avatar

    Mike Cruz

    Mill Creek, WA

    Brian does a fine job explaining the treatments during his visits. He always communicates when he’s on his way and when he leaves. There is always a detailed report text to me. Great service and if I need him to come back for an un inspected issue he will. I give him a 10 for overall service.

  • google avatar

    Elena Patotskaya

    Mill Creek, WA

    We are current customers of Terminix. We would like to say a special thank you to our technician Andrew Serles. We got to work with different companies in the last decade. Our experience right now is outstanding! It is very rare in general to see someone who does his job with a passion. And he certainly does! Not only he is very professional, has incredible knowledge on different topics and problems, but you can certainly feel- he cares about what he does and he loves doing his job! Always very respectful and informative, careful with surroundings and greenery. He is doing an amazing job!

  • google avatar

    Dave Leander

    Mill Creek, WA

    The technician was great. He tells us what he is here for and asks us if we have any questions. He explains all of the services he will be doing that day.

  • google avatar

    Eugenio Pace

    Mill Creek, WA

  • google avatar

    Tonya Somers

    Mill Creek, WA

    This service really works and my technician is informative and just a really guy!! I recommend him to people.

  • google avatar

    Randy Webster

    Mill Creek, WA

  • google avatar

    L Snopkowski

    Mill Creek, WA

  • google avatar

    Darryl Roosendaal

    Mill Creek, WA

A Guarantee as Solid as Your Home's Foundation

Terminix stands behind their promise with the Nix Pest Guarantee. If pests persist, they’ll swoop in faster than a superhero, at no extra cost. With the Nix & Fix Termite Guarantee, they’ve got your back and your wallet covered, promising up to $250,000 in termite damage repairs.

Pest control isn’t just about the now; it’s about ensuring a pest-free future. With flexible, no-fuss contracts, Terminix ensures your home is protected and your satisfaction is paramount. So, if you're in Mill Creek and looking to create a no-fly zone for pests, Terminix is your go-to defense squad, ready to keep those pesky intruders at bay while keeping you chuckling all the way to a serene, pest-free home.

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