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Orkin, America's largest pest control company, offers services to manage and eliminate pests such as termites, bed bugs, ants, roaches, mosquitos, fleas, and other insects along with wildlife such as rice and rats.

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How Much Does Orkin Cost in Binghamton

Service Plan Type Home Size Cost Initial Fee Additional Details
Pest Prevention Service Plan Ongoing Plan Small-Medium $40-$65 /month $175- $225 Comprehensive protection from the 13 most common household pests, including mice.
Pest Prevention Service Plan Ongoing Plan Medium-Large $65-$100 /month $225 - $350 Comprehensive protection from the 13 most common household pests, including mice.
Termite Inspection One Time Custom Pricing FREE Based on Free inspection, home size, and termite infestation level.
Mosquito Control Seasonal Small-Medium $25 - $55 /month $0 - $75 Initial Fee based on home size and geographical location.
Mosquito Control Seasonal Medium-Large $55 - $100 /month $0 - $75 Initial Fee based on home size and geographical location.
Mice & Rat Treatment Ongoing Plan Small-Medium $40 - $60 /month $185 - $210 Price varies based on location, level of infestation and treatment methods.
Mice & Rat Treatment Ongoing Plan Medium-Large $60 - $110 /month $210 - $350 Price varies based on location, level of infestation and treatment methods.
Bed Bug Treatment One Time Custom Pricing $95 - $116 Tailored to the extent of infestation.
Stinging Insects One Time $314 N/A Price varies based on location, level of infestation and treatment methods.
Flea Treatment One Time $250 - $300 Price varies based on location, level of infestation and treatment methods.
Stink Bug Treatment One Time $274 Price varies based on location, level of infestation and treatment methods.
  • Leader in the industry through technician training and innovative services
  • Comprehensive services to treat a wide variety of pests
  • Punctual and professional technicians help educate customers along the way
  • 60-day guarantee stands apart from the rest of the industry
  • Franchised locations can create differences in quality from branch to branch
  • Smaller commitment to eco-friendly options as compared to the rest of the industry
  • Inspections aren’t as thorough as other companies
  • No free in-person inspections

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Orkin Pest Control: Comprehensive Coverage for Binghamton Homes

Homeowners in Binghamton, New York, looking to safeguard their homes from unwelcome pests can find solace in Orkin's extensive pest prevention and treatment services. With a diligent approach that includes assessment, implementation, and monitoring, Orkin's A.I.M.® solution helps keep your living space secure against a wide array of pests. The following deep dive into Orkin's service offerings, pricing, and guarantees provides a clear picture for those considering professional pest management solutions.

Unveiling Orkin's A.I.M.® Pest Prevention Plan

Orkin's premier pest control strategy hinges on the A.I.M.® approach, which stands for Assess, Implement, and Monitor. This structured plan offers a dynamic defense against 13 common pests, including ants, spiders, and mice. Binghamton residents can expect a thorough home assessment, tailored treatments every 60 days or as needed, and diligent monitoring to keep pests at bay.

Residents can also rest easy knowing that Orkin seals gaps and cracks as part of their fortification process, maintaining detailed service reports and offering a 100% money-back guarantee if the service does not meet expectations.

Pricing Structure Explained

Orkin's pricing for pest prevention varies, with monthly costs ranging from $40 for an average-sized home to $100 for larger residences. The initial fee fluctuates between $175 and $350, although current promotions may offer discounts such as $50 off. This variation accounts for factors like home size, infestation severity, and your specific location in Binghamton.

Ensuring Continual Protection

Orkin's service agreements aren't just about immediate relief; they're also about preventing future invasions. With the ability to cancel service anytime and the promise of a money-back guarantee, homeowners have control over their pest management plan and are assured continuous support.

Specialized Treatment Options

Free Termite Inspection

With termites being a common concern, Orkin includes a complimentary termite inspection with the Pest Prevention Plan. This essential service allows for early detection and a strategic response to termite activity.

Mosquito Management

Orkin also extends its expertise to mosquito control, providing monthly protection tailored to the Binghamton climate. Costs vary by location and home size, with initial fees often discounted through promotions.

The Assurance of Orkin's Guarantee

Orkin stands firmly behind their services, offering complimentary return visits and a unique guarantee to cover new treatment costs by a different company if necessary — a strong vote of confidence in their effectiveness.

Same-Day Response for Immediate Needs

Recognizing the urgency of pest infestations, Orkin provides same-day service options, ensuring quick relief and the prompt restoration of a pest-free environment.

Comprehensive Termite Solutions

Orkin's termite treatment plans are customized to your home's specific needs, employing a mix of treatments like Termidor® Liquid and Sentricon® Bait and Monitoring to ensure effective termite management and prevention.

Mice & Rats No Extra Trouble

Included in the Pest Prevention Plan, Orkin addresses mice and rat issues without additional charges, integrating rodent management into their regular service offering.

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Orkin of Binghamton Reviews

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    JoAnn Cannuli

    Binghamton, NY

    When we chose Orkin, we were taken back to a time when a company valued customer satisfaction. Pete came to our house, bringing with him a wealth of information. He is very knowledgeable and explained everything. Tito then came the next day to treat our home for carpenter ants. He is another professional who explained what he was doing and what to expect. In this day and age, it’s rare to find workers who are on time and genuinely care and take pride in their work. Additionally, we called Orkin at 6:30 am the morning Tito was coming out to change the time and someone answered! Then we got a follow up text message from Charlene telling us that the technician was informed of the change in time. We highly recommend Orkin. Don’t even bother getting a second opinion. They know what they are doing and they do it well.

  • google avatar

    Stacey Gaskins

    Binghamton, NY

    Five Stars is for the rep (Mike). His mannerism and knowledge is what I wish I could get with all my services. Can’t rate the business yet. Just started their service yesterday, but Mike took his time and hit areas I didn’t even think about. Fingers crossed and rooting for Orkin.

  • google avatar

    Robert Hatton

    Binghamton, NY

    Our Orkin guy is great. We get the same person all the time. He's always on time and gets things done quickly. I gave them 4 stars because their scheduling is not great... they give you a time, then say the time is not accurate so it could be anywhere in a 4-hour window. Not a horrible inconvenience for us and worth it to keep the bugs away!

  • google avatar

    Thomas Lombardo

    Binghamton, NY

    Orkin has been taking care of my house for years. Their techs are always so knowledgeable, friendly and respectful. Our most recent tech, Eric, has been incredible the last few times he's been to the house.

  • google avatar

    Jill Saperstein

    Binghamton, NY

    Had a great experience with my Orkin Man. He removed 14 active & aggressive Hornets nests! The house was swarming with hundreds of Hornets all over the property. Making it impossible to leave the house! He did a great job! He went above & beyond to help me due to my fatal wasp/bee allergy. He was very pleasant & professional. I highly recommend & will use again in the future. Thank you!

  • google avatar

    Tina K

    Binghamton, NY

    These guys are helping us keep our home free of critters/bugs and so far they've been successful. We've met a few of their techs so far and they have all been professional and knowledgeable. Their customer service is also excellent -- they seem like they genuinely want to help.

  • google avatar

    Marianne Karaliunas

    Binghamton, NY

    I have to say that I was very pleased with the prompt attention I was given. I called in the morning and had 2 inspectors there by the afternoon. Jen and Matt (I think) were professional and super friendly. They talked me through the process and put my worries at ease. I can just hope my mice problems quickly disappear.

  • google avatar

    Jeanne Makdisi

    Binghamton, NY

    What a genuine pleasure! Pete set everything up, Hector did an outstanding job, and I am more than happy! Professional, friendly, efficient, and on time…. You can’t ask for anything more! I highly recommend Ratt Inc operating as ORKIN!

  • google avatar

    James Winland

    Binghamton, NY

    We had a mouse incursion and friends staying at our place over New Year’s weekend and no one could get there until after the holiday. These folks were there next day at 10am on a Saturday and took care of business. Really great customer service and our tech Madison was extra attentive over two visits already.

  • google avatar

    Eric Marmolejo

    Binghamton, NY

    I have been using Orkin for several years for quarterly maintenance and find them to be extremely responsive. The current technician, Madison, always looks to address actual and potential issues especially with seasonal changes. I highly recommend them

Targeted Strategies for Other Pests

Orkin's expertise extends to a wide range of pests, providing specialized treatment plans for bed bugs, stinging insects, fleas, and stink bugs. Each service takes into account the unique challenges posed by these pests, delivering effective solutions for Binghamton homeowners.

In summary, Orkin's pricing and services reflect a commitment to providing reliable, effective pest control solutions for Binghamton residents. With a clear understanding of the costs and options available, homeowners can make informed decisions and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a professionally managed pest-free home.

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