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By | 10 months ago

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  • Bug News

    By writer | 8 months ago

    Musical Termites Termites making music? No, just the instrument, the Aborigional didjeridu. Listen to a developing didjeridu player, Academy student Josh Siegel. Butterfly Buddies The Academy and Ms. Goldfisher’s first grade friends meet at Ardenwood and search for Monarch Butterflies. A Moth Named Ralph? Where do scientists come up with names for animals? Dr. David…

  • Insect Wings

    By k2forma | 8 months ago

    Are insect wings as complex as the wings of birds? Surprisingly, they are often more sophisticated. What do falcons, butterflies, and bats all have in common? If you said that they could fly, you are correct. Along with most birds and bats, 90% of insects have the remarkable ability to fly. Insect wings are often…

  • Butterfly Buddies

    By tspencer | 8 months ago

    Thornton Jr. High Academy students have adopted first grade students in Mrs. Goldfisher’s class at James Leitch School as our “Butterfly Buddies”. In addition, we have developed an Insect Art Contest with the Smithsonian, are communicating with scientists around the world, and researching insects related to history and art.   Butterfly Buddies Butterfly Buddies is…

  • The Common Cat Flea

    By k2forma | 9 months ago

    A cat flea is a very tough insect found on your everyday cat. The flea can jump one foot high. It would be impossible for a human to accomplish such a feat if it were the size of the flea. The cat flea has an interesting anatomy which accounts for its spectacular abilities. It can…

  • The Doctor’s Protective Suit

    By k2forma | 9 months ago

    The doctor’s robe. The nose of the sinister costume was supposed to act as a filter, being filled with materials imbued with perfumes and alleged disinfectants. The lenses were supposed to protect the eyes from the miasmas. Illustration from Historiarum anatomicarum medicarum (1661), by Thomas Bartholin.

  • Ladybug

    By k2forma | 9 months ago

    Ladybug! Ladybug! Fly away home;Your house is on fire, your children all gone;All but one, and her name is Ann,And she crept under the pudding pan. Children all over the word enjoy this customary poem today. However, few know that the poem originates from medieval folklore. The burning of vines to clear fields after summer…

  • The Church

    By k2forma | 9 months ago

    One of the groups that suffered the most was the Christian Church. It lost prestige, spiritual authority, and leadership over the people. How? The Church promised cures, treatment, and an explanation for the plague. They said it was God’s will, but the reason for this awful punishment was unknown. People wanted answers, but the clergy didn’t…

  • Insecta Inspecta

    By tspencer | 9 months ago

    The world is covered in bugs, so shouldn’t you know a little bit about them? Insects, they’re everywhere. They inhabit all the continents, roam your backyard, and are even in the spaces between the walls of your home. We have been investigating the little critters. Join our Insecta Inspecta team and enter the amazing world…

  • Nose Termites

    By k2forma | 9 months ago

    The words “subterranean termites” are enough to strike fear in the heart of any homeowner.  Equipped with a cast iron stomach that digests cellulose materials, these insects can chew their way through dense wood, layers of paint, concrete and brick. Termites have been part of the earth’s recycling system for a long time. A fossil…

  • Killer Bees

    By k2forma | 10 months ago

    In the 1978 movie The Swarm, great clouds of angry bees attack entire cities and sting hundreds of people to death. This pure fiction could never happen in nature. But folklore like this has arisen within the last ten years regarding an insect often called the “killer bee.” The killer bee’s ancestors live throughout Africa, south…

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