Truly Nolen is a family-run pest control service that operates in 16 different states across the country. From termite control to removing scary spiders, they are well known for their commitment to high standards of customer service and have built a reputation based on their ability to respond quickly to the needs of homeowners.

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Despite the fact that Truly Nolen has a history spanning almost 80 years, the company has not expanded that far. Truly Nolen can only be found in 80 different locations across 16 state, including Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, and Utah. This might sound impressive, but is comparatively fewer locations across more states than some of the other companies we have reviewed. The states that Truly Nolen provides coverage too are also very large geographically, making coverage sparse.










The company has over 150,000 customers and 1,100 employees, 50% of which are technicians. It operates through franchises as opposed to a unified company with a centralized power structure, something that negatively impacts their scoring in this review. Franchises increase the variability of services provided because of the different locations. While all companies have this issue, franchises, in particular, are susceptible to differences in services because it ultimately comes down to how good the franchise owners are at managing their business. With centralized power structures there is a more targeted sense of accountability on the company, but in a franchised system the responsibility for quality service is divided, making it weaker.

Truly Nolen is a smaller company than many of the others we review. While the main corporate structure is still operated by the third generation of the founding family, expansion through franchises steals some of the family-owned and operated charm that Truly Nolen works to cultivate.


Truly Nolen has a long history of business.


Access to Truly Nolen’s services is limited—it only has 80 locations that are spread across 16 states.

Features and Services Provided

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Truly Nolen pest control covers a standard fare of unwanted guests, including:

  • Termites

  • Rodents

  • Bedbugs

  • Fleas

  • Ticks

  • Ants

  • Mosquitoes

  • Scorpions

  • Bees and wasps

  • Cockroaches

  • Wildlife

  • Spiders

  • Beetles

They also offer lawn care in the state of Florida, insulation services, and air filtration services to help reduce the pests in your home. While all of these services are important on their own, they also play a crucial role in preventing pests from entering your home by eliminating breeding grounds and points of entry for these animals.

Truly Nolen also has a number of features about their business that are worth evaluating and comparing to other companies.

Free Inspection

Truly Nolan offers a free inspection and estimate to anyone who is considering their pest control services—something that distinguishes them from their larger national competition. Free inspections are incredibly important to pest control because, without it, companies will simply make an educated guess at how much your pest control treatment might cost. With free inspections, technicians can come and thoroughly evaluate the root cause of your pest control issue, as well as the amount of damage done and provide a more accurate price quote that reflects the amount of work that needs to be done. This not only helps you better control the costs and reduce the uncertainty about your pest control needs, but it also helps you understand how vulnerable your home is to future pest attacks.

Money-Back Guarantee

Truly Nolen’s money-back guarantee is somewhat confusing so it’s worthwhile to break it down. The company’s pest control service operates on a yearly schedule, consisting of a regularly scheduled visit for each season. For the first 13 months of this plan, Truly Nolan has a “cancellation fee” that homeowners will have to pay if they need to cancel their services for any reason.

The one exception in which this cancellation fee may be waived is in the case of dissatisfaction with the service provided. If you call the company to report a problem, they will come to your home to re-treat for no extra charge. In the case that Truly Nolan cannot fix the issue within 30 days of the first report made, they will waive this cancellation fee and refund you the cost of your last scheduled service.

This money-back guarantee is not as forgiving as the guarantees offered by other pest control companies, but it does still provide a protection for consumers that helps reduce the risk of working with a pest control company. However, they do only refund you for your last scheduled service instead of the entire yearly payment, which is something that other companies do offer.

“Green” Pest Control

Truly Nolen is one of the better options available for environmentally-friendly pest control services. They are well aware of how their work affects the natural world and are very active in working to decrease that impact through the use of all-natural products and treatments. Truly Nolen’s commitment goes further than their treatments though and extends all the way to their business practices. In addition to using a paperless billing system and working to reduce waste, they are also working to reduce drive times between services and treat customers who live in the same neighborhood on the same day.

Truly has painstakingly researched the best naturally-derived products that help with pest control. Some of these include:

• Chrysanthemum flowers, which contain pyrethrum, naturally-occurring pesticide.

• Abamectin, which comes from soil bacteria and causes paralysis in ants, mice, cockroaches, and crickets, taking away their ability to eat and causing them to die in a matter of days.

• Diatomaceous Earth, a natural rock that is pulverized then used to dehydrate bugs by penetrating their defensive armors. This rock is completely non-toxic for humans and is found in toothpastes, facial masks, and dietary cleansing products.

• Boron, a type of salt that is found in southern California, which penetrates deep into cracks and crevices and prevents insects from making these areas their home.

• Geranium oil from geranium flowers, and white pepper, which, when combined, are a natural bird repellant, causing non-harmful irritations to birds and teaching them to stay away from your home.

• Enzymes, which are used in bio-remediation methods to feed on and break down fats and oils that might be clogging drains.

Truly Nolen’s commitment to the environment is one of the more impressive initiatives out there and serves as a standard that other companies could aspire to.

Technician Training

For being a smaller company, Truly Nolan takes technician training very seriously. They have two state-of-the-art training facilities in Florida and Arizona that offer technicians a mixture of classroom instruction, computer courses, and real-life practice. Every technician in the company must go through their rigorous training program to ensure that they are all knowledgeable about how to fight pests the Truly Nolen way.

Every technician in the company must go through their rigorous training program to ensure that they are all knowledgeable about how to fight pests the Truly Nolen way.

Behind Plexiglass walls technicians will see simulations of how real life homes can be infected with pests, providing them with a first-hand understanding of how pests enter the home, where they hide, and how they thrive. These simulations are meant to give students enough practice in pest control scenarios that fighting them becomes almost second-nature. At this point when a technician experiences a problem in real life, they should have all of the confidence and knowledge to know what to do.

Overall, the features and services provided by Truly Nolen are stellar, even though they have a more limited pest profile than some of the larger companies. For a company that is on the smaller end of the scale, their dedication to the environment and training is particularly impressive.


Truly Nolen has a commitment to the environment and a thorough training program for technicians.


Truly Nolen has a more limited portfolio of pests treated than some of the other companies we review.

customer supportCustomer Support and Reviews

Our rating:

Customer satisfaction is difficult to judge based on online reviews, particularly in the pest control industry where people are significantly more likely to leave negative reviews than positive ones. That being said, we searched through reviews to find a few key elements:

Word on the Street

Overall, Truly Nolen has a pretty great reputation online. Many customers left satisfied reviews on forums like Yelp. Of particular praise was Truly Nolan’s customer service system which was responsive and quick to send out technicians after receiving the first call for help. Many customers even stated that they had switched to Truly Nolen after leaving other larger pest companies over customer service frustrations.

Punctuality and Professionalism

A common theme across locations and viewers was that Truly Nolan’s technicians were stellar. There was consistent praise for the speed in which technicians came to homes, the knowledge that technicians possessed, and the kindness with which they treated customers. Many reviewers even mentioned their supporting technicians by name because of how impressed they were with their service.


Truly Nolen also ranks high for persistence, partly due to their excellent customer service. Many reviewers complained of other companies that failed to call them back after leaving multiple messages or who found a way to make an excuse for not re-treating a property. Truly was the opposite for many people, as one reviewer wrote:

“Very professional. After calling 3 other companies and left messages with no return call for a bee problem they answered the phone promptly and were able to schedule me within 24h. The work was guaranteed for 30 days. They had to return a few times to re spray and kept on top the problem. We are now bee free and able to enjoy our outdoor patio again. Thanks truly.”

Jason V., Palm Springs, California


Effectiveness was the weakest pillar of Truly Nolen’s service that we looked at and seems to be an area with room for improvement. There were several reviews across locations that reflected a need for re-treatment because of a weak initial service.

Part of this lack of effectiveness might be because of Truly Nolen’s commitment to environmentally-friendly practices. The company ascribes to an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) philosophy that emphasizes targeted treatments on problems and prefers to use naturally-derived products if at all possible. While this does have the smallest impact on the environment, it might not be the strongest way to treat pests, especially when compared to the toxic chemicals that are commonly used. However, Truly Nolan could work harder to make their targeted treatments more effective.

These reviews also reflected Truly’s quality of customer service: these re-treatments were very easy to schedule and technicians seemed more than happy to come and fix a problem. Overall, customer service is where Truly Nolen really shines and their score reflects that.


Nolan’s customer service system is consistently quick to respond.

Technicians have a reputation for being professional and prompt.


Truly Nolen could work harder to make their targeted treatments more effective.


Our rating:

Cost varies greatly by geographic location and type of pest, but Truly Nolen gives you the option to buy their annual pest service online. We ran two tests for locations in Florida and California and received the same numbers for each place for a 2,000 square foot home.

The “Preferred” service, recommended by the company, came out to $410 for a one-time intensive service or a monthly payment of $42 for their annual plan, totaling $504 for an entire year. It’s helpful to see the cost difference between the two options and is good to know that the company does not tie you to an annual contract if you don’t want one.

Money-Back Guarantee

Whether you choose an intensive one-time service or the annual plan, in either case, there are protections put in place for you to get your money back in the event that you are unsatisfied with the service. The one-time intensive service comes with a 30-day guarantee and the annual contract has a satisfaction guarantee that will refund you for the cost of the most recent scheduled service upon cancellation. While Truly’s guarantees are not the best in the business, they do protect you from bad service.

No Annual Contract

As previously mentioned, Truly Nolan does not make you pay for an annual contract, so you can choose to simply fix the problem that has arisen and have no further treatments if you like. While the annual contract and quarterly services are by far the best way to keep pests at bay and the company encourages you to purchase this option, sometimes situations arise that prohibit homeowners from doing so. The ability to make your own choices is reflective of Truly’s commitment to pleasing their customers and providing the services that they want most.

Flexible Buying Options

When buying online, you have the choice between three different services:  the “Value” service, the “Preferred” service, and the “Premium” service. The “Value” plan is very basic, only covering ants, American roaches, spiders, nesting wasps, wasps, crickets, and house mice, but it might be the best option for your home. The “Preferred” and “Premium” plans are both very similar, covering everything from the value plan but also other crawling insects, heavy infestations, German cockroaches, Caribbean crazy ants, scorpions, Argentine ants, carpenter ants, fleas, ticks, and white-footed ants. The “Premium” plan also has preventative protections against bedbugs in addition to Saturday services.

This range of options truly distinguishes Truly Nolen from the crowd because rather than forcing homeowners to buy coverage of all pests they allow them to choose the best option for themselves.


Truly Nolen allows you to choose from three different options for your coverage.


Confusing money-back guarantee.



Truly Nolen holds itself to high customer service standards and has flexible buying options. However, their limited geographical reach and pest profile restrict their abilities to provide the best service possible to the most people.

Reliability 4

Overall Rating:

Features & Services Provided 7.5
Customer Support & Reviews 9
Costs 9

Overall Rating:

More Things to Know:

  • Truly Nolen also specializes in Florida lawn care, Insulation, and air filters.

  • Truly Nolen offers free inspections and a money-back guarantee if customers aren't satisfied.

  • Truly Nolen will provide additional treatments at no cost to you if your problem persists.

  • Truly Nolen offers "green" pest control that supports sustainability.