Ehrlich and Truly Nolen are both well-established pest control companies that operate in various locations across the United States. Though neither is as big as the industry leaders Orkin and Terminix, they both offer powerful pest control that’s supported by decades of experience.

In this piece, we compare Truly Nolen and Ehrlich across four different categories to help you make the right decision for your home



When looking for a pest control company to ensure termite control, bed bug control, rodent control, or some other pest management service, you want to partner with someone who knows what they are doing and is readily available. When analyzing Ehrlich and Truly Nolen pest control services, we looked at these factors, and ultimately concluded that Truly Nolen came up short. While both companies had less-than-stellar ratings, Ehrlich was able to double Truly Nolan’s score because of their business model.

Our rating

Ehrlich’s united corporate structure makes the company more reliable across the board, though neither scored particularly well when compared to other companies.

Truly Nolen


United Company vs. Franchise

Ehrlich remains unified today even as a large pest management company while Truly Nolan has opted to grow through franchises—dividing the power of control between the corporate structure and the franchise owner. While Truly Nolan will stand behind their brand and would not support a franchise if it did not adhere to their values and beliefs, this division of power does create more cracks for a customer experience to fall through and blurs the line of responsibility if there is ever a customer service issue. This category is where Ehrlich pushes ahead of Truly Nolen, doubling their score.

Years in Business

Both Truly Nolen and Ehrlich scored high in this category since both were founded in the first half of the 20th century. Ehrlich, founded in 1928, is 10 years older than Truly Nolan, but both have been in pest control long enough to learn the best ways to get rid of unwanted animals and insects in the home. They have also been present for a number of technological changes in the materials they use, as well as cultural changes like the environmentalist movement of the 1970s. Since they have been in business for so long, it’s also less likely that they will make rookie business mistakes that might cost them your account than some of the newer companies that have emerged on the scene. This does not mean that these companies are immune to these mistakes, especially a new Terminix franchise that is just getting up and running, but they do have more experience.

National Reach

Neither Ehrlich nor Truly Nolen has anything close to a national reach, so neither scored at all in this category. It is worth noting though that Ehrlich is the larger of the two options, with 100 offices across 18 states: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and Washington D.C. Truly Nolen, on the other hand, has over 80 locations in 14 states: Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, and Utah.

While they cover different areas of the country, both might be thinly spread out in the states in which they operate. Many of these are very large states geographically and, with such a low number of offices, it might be hard to reasonably count on either company to service your home if you do not live close to a major metropolitan area.

Truly Nolen Ehrlich
Unified Branch Locations
Franchise Locations
Years in Business 79 89
National Reach 14 States 18 States

Features and Services Provided

Pests Treated

Both Truly Nolen and Ehrlich provide protection from a wide number of pests, so both score relatively high in this category. Ehrlich does take on a few more than Truly Nolan, but both provide comprehensive treatments for most common household pests.

Ehrlich is particularly well known for their wasp-fighting abilities. Wasps, which seek shelter in your home to survive the winter season, can become extremely dangerous to humans. As their nests grow in size, these aggressive creatures can become a real threat to your family. Their stings are particularly painful and can even be lethal, in rare cases. Wasps nests are especially difficult to remove and should only be done so by a professional pest control technician.

Ehrlich’s expertise in wasp control is based on their desire to correctly identify which type of wasp has taken up residence in your home. In the U.S., there are three major types of wasps: paper wasps, which are commonly found in attics, deck floors, porch ceilings, and at the top of window frames; hornets, which have very painful stings but not as aggressive as other types of wasps; and yellow jackets, which are well known for their aggressive reactions to humans and which can sting humans more than one time. Proper identification is crucial to the treatment of wasps because each of the three major types of this species will respond differently to different methods of extermination. After properly identifying the wasp, your technician will make a recommendation about what to do about the stinging pests that is based on the location of the nest and any local regulations that might affect treatment. After agreeing on a treatment plan, your Ehrlich technician will return with protective gear and the necessary tools to eliminate the pest.

Our rating

We found it frustrating that Truly Nolan had a complicated cancellation and satisfaction guarantee and it required a little bit of effort to fully understand what they meant with the language on their website.

Truly Nolen


Truly Nolen Ehrlich


Truly Nolen pulls ahead of Ehrlich in the training category. Ehrlich’s technicians are competently trained to state certifications and the company claims that their training program is “unrivalled within the industry,” but does not provide any proof of what that consists of or how it differentiates from how other companies train their technicians.

In contrast, Truly Nolen is very clear about their technician training and is clearly very proud of their work. The company has two state-of-the-art facilities that combine classroom experiences with real-life simulations in order to give new technicians the most comprehensive understanding of the pests they will be fighting on the job. Technicians get to see first-hand how pests can take over a home from behind plexiglass walls, watching how spills in kitchens can lead to a pest takeover very quickly. Truly Nolan’s goal is to give technicians enough practice in a simulated environment that they have the ability to handle situations that are thrown at them in the day-to-day on the job. This is one of the more comprehensive training programs in the industry and is very impressive for a company of this size to maintain.

Free Inspections and Estimates

Both Truly Nolan and Ehrlich provide free inspections and estimates for their services, a factor that is incredibly important to any pest control company’s service. These initial inspections are a sign of good faith from a company and also help technicians give you the most accurate estimate they possibly can. Without an inspection, technicians are not able to properly evaluate the needs of your home and might even miss some vulnerable areas if they simply come for a service call.

Guarantees and repeat treatments

Both companies also offer a standard 30-day satisfaction guarantee where they will provide free re-treatments or refund your money. Truly Nolen’s satisfaction guarantee is somewhat complicated to understand and has a number of moving parts: if you report that you are unsatisfied with Truly Nolan’s experience in the first 13 months of your annual contract and they cannot solve the issue within 30 days of the initial report, you will be able to cancel your service with them without paying the cancellation fee and will be refunded for your last scheduled visit. If you cancel for any other reason than dissatisfaction in the first 13 months, you will have to pay a fee and are ineligible to receive any refunds. Beyond 13 months of service, there is no cancellation fee.

This guarantee seems very difficult to navigate and is confusing for consumers who might just want their money back from a company that won’t work with them. It also does not factor in that there might be circumstances that homeowners simply cannot predict. While it’s good that Truly Nolan has a form of a guarantee, this complex protection is overcomplicated and a turn off for consumers.

customer supportCustomer Support and Reviews

Truly Nolen has a fantastic reputation online and many happy customers went to independent sites like Yelp to review them. The same cannot be said for Ehrlich, whose independent reviews showed a trend of frustrated customers and billing issues.

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Truly Nolan’s commitment to getting higher reviews online shows a lot about the character of the company and their desire to improve. Ehrlich looked like it was doing very little to communicate with consumers about their frustrations and made the fatal mistake of billing people unfairly.

Truly Nolen


Punctuality and Professionalism

Because of the higher number of positive reviews of Truly Nolen, it is easy to see that the technicians are typically on time, courteous, and professional in their service. A common theme among reviews across locations was that the technicians were quick to respond to the needs of customers and many said that the company was able to have a technician to their house within 24 hours after their first call. Ehrlich did not enjoy the same praise and there were many reviews of technicians failing to show up and phone calls going unreturned. Ehrlich also had a trend of billing customers for work that was never done or that was only halfway done, an error that many said felt impossible to fix in the current customer service system.

Punctuality and Professionalism

Both companies score relatively high in this, but Truly Nolen does move ahead of Ehrlich because of the number of positive reviews and stories. Where Ehrlich does not have very many reviews that cite the need for a re-treatment, Truly Nolan has many reviews that showcase how willing the company is to re-treat or pick up where another company dropped the ball. As one reviewer wrote:

“Very professional. After calling 3 other companies and left messages with no return call for a bee problem they answered the phone promptly and were able to schedule me within 24h. The work was guaranteed for 30 days. They had to return a few times to respray and kept on top the problem. We are now bee free and able to enjoy our outdoor patio again. Thanks truly.”

Jason V., Palm Springs, California


On the flip side of persistence is effectiveness and Ehrlich is the winner of this category because there were very few mentions of a need for re-treatment. In fact, customers who reviewed the company positively left comments about how surprised they were at the effectiveness of the treatments. Truly Nolen has more reviews that mention a need for re-treatment giving it a slightly lower rank in this category, but this also might be skewed because of their higher number of overall ratings.


Since pest control costs are very hard to predict, the category is devoted to how easy it is to help you control how expensive your project might get. With some companies, it is very hard to control costs because they do not offer things like free inspections or satisfaction guarantee, which increase the risk taken on by a homeowner. However, with other companies like Truly Nolen and Ehrlich, which offer free inspections and have buyer protections, costs are a little easier to predict.

While both companies provide a good pest control service with free inspections, re-treatments, and satisfaction guarantees, Truly Nolen emerges as the winner of this category for one major reason. Truly offers you the ability to buy pest control protection online with a few clicks of the mouse, which helps homeowners to get a ballpark understanding of what they will likely be spending on the service. While this number is not certain until after an inspection has been made, it does help you understand the range of how much a service costs and can help you plan your financial commitment.

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When shopping between companies for the best pest control service, the ability to have a price figure in your head will help you prepare your finances.

Truly Nolen




In the end, both Truly Nolen and Ehrlich are good options for a medium-sized pest control company. Neither of them outshone the other by much and both have a variety of services and solutions to your pest control needs.

Truly Nolen Ehrlich
Reliability 4 8
Features & Services Provided 7.5 9
Customer Support & Reviews 9 7.5
Costs 9 8
Overall Rating: