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The Bed Bug Bully

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Updated for 2019

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Overall Rating:


  • Contains all-natural ingredients.
  • Non-toxic to humans and pets alike.
  • Effectively eliminates bed bugs on contact.
  • Provides residual protection.
  • Can be used as needed.
  • No wait time to use furniture or bedding treated.
  • Kills all stages of life in bed bugs.
  • No harsh smells or odors.


  • Higher price point.
  • Customers report spray only working when sprayed directly on each bed bug.
Ease of Use
Lasting Effects




  • 2.5% Sodium L. Sulfate
  • 1% Citric Acid
  • .5% Castor Oil
  • Weight: 32 ounces
  • Dimensions: 4.5 x 3 x 11 inches


  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • Contact-Killing
  • Residual Protection
  • No Harsh Odors
  • Can be used on Furniture

The Bottom Line

Srills Bed Bugs Bully is an all-natural, non-toxic insect spray that specifically targets bed bugs. Designed to handle mild to moderate infestations, Bed Bugs Bully kills bed bugs on contact, instantly eliminating your problem at the source.

Additionally, the spray offers residual protection by continuing to fight off bed bugs and deter them from the sprayed area. It will kill the bed bugs, the nymphs, and any eggs that may be in the area. With just two to four treatments, the Bed Bugs Bully can conquer your problem.

The Bed Bugs Bully spray is designed to be safe to use. You can spray this throughout your home without fear of harming small children, family members, or pets. It will not leave stains; in fact, it can be used on several different surfaces without worry. You can even continue using linens or furniture shortly after using this product.

Since there are no harsh chemicals in this spray, you will not be left with a harsh odor. The scent of the Bed Bugs Bully is very mild.

Bed Bug Bully Review

This eco-friendly treatment has earned top ratings in this market. It’s an effective and easy way to get rid of bed bugs, and customers love that it is safe to use in homes and around pets and loved ones. A quality product, the Bed Bugs Bully is a great product to try out.

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