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Mosquito Barrier 2001 Liquid Spray Repellent

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Updated for 2019

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Overall Rating:


  • Highly effective method for eliminating mosquitos
  • Well recommended by other users
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Lasts a long time
  • Kill ticks and fleas too


  • Strong garlic odor can get on clothes and shoes
Ease of Use




  • Does not contain DEET
  • Made from garlic
  • Highly effective at keeping mosquitoes away
  • Safe around kids and pets
  • Does not need to be applied often


  • One bottle equals one quart
  • One spraying lasts up to four months
  • Can be combined with soybean oil to spray on still water
  • A practical method for killing off mosquitoes

The Bottom Line

This spray repellent is incredibly useful and highly recommended for keeping mosquitos and other insects away from you and your family. This spray can get used in a variety of settings ranging from grassy fields to sporting events, and cookouts.

One of the major features of this product is that its made of garlic and has absolutely no chemicals or harmful poisons. This spray won’t irritate your skin and its safe for use around children and pets.

The mosquito barrier is designed only to require a small amount mixed with water. If you use this repellent in your home, it will keep mosquitos out for as long as four weeks. Mosquitos are incredibly sensitive to the smell of garlic, so they will not come anywhere near it.

Also, if you mix the repellent with soybean oil and spray any standing water, you have in your yard, or near your home, it will kill off all the developing mosquito larvae in the water. This does not harm bees or butterflies. This product also works very well on ticks and fleas.

Mosquito Barrier Liquid Spray Repellent

Spray repellents are getting more attention over the past few years for the impending health risks associated with them. If the repellent has too many chemicals, it can irritate your skin, but if it does not have enough ingredients to repel mosquitos, it’s useless.

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