Massey Services is a newcomer on the pest control scene, but that does not make it any less formidable. Founded in 1985, the company has exploded to over 140 locations across 7 states with over 100 locations in Florida alone. Massey’s goals are people focused and their vision is to build long-term relationships with customers through service that is environmentally sustainable and effective.

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Massey Services helps approximately 500,000 customers from their service centers in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Texas. They have over 140 locations across these states, but they are most highly concentrated in Florida, where 101 of their centers are located. So, while you’re likely to find their services anywhere in Florida, it will be harder to get coverage from their single Louisiana branch. Massey has 1,900 team members and 1,700 vehicles that are at your disposal if you live close enough to a service location.










The company officially became Massey Services in 1987 after Harvey L. Massey, current Chairman and CEO, purchased the Walker Chemical and Exterminating Company in Orlando, Florida, and renamed it Massey Services, Inc. Before launching his own business, Massey had a long career in the pest control industry, beginning at Orkin and quickly worked his way to become the youngest Vice President in the company’s history. Since Massey is still the leader of the unified organization, it is easy to understand their rapid growth in a relatively short period of time compared to their competitors. As a leader, Massey understands the business, which is ultimately beneficial to homeowners looking for a quality service.


Founder and CEO Harvey L. Massey has a long history in the pest control industry that pre-dates the 1987 founding of Massey Services. Because Massey still controls the company you are likely to receive consistent service regardless of location.


Outside of Florida, these services could be hard to find.

Features and Services Provided

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Massey offers insect control against a large number of pests, including:

  • Termites

  • Rodents

  • Fleas

  • Ticks

  • Ants

  • Mosquitoes

  • Spiders

  • Silverfish

  • Earwigs

  • Millipedes

  • Cockroaches

Massey also offers lawn and irrigation services in addition to pest control. However, one important thing to note is that the company does not advertise a bed bug service, which pulls their ratings down.

Massey has a special mosquito service so that you and your family can enjoy the outdoors without the annoyance of these bugs. Mosquitoes, which often ruin an outdoor experience, are dangerous pests that can carry a variety of diseases, such as Zika virus, West Nile, and malaria. While you can always apply a mosquito repellent to your skin, these contain chemicals such as DEET that are skin irritants and can have other adverse effects on your health.

Massey fights mosquitoes by targeting the places around your home where they live and breed such as dense vegetation, stagnant pools of water, and areas with poor air circulation. After a free inspection, the technician will identify these high-risk areas and provide you with a detailed solution.

Massey has two treatment programs for mosquitoes: an annual program that includes monthly inspections to fight mosquitoes and a one-time treatment that is a perfect solution if you are planning a wedding, graduation party, or other outdoor event that you want to be pest-free. Either way, Massey’s mosquito service will help ensure that your family can enjoy your time outside rather than fight these insects.

Massey also has a number of other benefits that come with their services:

Free Home Inspection

Massey will carry out a free home inspection for all pest control services, which allows their trained technicians to fully understand the extent of a pest problem and provide a more accurate price quote. This is important because it reduces the likelihood that the technician will find an unexpected problem halfway through treatment, which could lead to a higher bill in the end.


Massey also has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to protect your purchase if the service is ineffective. For 30 days after servicing, the company will provide re-treatments to clients at no costs. If after 30 days the problem still persists, the company will either refund your payment entirely or will continue to offer free treatments at no additional cost until the issue is completely resolved. The company is very proud of its guarantee and displays it openly on the company website, so there is no guesswork involved for potential clients.

“Green” Treatments

Massey Services has been dedicated to environmental initiatives for over 20 years. One of the ways that they do this is emphasizing pest prevention, or actively working to keep bugs and wildlife out rather than pest control or spraying indiscriminately to solve a problem.

The Pest Prevention Program is the recommended by the company as the place to start if there is not an active infestation and consists first of a thorough inspection of the house to find any places that pests might be able to enter from the outside. These points include improperly sealed windows, cracks in foundations, and leaking water or food spills. After these weak points have been found, you technician will work with you to design a customized plan of attack to fix these vulnerable areas of your home to prevent pests from entering in the future. Many of these solutions are simple, such as caulking cracks in walls or keeping food in airtight containers, but they can make a world of a difference in reducing your home’s risk for pest invasion. These protections are then maintained through a series of regularly-scheduled visits from your Massey technician to ensure that they are working properly and eliminate any issues that might arise. Homeowners can expect Massey to eliminate any current pests as part of this program and to seal any existing entry points, and are backed by a guarantee that if pests return at any time, Massey will come back and eliminate them for free.

Technician Training

Technicians with Massey Services undergo 80 hours of training through the Massey University Training Program in addition to weekly training sessions that ensure they are up-to-date on the latest pest-control practices and technologies.

Technicians with Massey Services undergo 80 hours of training through the Massey University Training Program in addition to weekly training sessions that ensure they are up-to-date on the latest pest-control practices and technologies. While this is a good place to start, this number of 80 hours pales in comparison to Orkin’s 160 hours of intensive training in a classroom and in the Rollins Learning Center in Atlanta. Unlike Orkin, Massey simply does not have the resources to provide such intensive training or the backing of parent company Rollins, Inc., to grant them access to these large learning centers. So, while it can be said that Massey is doing well for a smaller company, they could increase their training hours to try and compete with this larger national company.


A special mosquito service is offered so that you and your family can enjoy the outdoors without the annoyance of these bugs.


Massey’s training program isn’t nearly extensive as other brands, such as Orkin.

customer supportCustomer Support and Reviews

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Massey’s customer support and service does not score very high, especially when compared to other pest control companies. While the company has great reviews on their website, they only showcase 7 about their pest control services. By contrast, their Yelp reviews for their Orlando, Florida location has 27 reviews that average to 1.5/5 stars. While the vast majority were reviews for lawn care services, they are still indicative of how the company treats customers, and it is also unsettling that these are reviews are for one of their locations in Orlando, which is also where the company is headquartered.

Punctuality and Professionalism

Many reviewers claimed that their technicians failed to show up when they said they would or would claim they had treated something when they actually hadn’t. This narrative was echoed by many people, who continued to say that they fought and struggled with the company’s customer service representatives in order to rectify the situation. This problem has persisted for a long time in this one location, many people commenting that they had struggled with the company for years before they finally gave up with Massey Services and moved on to a new company.


Many of the reviewers on Yelp commented that their yards looked horrible after using Massey and the company would claim it was the homeowner’s fault. There were several horror stories of the company making lawns look worse than they had been before the services, then offering to come and fix the problem for an additional payment. Once again, even though this is about lawn service, it is still reflective of some business practices that seem unfair to consumers and questionable in terms of ability to manage large amounts of business.


“Effective” was a word that was thoroughly lacking amongst reviews of Massey, even among the few reviews of their pest control services. Several people commented on the lack of thoroughness they observed in the technician’s work. One reviewer even commented that their technicians were “in and out in 30 minutes” for a 1,700 square foot home. A common narrative was that the technicians did not take their time to truly understand the problems in a home and, as a result, were unable to provide a great service. One reviewer even commented:

“We hired them for pest control (mainly spiders) and it’s almost as if they never came out and treated anything.”

John C., Delton, FL

While it is somewhat unfair to judge an entire company based off of negative reviews of only one location, the fact that this branch is in the headquarter city of the company and that the same problems are consistent across time in reviews, is an indication that Massey’s customer service might be extraordinarily frustrating to deal with. Massey’s negative reviews of this one location dramatically outnumber the positive ones displayed on the site and it seems that Massey cares very little about their public image concerning reviews. While it might only be this one location that has horrible reviews, the fact is that this dominates the search findings and Massey has done very little to address the concerns of multiple reviewers.


Massey’s positive reviews show timeliness and professionalism.


Massey’s negative customer reviews greatly outweigh their positive ones, which is frustrating to see when trying to decide on a pest control company.


Our rating:

Treatment costs of each home will vary based on pest type and the nature of an infestation, but in evaluating the costs of a company there are several things to consider:

No Annual Contract

Massey Services does not require its customers to buy an annual contract if they simply want a one-off service to eliminate a pest that is currently infesting their house. While Massey encourages everyone to use their annual contract for the most environmentally-friendly and long-term pest solution, they understand that this isn’t the right choice for everyone.

Free Inspections

Massey offers free, no-strings-attached home inspections to anyone considering using their pest control services. This is a major bonus, especially when compared to larger national companies like Orkin and Terminix who only offer free consultations about a pest problem. This gives homeowners a feeling of security in knowing that technicians will be looking for pest problems, and also allows the company to give you a more precise estimate of how much the treatment will cost. Free home inspections reduce the amount of “surprise” costs that might arise if a company gives a quote without seeing the property first.

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Massey offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and proudly displays it on each page of the company website. If any issues do arise in the first 30 days after a treatment, the company will come back out to re-treat the property at absolutely no cost to you. If 30 days pass and the issue still persists, they will either refund you your last scheduled service payment or continue to treat the property until the problem is solved. This seems like a pretty good guarantee, though if an issue takes several months to solve and at the end you decide you just want a refund, you will only be reimbursed for the most recent scheduled service visit


30-day guarantee is a good protection for consumers.


Only get refunded most recent scheduled visit.



On its own, Massey Services appears to be a good company to work with for your pest control needs. They advertise a standard 30-day satisfaction guarantee, provide free estimates, and have multiple locations, particularly so in Florida. However, in comparison to other major pest control companies that also operate in these states, Massey fails to be the best option to work with. The lack of effort to cultivate good reviews online combined with a more limited list of pests that they work with drives their score down and leaves room for other companies to take the place as “Best Pest Control Company.”

Reliability 8

Overall Rating:

Features & Services Provided 7.5
Customer Support & Reviews 6
Costs 9

Overall Rating:

More Things to Know:

  • Massey Services was founded in 1987, two years after Walker Chemical and Exterminating Company in Orlando, Florida.

  • Massey Services offers free inspections and a money-back guarantee if you aren't satisfied in 30 days.

  • The company will provide necessary additional services within 30 days at no extra charge.

  • Massey Services offers "green" pest control.

  • The company offers 80 hours of standardized training as well as weekly sessions for technicians.

  • Massey Services will not pay for part or all of damages caused by failed treatment.