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If you have ever had to deal with a flea infestation and know how resistant these critters can be, then you may be a huge fan of Frontline anyway. Often, owners try shampoos and powders and once they realize that many are ineffective, they wish they had just used Frontline in the first place. Rarely do pet owners feel they have wasted money on Frontline—they just feel they wasted money by not using Frontline sooner.

Nearly everyone that uses Frontline Plus gets the results they want: a happy pet free of fleas and ticks. The fact that this product is recommended by vets gives owners peace of mind. It is up to you as to whether or not you use Frontline all year round. Some owners may only wish to use chemicals after an infestation but vets recommend that Frontline is used as a regular preventative medicine and that waiting for an infestation is too late.

Frontline spot-on treatment is going to cost around $8 for a cat and $11 for a dog per month. If you live in Southern states, vets recommend that treat your pets all year round. In northern states, however, start your flea prevention program before spring and keep it up until it becomes cool again in the wintertime. Frontline may be a better choice than Advantage as it offers protection against ticks as well as fleas. Advantix and Bio Spot offer additional protection against mosquitoes as well as fleas and ticks.


  • Two active ingredients
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Fast-acting on both dogs and cats
  • Recommended by vets


  • More expensive than some options
  • Does not target mosquitoes
  • Can cause an allergic reaction

One of the names that will come to pet owners’ minds when it comes to dealing with fleas and ticks is likely to be Frontline Plus.

Veterinarians and pet owners alike will recommend this product, but it can be expensive. So, is it worth the extra expense and is it as good as people say? Some owners are of the opinion that they prefer to use natural products for flea prevention and prefer to leave products such as Frontline Plus for times when there is actually an infestation.

How Does Frontline Plus Work?

Frontline Plus has made a name for itself on the market by using the combined power of two chemical ingredients instead of one.

Frontline Plus has been a go-to and trusted product for pet owners of dogs and cats for many years now. Frontline uses the two active ingredients Fipronil and S-Methoprene in the product.

The Fipronil works it magic on adult fleas whereas S-Methoprene eliminates the growth of flea eggs and larvae. The combination is effective at defeating these pests during all parts of the flea life cycle. Once you apply the serum to your pet, the medicine will be spread throughout your pet’s body creating a barrier between the pests and your pet, eliminating adult fleas and flea eggs.

Key Features

Easy to Apply

The Frontline treatment is a spot-on treatment and these treatments really are so easy to apply. As pet owners, you will know—all pets have their own little quirks, likes, and dislikes. Methods such as bathing and oral medication can be difficult to administer to many pets.

The words “bath time” will strike fear into the heart of many an otherwise confident pet and leave them ready to do battle to avoid getting wet. Lots of pets will happily eat the chicken you hand-fed to them but will then somehow manage to spit out the pill for you. Spot-on treatments don’t just put an end to this frustrating, stressful, and often unreliable way of medicating your pet but they are also extremely effective as well.

The Frontline treatment comes in a handy foil pack with the applicator being part of the pack. It is as easy as opening a shampoo sachet and squeezing out the contents. Simply part the fur on your pet’s neck and squeeze the liquid contents. After a few seconds—you are done. Your pet will feel nothing other than a cool liquid on their skin. Some pets may wriggle about, but in terms of administering medication to a pet, it does not get much easier than this method.


This product is obviously a toxic product in that it contains chemicals to kill insects but in terms of pet and child safety, it scores well. As far as kids are concerned, just keep the medication away from curious fingers in locked cabinets just like you would any other medication. It is far safer than other methods used to eradicate fleas such as foggers. If a child does ingest or manage to get the product in their eyes, seek medical help immediately.

To make sure that you are using the product safely on your pets, you must ensure that you use the correct dosage and product for your pet. Using any flea treatment designed and formulated for use on a dog maybe toxic and fatal if administered to a cat.

All the Frontline products are sold according to weight as the amount of the chemical required is correlated to the animal’s weight. You can purchase the Frontline spot-on treatment in the following sizes:

  • Small dogs: 5 to 22 pounds
  • Medium dogs: 23 to 44 pounds
  • Large Dogs: 45 to 88 pounds
  • Extra large Dogs: 89 pounds to 132 pounds
  • Cats: All Sizes

On rare occasions, there may be hair loss or slight irritation at the sight of the application.

Money-back Guarantee

Frontline offers a “Satisfaction Plus Guarantee” which we think is great. If you are not getting the results you want, Frontline will either replace your product or arrange for a professional exterminator to attend your home. You should note that this guarantee is only valid when you have purchased Frontline from a licensed veterinarian—in which case you may have paid a slightly higher price for your product.

Fast Results and Lasting Protection

You can expect fast results from this product. Fleas die in a few hours and ticks will follow in around 12 hours. Once applied, your pet should remain tick and flea free for 30 days until their next application is due and no new pests will be attracted to your pet in the meantime.

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