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Top Rated Pest Control Providers in Mt Washington

The American pest control industry is over a century old, and no matter where you live there are dozens of companies vying for your attention. But you want to be sure you’ll get friendly, effective service from any company you let into your home, and you want to know that company will stand behind its promises. So we’ve had a look at some of the top companies serving Mt Washington so you can find the right one for your pest problem.

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Critter Control

Founded by a leading expert in wildlife management, Critter Control has grown to become a reliable and widely praised choice for capturing animals and preventing them from invading your home or property. Read more

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Also offers air purification and dead animal removal services.

Provides humane wildlife removal for a wide range of pests.

Keeps biologists, zoologists, and other experts on wildlife on staff.

Website offers helpful information about wildlife pests.

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William Broderick

National Pest Management AssociationNational Wildlife Control Operators Association

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Other Service Areas:

  • Aberdeen, KY
  • Adairville, KY
  • Adolphus, KY
  • Ages Brookside, KY
  • Albany, KY
  • Allen, KY
  • Allensville, KY
  • Alpha, KY
  • Alvaton, KY
  • Annville, KY
  • Arjay, KY
  • Artemus, KY
  • Ary, KY
  • Asher, KY
  • Athol, KY
  • Auburn, KY
  • Austin, KY
  • Austin, IN
  • Auxier, KY
  • Avawam, KY
  • Avoca, IN
  • Bagdad, KY
  • Banner, KY
  • Barbourville, KY
  • Bardstown, KY
  • Baskett, KY
  • Battletown, KY
  • Baxter, KY
  • Bays, KY
  • Bear Branch, KY
  • Beattyville, KY
  • Beaumont, KY
  • Beaver, KY
  • Beaver Dam, KY
  • Bedford, IN
  • Bedford, KY
  • Bee Spring, KY
  • Beech Creek, KY
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