Since 1928, Ehrlich is a pest control company that has been helping people get rid of pests from thousands of commercial and residential properties across the eastern half of the United States. From its inception, Ehrlich has been one of the movers and shakers in the pest control industry, helping transform pest control from a do-it-yourself problem for home and business owners into a multi-million dollar pest solutions industry. Though it was privately owned for over 75 years, Ehrlich became a part of the Rentokil family in 2006, a move that helped open doors for the company in terms of expansion and hardened the already stable foundations of the enterprise by providing authority and industry backing.

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Since its humble beginnings in Reading, Pennsylvania in 1928, Ehrlich has grown to be a united company with 100 offices in 18 states. You can now find Ehrlich services in New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and Washington D.C. in addition to its home state.










While Ehrlich has a large geographical footprint, with only 100 offices covering these states resources might be spread somewhat thin and it might be hard to find coverage depending on your state. Pennsylvania itself has 28 different locations alone, so beyond this state’s border Ehrlich can be scarce.


Ehrlich’s service area covers numerous states.


With only 100 offices across 18 states, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and Washington D.C, resources might be spread thin and locations might not provide great coverage outside of metropolitan areas.

Features and Services Provided

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Ehrlich has one of the most extensive portfolios of pests they treat, including:

  • Termites

  • Rodents

  • Bedbugs

  • Fleas

  • Ticks

  • Ants

  • Mosquitoes

  • Flies

  • Snakes

  • Spiders

  • Wasps

  • Bees

  • Cockroaches

  • Crickets

  • Moths

With such a wide range of pest control options, it’s hard to imagine that there isn’t a pest that Ehrlich couldn’t handle.

The highly experienced pest control company is very thorough in how they eliminate pests. In eradicating wasps, for example, they have a 3-step process to ensure that your family is protected. First, they go to great lengths to identify which type of wasp has taken up residence near your home, information that is incredibly important to know because different wasps respond to different treatments. There are three different types of wasps that are common in the U.S. and they vary in terms of aggressiveness and the types of nests they build.

Second, they will walk you through a treatment recommendation that is based on a number of factors, including the type of wasp, location of the nest, and how severe the infestation is. The technician will also inform you of any local regulations that might affect how you can treat the wasps.

Finally, once a treatment plan is agreed upon, your technician will actually execute that plan to remove the nest from your home. Your technician is specially trained to do this and will be wearing protective clothing and using an insect pole the whole time to eliminate risks of attack.

Special Services

Ehrlich also offers several services in addition to pest control, including bioremediation, which is an innovative technology that is designed to help keep drains unclogged. In this treatment, live microorganisms are fed into drain pipes to feed on the fat, oil, and grease that has built up over the years and might be the cause of your slow-draining sink. This is a new technology that has the environment in mind, as it doesn’t send harmful chemicals into our sewage systems.


Ehrlich has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee that protects you in case the treatment fails. For 30 days after an initial treatment, you can call an Ehrlich tech to come out and solve any problems that might have arisen because of the treatment. If at the end of 30 days you’re still unhappy, the company will refund you the full cost.

Free Inspection

Another benefit of using Ehrlich is the fact that they offer free pest inspections, something that larger national companies don’t do. This is helpful for both homeowners and technicians to get a more complete understanding of the nature of the problem. Furthermore, the company is able to give homeowners a more realistic price quote rather than other companies that consult with clients over the phone or Internet.

“Green” Treatments

Ehrlich is Green Pro Certified through the National Pest Management Association, meaning that their pest control treatments meet some of the highest standard for environmental friendliness in the business. Ehrlich’s success is in applying targeted treatments to properties instead of spraying indiscriminately and using organic products when a treatment must be done.

Ehrlich is one of many pest control specialists to apply the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system to their practice. IPM focuses on pest prevention rather than treatment, and technicians are trained to search for spots in your house that are vulnerable to pest entry, fixing those points of interest, then providing a targeted treatment to existing pest problems with environmentally-friendly materials.

Technician Training:

Every single one of Ehrlich’s more than 750 pest control technicians undergo a rigorous training program at the start as well as ongoing educational opportunities. Technicians are taught how to identify pests and their homes, search for vulnerable areas of a house where pests can enter and how to properly mix and distribute the treatment chemicals. Ehrlich takes this very seriously because of the risks to health that are inevitable with pest control treatments, and new techs are taught the difference between reading pesticide labels, which provide information about that particular pesticide, and the material safety data sheets, called the MSDS, which illuminates the physical properties of a chemical such as the melting and boiling points. Technicians are also given customer service training so they can provide the best experience possible to customers and help maintain the company image.

Every single one of Ehrlich’s more than 750 pest control technicians undergo a rigorous training program at the start as well as ongoing educational opportunities.

Though Ehrlich does not cite how many of hours of training each technician goes through, a 2013 blog post written by a tech who had just gone through the program makes the process seem rushed as it is crammed into two days. This does not come close to the amount of training other companies like Orkin require their technicians to have, which is over 160 hours in the classroom and in a simulation center designed to mimic real-life conditions in a home.

The features and benefits offered by Ehrlich are fairly standard, even if the training is on the lower end of the spectrum.


Environmentally-friendly and focused on helping the earth.


Training period does not compare to Orkin’s 160 hours.

customer supportCustomer Support and Reviews

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Customer support and reviews
Reviews of the pest control specialists were mixed. Some people were incredibly happy with their service while others were extraordinarily frustrated. As with anything, the online reviews of a service tend to come from the extreme polar ends, so reviewing businesses takes some reading between the lines.

Word on the Street

Generally, it is that Ehrlich struggles immensely with customer service. By and large, the biggest complaint that people shared across locations and time was not that their pests returned or that their technician damaged something in their home. Rather, the biggest complaint was that Ehrlich’s billing department was the source of extreme frustration. Several people from different areas of the country reported that the company continued to bill them after they had closed their accounts or that Ehrlich charged them for services that never occurred. These billing issues were even the reason that some people canceled their accounts (and many continued to be billed after they were told the account was closed).

Punctuality and Professionalism: Overall, customers reported that the company was neither punctual nor professional. The comments left by reviewers were overwhelmingly negative in this capacity as many people told stories of their technicians arriving extremely late or not at all. Phone calls often went unreturned and many felt that the company was not listening to them at all.

“I’m absolutely appalled by the way this company treats their customers…Ehrlich repeatedly doesn’t show up for appointments for urgent issues and then won’t return calls – however, they’re happy to take your money in the meantime.”

L.R., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Several people wrote that Ehrlich technicians charged them for work that had never been done or that had been done poorly, a glaring scar on the face of professionalism.


There were not many complaints about a need for re-treatment, but the company’s lack of professionalism and punctuality bleeds into this category. If anything, Ehrlich is the opposite of persistent as they ignore phone calls and miss scheduled services without any notification. More than anything, reviewers felt frustrated that they had to keep reaching out to the company just to ask them to do the job they had been paid for or scheduled to do in the first place.


There were very few complaints about the pest control services being ineffective; in fact, most customers who reviewed the company positively were surprised by how quickly the pests were eradicated. As one reviewer commented:

“Had a few mice in the house…gone now thanks to Ehrlich.  The pest guy did a thorough job of walking through the house, including the attic, and the area surrounding the house.  Plugged a few areas on the outside and also did the garage.  No more mice”

Chrissy K., Catonsville, Maryland

Of special mark, was the knowledge level of technicians, who were commented over and over for their understanding of pests and their abilities to answer questions. While they might have been late, they did know what they were doing once they got to the home.

Based off of reviews, we can guess that getting Ehrlich to the door was the hard part. The fact that this problem is similar across several different locations is reflective of a larger structural issue within the company, whether that is their customer service system or scheduling software. However, once technicians arrived they were friendly, knowledgeable, and effective at getting rid of the pests that had invaded people’s homes.


Technicians are knowledgeable and care about their work.

There is also the option to chat with customer service representatives in real time, which is extraordinarily helpful if you have a simple question that needs to be answered.


Problems with billing were a major point of frustration for many reviewers on Yelp.


Our rating:

Ehrlich scores relatively high in the cost section of the review, mostly because of their flexible pest control service system and the services that they provide.

Free inspections: Ehrlich’s free inspections will help you and your technician fully understand what the nature of the pest control problem is in your home. It also allows the technician to give you a more accurate price quote than an over-the-phone consultation would allow for and reduces the risk of having a “surprise” cost arise halfway through a project.


Ehrlich’s 30-day satisfaction guarantee is a standard consumer protection across the industry. If something goes wrong with your treatment, your purchase is covered under this, and you’re also entitled to free re-treatments for the 30-day period.


Ehrlich, unlike some companies, does not make you buy an annual pest-control plan. Instead, they offer a more flexible service called PestFree365 which is entirely optional. PestFree365 includes regularly scheduled visits to your home to search for and fix any potential points of entry for the pests, as well as eradication of any that have made their way into your home. It also includes a free annual termite inspection and bed bug treatment if necessary. With PestFree365, you also get free unlimited service calls without a long-term contract that bonds you with the company.


Flexible pest control services and no yearly contracts makes this a great option for anyone looking to have protection but not wanting service four times a year.




While Ehrlich’s services are well-respected, their overall relationship with their customers could use improvement. For a company with such a long history in the industry, we would expect them to be better at managing their organizational structure than reviews of several different locations make it seem. However, their knowledgeable technicians, flexible buying options, and the sheer number of services they offer boost their score and make us hope for a better future for Ehrlich.

Reliability 8

Overall Rating:

Features & Services Provided 9
Customer Support & Reviews 7.5
Costs 9

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More Things to Know:

  • Ehrlich proudly became part of the Rentokil family of brands in 2006, and it's been in business for more than 85 years.

  • Ehrlich offers free inspections and a money-back guarantee if you aren't satisfied within 30 days. They'll also provide additional treatments at no extra charge for 30 days, as needed.

  • Ehrlich provides environmentally-sensitive ways to service your property.

  • Ehrlich technicians are state certified, licensed applicators and have completed Ehrlich's rigorous Career Advancement program to a standard unrivalled within the industry.

  • The company has qualified entomologists as part of their staff to support technicians and operational management teams.