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Our Rating

We give Demon WP 4.7 out of 5 stars. While this is a powerful insecticide that promises to deliver results for a long period of time, there are some slight concerns about safety. The main ingredient is cypermethrin, which is not highly toxic to humans. However, it is moderately toxic in the sense that irritation that can come from contact with skin or eyes. Other pros such as ease of use, the size of the application area, and affordability are what led us to its impressive 4.7 rating.

Our Rating

5 Stars


  • Easy to use
  • Safe to use around humans
  • Application area is large
  • Affordable Application
  • Low odor
  • Fast-acting forumla


  • Avoid contact with skin

When the weather warms up, the mosquitoes come out. If you like the outdoors, you know that mosquitoes can ruin any fun you might experience. The welts mosquitoes leave and the possibility of the transfer of diseases is enough to make you want to stay inside. But that doesn’t have to be a worry anymore.

If you’re tired of buying a product that promises to give you long-lasting results for your pest elimination needs with no delivery. You will not have that problem when you choose Demon WP for your insecticide needs. Demon WP is an insecticide that gives you easy-to-use wettable powder that contains the main ingredient cypermethrin.

This ingredient is known for being strong, fast, and long-lasting. You will find a multitude of uses for Demon WP, especially if you need help eliminating cockroaches, spiders, scorpions, carpenter ants, or other insect pests from your home or yard.

If you’re ready to take back control of your home and yard, Demon WP is the perfect spot treatment solution for you. Stop wasting money on pest control products that claim to have the power and long-lasting effects but show no results. Your home and yard are special places that should be protected. Trust Demon WP for your insecticide needs.

How Does Demon WP Work?

Many of the top-performing insecticides are not allowed for residential use. However, you can apply Demon WP yourself to your home and yard to get rid of those pesky little mosquitoes (along with other pests if needed) once and for all, which will also save you money.

What the pest industry does know is that insects and other pests like to find spaces in every crack and crevice to make their home. With Demon WP, you can treat these tiny, hard-to-reach gaps, as well as other surfaces, for spot treatments that will get to those pests directly. This is for outdoor use only.

If you need to use Demon WP inside of a building, you should always follow instructions carefully. Demon WP is formidable inside, on, and around buildings as well as lawns, trees, shrubs, and other recreational and athletic fields. Demon WP is approved in all 52 states and provinces in the United States of America.

When you are ready to use Demon WP, you fill an applicator tank up with the desired amount of Demon WP and water (you can find the amount needed on the directions included with the product). Once you close the applicator tank, shake well before use and allow for the powder to dissolve thoroughly. The powder has an active ingredient called cypermethrin which is highly effective in killing mosquitoes and leaving a lasting effect on your application area.

Key Features

Easy to Use

Because Demon WP comes in powder form, all you need is water and applicator to get this insecticide working for you quickly. There is no hassle or professional application needed. Customers often report that they love the ease of use with the individual powder packages that are offered by Demon WP. You can also get large portion sizes, but many people simply don’t need the large industrial-sized buckets of Demon WP. You will not have any trouble using this insecticide on your own.

Large Application Area

Demon WP is a highly effective wettable product that helps eliminate mosquitoes from your vicinity. One of the key features of Demon WP and the other pest control products in the range is the large application area that it covers.

You will not have to worry about treating many different areas as the application covers a wide range of surface area. Not only does this protect your home and yard, it also saves you money. The less you have to use and the more area you cover, the less money you send and more protection you receive.

Fast-Acting Formula

There is nothing better than an insecticide that works its magic in a very short time. And Demon WP does just that. After one quick application, mosquitoes will start to drop one by one after just one hour. This is unheard of in the insecticide industry, but Demon WP has a proven record to show its fast-acting effectiveness. With such power and strength, Demon WP packs a professional insecticide punch without the professional price tag.

No Professional Aid Required

You would think that using such a powerful insecticide would cost you a great deal of money. Often, you need a professional to apply such a powerful insecticide. But that is not the case with Demon WP. This is a professional-grade insecticide that is very affordable.

You can apply it by yourself, and save you money on a pest control expert. That does not mean you have to skimp on the effectiveness, though. With Demon WP, you get all of the power and strength of a professional insecticide without the professional price.


Mosquitoes are no match for Demon WP Insecticide. You will find that using Demon WP leaves you with the peace of mind and the comfort that you’ve been longing for. Demon WP offers you professional-grade insecticide at a commercial grade price.

If you’re struggling to keep your home and yard free of mosquitoes (and possibly other insects), Demon WP is the perfect formula for you. It is safe, fast-acting, and very affordable. Get rid of those mosquitoes once and for all with Demon WP!

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