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A family-owned company that provides excellent customer service even as it continues to expand, Arrow Exterminators also has a demonstrated commitment to the environment and technician training. For all these reasons, we’ve selected Arrow as the Best in Customer Satisfaction for 2021.

Our Review

Arrow Exterminators is a family owned and operated pest control business that serves several southern states. Founded in 1964, Arrow has been providing high-quality pest control services to families ever since, is led today by the granddaughter of the founder, and still offers the highest quality service to customers across the south.


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Since its founding in 1964, Arrow Exterminators has been family-owned and operated, and by all accounts the company infuses every aspect of their business with the customer service ethic of a small, local company. Overall, too, the company gets high marks for its technicians’ effectiveness and professionalism, and has received the QualityPro mark of excellence for its customer service and business practices. In addition, Arrow has earned a GreenPro certification from the National Pest Control Association, making it one of only a few pest control companies to possess both certifications. Finally, the company stands out for its termite control program, which has a reputation for effectiveness and provides termite bonds that provide an extra level of reassurance and can be transferred along with the ownership of a home. For these reasons, our reviewers have selected Arrow as Best in Termite Control for 2021.


Family owned and operated for over 50 years.


Only serves the southern United States.

Features & Services Provided

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Arrow Exterminators treats for a full list of household pests, including:

  • Termites
  • Rodents
  • Bedbugs
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Ants
  • Mosquitoes
  • Spiders
  • Cockroaches
  • House Crickets
  • Wildlife (raccoons, birds, squirrels, etc.)
  • Millipedes

Arrow also offers the following services and features:

Free Inspections

Arrow offers a free home evaluation for anyone seeking their pest control services. When an Arrow technician comes to your home, they will provide a thorough search for the warning signs of the most common pests.

The STEPS program

Free inspections are part of Arrow’s STEPS pest control system, an all-encompassing approach designed to allow the company to treat in the least harmful way possible. Arrow does this through a three-step process, including inspecting the property, targeting the root cause of pests, and treating with more environmentally-friendly substances.

Termite Bonds

Not every pest control company offers termite bonds, but Arrow happily provides regular termite service under a bond program that includes an initial inspection and remediation and then regular inspections afterward. These bonds provide added peace of mind for those concerned about termites, and can be transferred along with the ownership of the home as an added selling point.


As part of the STEPS pest control initiative, Arrow also has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and promises to keep returning until a problem is solved. This guarantee lasts for 30 days after the initial treatment and includes free re-treatments or your money back.

Eco-Friendly Treatments

Arrow is GreenPro Certified by the National Pest Management Association. The GreenPro certification is the largest and most credible certification program for pest management companies in the country and its standards are set by an independent advisory board made up of environmental advocacy groups, government representatives, and experts in pest management.

Technician Training

In order to achieve the GreenPro certification, Arrow adheres to a strict set of qualifications and must ensure that all of their technicians are trained according to GreenPro standards. Rather than just learning how to treat infestations, Arrow’s technicians are specifically taught how to identify and fix the causes behind them.

Customer Service Recognition

Arrow has also received Quality Pro Mark of Excellence for their business practices, which includes their training efforts. This distinction has only been awarded to 3% of American pest control companies, which must meet high standards in customer satisfaction and business operations to receive it.

Additional Services

Arrow pest control also goes beyond standard pest control and offers handyman and insulation services, as well as lawn care and moisture control services.


Services go beyond pest control.


Arrow does focus on regional pests, so there’s a chance it won’t treat for a particular pest problem.

Customer Support & Reviews

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A Word About Reviews

It can be difficult to judge pest control companies using online reviews: negative reviews tend to outnumber positive reviews for all companies. But looking at negative and positive reviews can give consumers some idea of the trends in a company’s performance.

Word on the street: People seem to be generally happy with the services that they receive from Arrow. In online reviews, they do well in comparison with other pest control companies, and their website is chock full of positive feedback. In addition, in order to maintain their Quality Pro Mark of Excellence recognition, they must maintain a certain level of customer satisfaction.


Most positive reviews mentioned technicians who were courteous, timely, and fun to work with, and there were very few negative reviews that demonstrated a pattern of technicians missing services or arriving late—a standard complaint among pest control companies, but a problem that Arrow seems to keep to a minimum.


Most of the reviews contained nothing but high praise for the company’s guarantee, saying that the technicians were helpful with recurring problems and were able to find a solution right away. There were almost no reports of Arrow making excuses for not re-treating if there was a problem, a common complaint among Arrow’s competitors.


Overall, people were generally happy with the quality of service provided by Arrow and very few commented that they needed to have Arrow come out more than once to fix the same problem.

Thank you so much for taking care of the fleas in our basement. Never knew rodents could get in, or that they had so many fleas!!!

Connie B., Marietta, GA

Many customers who reviewed the company had been working with Arrow for a long time.


Some customers did note communication problems with their local offices.


Our Rating:

Costs for pest control treatments can vary widely depending on factors like location, climate, and the nature of the pest problem. But there are certain ways that companies can help consumers comparison shop and cut costs. We found that Arrow goes to satisfactory lengths to help customers make smart choices.

Free Inspections

As mentioned above, Arrow does provide a free initial home for inspection for pest control services. Some larger companies give their quote over the Internet or consult with homeowners over the phone, and this can lead to problems when technicians arrive and find the full extent of the infestation. So a free inspection does set Arrow apart from other major companies.

No Annual Contract

Arrow also does not make you buy an annual contract in order to receive treatment, allowing you to tailor pest control to fit your specific needs.


Arrow will provide free re-treatments at no cost to you for 30 days after the initial treatment. While this is standard across the industry, it does serve as a major protection for consumers who might be using a company for the first time.


Arrow gives consumers several ways to comparison shop.


Arrow’s guarantee terms aren’t 100% clear from their website, so be sure to look into the specifics.

A family-owned company that provides excellent customer service even as it continues to expand, Arrow Exterminators also has a demonstrated commitment to the environment and technician training. For all these reasons, we’ve selected Arrow as the Best in Customer Satisfaction for 2021.
More Things to Know:
  • Arrow has earned two major industry certifications.
  • Offers termite bonds and a highly-regarded termite control program.
  • The company is family owned and operated.
  • A solid choice for pest control in the Southeast.