Advion Ant Gels Review

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Our Rating

After a thorough Advion Ant Gel review, we highly recommend Advion Ant Gel for your ant extermination needs. With a trust company such as Advion, you will find comfort and confidence in knowing that the ants who were once invading your privacy and stealing your joy can no longer take up space in your home! Overall, we give this product 4.8 out of 5 stars for convenience, safety, and effectiveness.

Our Rating

4.8 Stars


  • Non-staining clear gel formula
  • Effectively kills entire colony
  • Safe around pets and children when used correctly
  • Ready-to-use


  • Slow but effective reaction time
  • Must be applied directly to ant trail

If you have ever found yourself plagued with annoying little ants everywhere, such as carpenter ants or fire ants, you know how extremely difficult and frustrating it can be to finally get rid of them from an infested area. Sometimes, the ants may infest your living quarters, and other times they may decide to make your lawn and relaxation areas their home.

No matter where these tiny little critters decide to build their colonies, no one wants to deal with ants. We have found that using an ant killer such as Advion Ant Gel can significantly reduce the presence of ants in your home/lawn.

This Advion Ant Gel review serves as a way to help you gather the necessary information needed to help you comfortably and confidently make a decision regarding the right ant killer for your needs. When looking for an ant killer, it is very important to note key features such as safety for pets and children, ease of use, and effectiveness.

How Does it Work?

advion ant gel review

First, Advion ant bait uses carbohydrates and sweeteners to attract the ants to the gel. With four tubes and the nozzle to extract the gel itself, the gel can still be used but should be kept out of reach of pets and children. However, if a pet or child finds the tubes of gel, the nozzles will prevent them from getting to the actual gel substance. The gel that is outside of the tube is obviously harmful to pets and children.

Second, you want to squeeze the Advion ant bait or into bait stations along the trail in which the ants are following to get to their desired location. Alternatively, you can locate the entry point in which the ants are coming into your home (or into your yard) and squeeze the gel into any cracks and crevices or even the ant train in small little circles.

The ants then eat the gel and carry what they can back to their colonies for a feast. Little do they know that the gel is actually poison and will kill their entire colony within a few days. Don’t be alarmed if you see ants come back into your house and straight to the gel—they aren’t coming back for seconds or thirds. Instead, there may be a large colony (thousands of ants) that must be stopped. Keep this in mind and remain optimistic.

Each syringe can be used up to two years after production, according to an Advion Ant Bait Gel review. The gel is odorless, which means it can be used in small spaces without fear of strong odor. It is important to follow the instructions closely to make sure all that might come in contact with it will be safe and unharmed.

Key Features

Safe Design of Tube and Packaging

One of the unique features mentioned in many of the Advion Ant Gel reviews from happy customers was the safe design of the tubing with the nozzle for easy control. Many gels such as Advion have to be poured out or mixed with multiple ingredients, but not Advion. The pest control gel comes in a tube with a safety nozzle that will make getting the gel out of the tube difficult (if not impossible) for pets and children. While it is always recommended to keep pesticides and bait stations away from pets and children, you can rest easy knowing that your family is safe around Advion Ant Gel.

Active Ingredients Are Tasty and Effective

Advion Ant Gel reviews state that the ingredients found in Advion are quite unique and effective. According to the product label, Advion is comprised of ingredients that are slow-acting and kill the nervous system of an ant slowly. This allows the ants to carry the Advion Ant Gel back to their colonies to spread it throughout the entire ant family.

The gel also contains carbohydrates and sweeteners meant to attract ants to the gel in hopes that they will eat it and carry it back to be transferred to the other ants. It is also reported that ants of all stages will be affected by Advion Ant Gel, which means the colony will be wiped out completely regardless of what stage of life each ant is at. Advion Ant Gel reviews prove that the ingredients work well on many different types of ants while providing a “tasty” last meal for every ant that comes in contact with it.

Advion Ant Gels Review

Child & Pet Friendly

This Advion Ant Gel review has concluded that this pesticide is suitable for appropriate and safe use around children and pets. Due to the odorless and colorless formula, along with the safety features of the nozzle and tubing, Advion Ant Gel is safe to use around pets and children when used according to the instructions.

The nozzle on Advion Ant Gel has been proven to be difficult to open, which means it is very difficult for a child or pet to open on their own. The odorless and colorless feature also means that it is safe to be around in small spaces with little ones or pets in the same spaces.

Overall Effectiveness of Advion Ant Gel

After digging through numerous Advion Ant Gel reviews and reading thoroughly through the ingredients list and instructions ourselves, we have concluded that Advion Ant Gel is a highly effective pesticide that lives up the expectations it has created for itself.

While the complete elimination of ants using Advion Ant Gel can take up to 21 days (and some consumers have had a false sense of effectiveness due to slow reaction time because of the sheer number of ants alive in the unseen colony). When the complete elimination is finished, customers happily reported seeing no more ants in their homes.

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