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Terminix began as a targeted termite control company. Though it still offers some of the best termite treatments in the industry, its expanded services include treatments for common pests and rodents.

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Save when bundling services with Terminix of Malone

  • Save $175

    Pest1 + Termite Control3

    Save an average of $175 when bundling pest and termite control

  • Save $100

    Pest1 + Mosquito Control2

    Save an average of $100 when bundling pest and mosquito control

  • Save $375

    Pest1 + Termite3 + Mosquito Control2

    Save an average of $375 when bundling pest and termite control

  • Save $175

    Termite3 + Mosquito Control2

    Save an average of $175 when bundling pest and termite control


Limited Time Specials at Terminix of Malone

Terminix Coupons, Specials, and Bundles in Malone

Special/Bundle Details Savings
General Pest Control1 Promotional offer to start pest control services at $99. $50 Off
Termite Plan3 Discount on any termite plan, including a free inspection. Save 10%
Mosquito Control2 Discount on one-time mosquito service targeting all U.S. mosquito species. $50 Off Quick Guard Service
Rodent Control4 Discount on rodent control services, including a free inspection. Save $100
Termite + Pest Includes a free inspection to start pest and termite control. Save an average of $175
Pest + Mosquito Bundle pest and mosquito control for savings and a free inspection. Save an average of $100
Termite + Pest + Mosquito Comprehensive bundle for maximum protection and savings, with a free inspection. Save an average of $375
Termite + Mosquito Combine termite and mosquito control for savings and a free inspection. Save an average of $100

How Much Does Terminix Cost in Malone

Service Initial Service Fee Monthly Fee Price Range Additional Details
One-Time Pest Control $250 - $275 Comprehensive interior and exterior inspection and treatment.
Pestfree365 Plan $99 - $120 $40 - $50 Quarterly Service Covers 25 common household pests with the Nix Pest Guarantee.
Termite Treatment Custom Pricing Based on free inspection, home size, and termite problem.
Mosquito One-Time Service $150 Comprehensive exterior inspection and treatment.
Ongoing Mosquito Service Approx. $70 Per treatment Regular service during mosquito season.
Rodent Control Custom Pricing Based on free inspection and specific rodent problem.
Bed Bug Service Custom Pricing Tailored to the extent of infestation, includes follow-up.
Wildlife Control Highly Customized Pricing Based on type of animal, size of problem, and home inspection.
  • More than 90 years of industry experience
  • Highest industry-standard methods for termites and bed bugs
  • Excellent communication with customers, especially if there are problems
  • Termite Bond and satisfaction guarantee keeps customers from paying additional costs
  • Franchised locations mean quality can differ across locations
  • Prices can be costly for more common household pests
  • Effectiveness can vary depending on target pest and location
  • Hidden costs dependent on the pest plan you choose

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Call Now for a Free Quote with Terminix in Malone

One-Time & Quarterly Service

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Terminix offers a range of pest control services tailored to meet the specific needs of homeowners, ensuring a pest-free environment with competitive pricing and packages. Whether you're dealing with common household pests or more daunting challenges like termites and rodents, Terminix has a plan for you.

Terminix Service Breakdown: Safe and Affordable Pest Solutions in Wisconsin

Pests can be a real headache, but Wisconsin homeowners have a strong ally in the fight against these unwelcome visitors. Terminix offers a range of pest control services, including termite, mosquito, rodent, bed bug, and wildlife management. With different pricing and bundles, Terminix provides effective solutions to keep your home safe without breaking the bank.

Integrated Pest Management Made Simple

When it comes to keeping your home free from pesky critters, Terminix has got you covered like a sturdy roof during a storm. Their pest control services are like a Swiss Army knife, equipped for any pest problem you might encounter. Let's dive into the nitty-gritty and see how they can shield your home from invaders.

Cost-Savvy Bundles for Your Budget

Feeling bugged by termites and pests? The Premium Termite Plan not only shoes away termites but also bugs, and you pocket an average of $175 in savings when you combine pest and termite control. Think of it as a two-for-one deal that includes a free home inspection to boot. If mosquitoes bug you more than an itch you can't scratch, combining pest and mosquito control saves you an average of $100. And why not go all out? Protect your fortress from termites, pests, and mosquitoes, all while saving an impressive $375.

Defend Your Domain with General Pest Control

For just $99, Terminix will send pests packing and even knock $50 off for good measure. Whether it's a one-time battle or a quarterly defense strategy, they've got an arsenal ready. Their technicians are like pest detectives, inspecting every nook and cranny for signs of uninvited guests like cockroaches and mice, then laying down an invisible shield that keeps them out. Prices range from $250-$275 for a one-time mission or $40-$60 per month for ongoing security.

Mighty Termite Tactics

Termites won't know what hit them with Terminix's plans. From basic inspections to the on-guard protection system, they ensure these wood-munchers stay away. And if they dare return, Terminix swings back into action, no extra charge. Plans vary based on your home's needs, but you can start guarding your castle for about $70 a month.

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BBB Accredited bussiness National Pest Management Association QualityPro Pioneers in pest management

Terminix of Malone Reviews

  • google avatar

    Mike Nerad

    Malone, WI

    Tony did a five star job coming back for a retreatment today. He is always friendly, communicates well, on time, and does a great job. Tony always shares areas that I need to look at to help prevent from bugs and rodents. Again, he does a fantastic job.

  • google avatar

    Suzanne Aszman

    Malone, WI

    Terminix is a reliable, customer focused Company. We have gotten very good service from working with our salesman, Charlie on what our needs were, to the service technician, Tony who comes out and explains everything he will do to help us with our problem. Very efficient and thorough is the service and we are very happy we chose Terminix.

  • google avatar

    Felipe Noboa

    Malone, WI

    We’ve been using Terminix for a couple years now. Tony, who provides service to our home is fantastic. He clearly communicates what’s going on sends us great updates and is very easy to work with.

  • google avatar

    Michael Nesta

    Malone, WI

    Before we hired Terminix we had all sorts of insects and especially stink bugs trying to and sometimes successful getting into our home. Since Tony from Terminix has been my technician which is going on 4 years now. Nothing gets past him. He does a wonderful job and he is very detailed, he always contacts me before he arrives to ask if there is any issues and if there is they are addressed and never a issue again. The products they use are safe for my family and pets. I couldn't ask for more out of Tony or Terminix. Thank You Mike,

  • google avatar


    Malone, WI

    Technician Anthony does a great job and has carefully serviced my large, older home for years. I recently received 4 high pressure calls and messages from 2 sales people at Terminex insisting I needed another, sooner inspection. Wanted to schedule appointments ASAP…. Since I already have a full service, year round contract , I presume they wanted to sell me more unnecessary services, or they were scammers …

  • google avatar

    Linda Haight

    Malone, WI

    Alex and Johnathan were great! They walked us through everything and put products down right away! We feel so confident in our relationship with them and Our service the next 2 years. Thanks a million for sending such professional great Gentleman!

  • google avatar

    Tina Leonard

    Malone, WI

  • google avatar

    Marcia Johnson

    Malone, WI

  • google avatar

    Michael Wozniak

    Malone, WI

  • google avatar

    John Zemke

    Malone, WI

Mosquito-Free Summers

Imagine your backyard free of mosquitoes – that's Terminix's promise. For $150, they'll make your yard a no-fly zone for those bloodsuckers. Or get regular treatments during mosquito season for around $70 a visit, and enjoy your summer barbecues without uninvited buzzing guests.

Rodent Riddance Revolution

Rodents sneaking into your home is as annoying as a rock in your shoe. Terminix rolls up its sleeves and gets to work with a free inspection and a $100 discount to boot. Their experts will seal off entry points and set up defenses to keep those furry intruders at bay, all with a guarantee to keep them out for good.

Banish Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are like that embarrassing memory that keeps you up at night – unwelcome and persistent. But fear not! Terminix swoops in, offering free inspections and customized treatment plans. Pricing is as unique as your situation, and their experts use everything from heat to RapidFreeze® to show bed bugs the exit.

Wild about Wildlife Control

Wildlife might be cute in cartoons, but not in your attic. Terminix's wildlife control includes a free inspection and a $100 discount. They'll find out where critters are creeping in, then shut down the party. Their aim is to keep your home as wildlife-free as a city apartment.

Service Guarantee: Your Pest-Free Charter

Terminix doesn't just talk the talk, they walk the walk with a 100% satisfaction promise. Pests come back, they come back – at zero cost. And if termites are your worry, rest easy knowing any new damage is covered up to a whopping $250,000. The best part? No cancellation fees if you want to break up with them.

Whether it's ants, spiders, or the occasional raccoon, Terminix's pricing and services in Wisconsin are poised to keep your home as serene as a lakeside retreat. With Terminix, you're not just getting a pest control service; you're getting a knight in shining armor for your humble abode.

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