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Terminix of Mays Landing , NJ

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  • Over 90 years of industry experience with a focus on termites
  • Special termite bond contract provides homeowners significant cost savings
  • Widely available throughout the United States with 24/7 customer support
  • Highly rated for technician support and customer experience
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Protect Your Mays Landing Home from Common and Difficult Pests

Homeowners in Mays Landing have to deal with different pests throughout every season. In the winter, you might see more rodents and beetles seeking shelter from the cold. In the summertime, you may see troublesome pests like roaches, fleas, and ticks throughout your yard. By choosing an expert pest control company, you can put an end to issues year-round. Mays Landing technicians are equipped to handle pests in all types of severe weather. Contact your local provider today to find out how they’ll put a stop to Northeastern pests.

Combat Creepy-Crawlies with Cost-Effective Solutions from Terminix

Home sweet home in Mays Landing, New Jersey, can turn into a creepy-crawly haven if termites, rodents, and other pests decide to move in. But don't let these uninvited guests overstay their welcome! Terminix offers a treasure trove of pest control plans that not only kick pests to the curb but also save you some hard-earned cash. With a variety of pricing options, you can choose a plan that fits your budget like a glove. Whether you're dealing with a one-time intruder or a full-on infestation, let's dive into how Terminix keeps your abode bug-free and your wallet happy.

Bundling Up for Savings

Bugs and critters beware, because when it comes to saving money, there's nothing sweeter than a deal that bundles up services. Here's the scoop: by marrying termite and pest control, you can pocket an average of $175. Toss in mosquito defense, and you're looking at savings that can soar up to $375. It's like getting a free inspection thrown in to sweeten the pot. And speaking of mosquitoes, if they're the only party crashers, pairing up pest and mosquito services can save you a cool $100.

Kicking Pests to the Curb

Starting at $99, you can give pests the boot with Terminix's promotional offer. Their chemical cavalry includes EPA-approved warriors like cypermethrin and imidacloprid. And for those with nature in mind, botanical insecticides like azadirachtin join the fight. The goal? To protect your castle from an array of invaders including cockroaches, mice, and even those pesky paper wasps. Think of it as a peace-of-mind package that keeps working round-the-clock—if the pests pop back, so does Terminix, at zero extra cost.

Quarterly plans range from $40 to $60 a month after an initial fee. The one-time deal? That'll set you back $250-$275, but with a 30-day comeback promise if the critters get cocky.

Termite Tactics

Termite trouble is no trifling matter, and Terminix knows it. With a 10% promotional discount and a free inspection to start, you're already ahead. The Basic Plan keeps an annual eye out, while the Advanced Plan ups the ante with a $250,000 repair guarantee. And for the ultimate in termite terror prevention, the Premium Plan combines everything with ongoing pest control, typically running at $70 a month. Remember, these rates hinge on the size and state of your home—Terminix tailors their tactics to fit.

Mosquito Missions

Mosquitoes making a meal of you? Nab $50 off a Quick Guard Mosquito Service and reclaim your yard. For $150, a one-time service lays down a potent barrier that keeps the buzzers at bay. If you're looking for longer-lasting relief, seasonal services cost about $70 per visit. Terminix doesn't just shoo the mosquitoes away; their treatments are designed to decimate the population for weeks on end.

Rodent Rundown

Got rodents rummaging through your residence? Ward them off and save $100 in the process. Free inspections lead to customized combat plans, according to the type and tenacity of your rodent residents. With regular checks and a no-comeback guarantee, peace of mind is part of the package.

Bed Bug Battles

Facing a bed bug brigade? A free inspection from Terminix can help you strategize your counterattack. Whether opting for heat treatments or the RapidFreeze® solution, your tailored plan will aim to eradicate the enemy efficiently. And with prices based on your specific situation, you'll get exactly the firepower you need.

Wild Critter Countermeasures

Wildlife wandering in where they're not wanted? A free inspection can help craft a plan to send raccoons, squirrels, and other wild animals packing. Pricing for these personalized plans varies, but Terminix stands ready to patch and protect your home from any furry intrusions.

Promise of Protection

Terminix stands behind their service with the Nix Pest Guarantee. If pests parade back into your home between treatments, Terminix will too, without charging an extra dime. And with open-ended contracts, you stay in control—you can say goodbye to unwanted guests anytime without worrying about cancellation fees.

Wave goodbye to worry and hello to a home that's both pest-free and pocket-friendly. With Terminix, you're not just getting a service; you're gaining a guard dog for your domicile, ensuring your safe haven in Mays Landing stays just that—safe and sound.

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