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2989 Centerpointe E Dr, Prescott, AZ 86301

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Based on 160 reviews around the web

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Roger Shaffer via Google

“During the sale of my home the buyer arranged for Termagon (Tucson, AZ) to conduct the mandatory termite inspection of the property. The worker arrived in plain clothes, and literally spent no more than five minutes glancing over my home and according to his brief and informal analysis, there were termites. I was surprised to say the least considering I've been living in my house for years and hadn't a single infestation/pest issue ever - to include the fact that my termite inspection came up with nothing when I first moved in. The area which he said was infested was a 1 3/4" x 1" vertical trim on the garage door. Keep in mind that this area had absolutely no other signs similar to what he said had termites. Additionally, this panel was over concrete (not dirt), nor was it touching plants or other kind of foliage. Basically this one 1 3/4" x 1" section, which was surrounded by wood on all sides, had miraculously hosted termites, while nothing else in the entire garage (or house for that matter) had similar signs. Needless to say, I called bullsh*t. I consulted the home inspector who arrived a few days later. He admitted to not having termite certs, but did note that this particular area of garages often gets damage similar to what I had. But to say this area had or has termites was rather disingenuous. So I called Patriot Pest & Termite Control for a second opinion... After a longer, more formal analysis of the area, Patriot's man stated that there "may have been termites years in the past" but there "definitely wasn't any in there now." Unfortunately for me the damage had already been done, so to speak. Since Termagon's man had already submitted to the buyer that my property was infested I was basically forced to get a termite treatment. Thankfully however, I found a respectable/honest company who did the treatment for $150 compared to Termagon's quote of $208. Patriot Pest & Termite Control of Prescott, AZ was a good choice. Their man was a heck of a lot more candid and nonsense-free than Termagon's. Termagon may have received $75 from the buyer, but didn't receive anything from me. If you're buying a house and need a termite inspection, go with Patriot. I was extremely pleased with their candor and feel. My guy's name was Kevin by the way - nice guy! Go with Patriot!”

connybob87 via Google

“I highly recommend Patriot Pest Control. I've been using them for termite treatment and protection and they're timely, respectful, and always willing to answer all of my questions. Most importantly, the employees are honest, and won't take advantage of you!”

Hannah Kaufman via Google

Patriot Pest Control of Prescott Review

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