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Orkin, America's largest pest control company, offers services to manage and eliminate pests such as termites, bed bugs, ants, roaches, mosquitos, fleas, and other insects along with wildlife such as rice and rats.

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How Much Does Orkin Cost in Isanti

Service Plan Type Home Size Cost Initial Fee Additional Details
Pest Prevention Service Plan Ongoing Plan Small-Medium $40-$65 /month $175- $225 Comprehensive protection from the 13 most common household pests, including mice.
Pest Prevention Service Plan Ongoing Plan Medium-Large $65-$100 /month $225 - $350 Comprehensive protection from the 13 most common household pests, including mice.
Termite Inspection One Time Custom Pricing FREE Based on Free inspection, home size, and termite infestation level.
Mosquito Control Seasonal Small-Medium $25 - $55 /month $0 - $75 Initial Fee based on home size and geographical location.
Mosquito Control Seasonal Medium-Large $55 - $100 /month $0 - $75 Initial Fee based on home size and geographical location.
Mice & Rat Treatment Ongoing Plan Small-Medium $40 - $60 /month $185 - $210 Price varies based on location, level of infestation and treatment methods.
Mice & Rat Treatment Ongoing Plan Medium-Large $60 - $110 /month $210 - $350 Price varies based on location, level of infestation and treatment methods.
Bed Bug Treatment One Time Custom Pricing $95 - $116 Tailored to the extent of infestation.
Stinging Insects One Time $314 N/A Price varies based on location, level of infestation and treatment methods.
Flea Treatment One Time $250 - $300 Price varies based on location, level of infestation and treatment methods.
Stink Bug Treatment One Time $274 Price varies based on location, level of infestation and treatment methods.
  • Leader in the industry through technician training and innovative services
  • Comprehensive services to treat a wide variety of pests
  • Punctual and professional technicians help educate customers along the way
  • 60-day guarantee stands apart from the rest of the industry
  • Franchised locations can create differences in quality from branch to branch
  • Smaller commitment to eco-friendly options as compared to the rest of the industry
  • Inspections aren’t as thorough as other companies
  • No free in-person inspections

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Orkin's Pest Control Solutions: In-Depth Look at Services and Pricing for Homeowners in Minnesota

Discovering the presence of pests in your home can be unsettling, but with Orkin's comprehensive pest prevention plans, homeowners in Minnesota can reclaim their peace of mind. Learn about the detailed measures and competitive pricing Orkin offers to keep your dwelling pest-free, with an emphasis on how their services can be a game-changer for your household.

Comprehensive Pest Prevention Plan

Orkin's approach to pest management is built around their A.I.M.® solution, which stands for Assess, Implement, and Monitor. This strategy ensures that each step of the process is tailored to your home's specific needs.

Protection Against Common Pests

With a plan that covers an extensive list of pests including ants, spiders, and even rodents, Orkin's plan stands out for its thoroughness. Every 60 days, or as necessary, Orkin pros will return to your residence to disrupt pest lifecycles and maintain a barrier against them.

Proactive Measures

Prevention is key, which is why sealing gaps and cracks is part of Orkin's routine service, helping to fortify your home against unwelcome critters.

Transparent Reporting

Detailed records of each service visit and future recommendations are provided, ensuring you stay informed about the state of your home's protection.

Money-Back Guarantee

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and the flexibility to cancel services at any time, Orkin prioritizes customer peace of mind and trust.

Strategic Pricing for Pest Control

Orkin's pricing takes into account various factors, with service plans ranging from $40 to $100 per month. Initial fees range from $175 to $350, but current promotions may offer significant savings.

Sample Quotes Across the Nation

For a better understanding, here's a snapshot of sample quotes for different locations, reflecting Orkin's nationwide pricing consistency.

Your Service Agreement

Upon choosing Orkin, you will receive a service agreement custom-fit for your home. This agreement is your assurance of quality service and Orkin's commitment to keeping your home pest-free.

Additional Services for Complete Care

Termite Inspection and Mosquito Treatment

Orkin goes the extra mile by offering a complimentary termite inspection when you sign up for their Pest Prevention Plan. Mosquito treatment is also available at an additional cost, providing extra layers of safety for your family.

The Orkin Guarantee

Orkin promises to address any concerns with off-schedule visits and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for ultimate customer satisfaction. Their commitment extends to covering the cost of a new treatment by another company if required, showcasing their confidence in their services.

Same-Day Service for Urgent Needs

Orkin recognizes the urgency when a sudden infestation arises, offering same-day service to quickly address any pest issues.

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Orkin of Isanti Reviews

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    Alex Boettcher

    Isanti, MN

    I attempted to cancel multiple times. Despite being assured that my account was deactivated, they still sent someone out and billed me. Update: Changing this to a 4 since Melina reached out after and took care of everything.

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    Isanti, MN

    Did an absolutely terrible job with bat remediation. Routinely missed appointments, didn’t have the right crew or materials when they did show up. Promised a refund because of how bad of a job they did and a year later and it never came. We chose to job stop calling this borderline scam company to save our sanity. Call anyone else for help, I beg you. I’d give 0 stars if that were an option. They have no idea what they’re doing.

  • google avatar

    V. S.

    Isanti, MN

    I recently hired orkin for some routine pest control. I’m very impressed with the service I’ve received so far. For ex. I had an ant problem that occurred overnight. I called orkin the next morning (6:30 am) and they had two people out that day ( one as an inspector to make sure they weren’t termites and the other to take care of the problem). All of the employees I’ve met have been professional and knowledgeable. I recommend them

  • google avatar

    amber rahe

    Isanti, MN

    I called Orkin for a treatment of carpenter ants. I was repeatedly told different prices on the initial quote. When I called back to schedule treatment, I was told something different once again. When all was said and done, I had to do a contract for a year to be able to do one time treatments as needed. So, I did the full year. When the year was up, the service provider told me to contact Orkin to make sure they just didn’t renew another year. I called and they told me that in order to keep the price for one time services I would have to do another year contract. If I didn’t do another year, I would have to pay $288 per service. This was after paying for a full year contract $120 ever 2 months plus a first time service fee. This is not what I was told so they sent me to the district manager. He told me that he has heard of people being told that, but it’s not true. He did nothing to rectify the situation. He said he was sorry and that he would get my account canceled. This is a very dishonest and scammy practice. The ants are gone for now, but I will not ever use Orkin again.Horrible customer service! Update: The message below gave me a phone number to call and it sent me to the same district manager who was not at all helpful.

  • google avatar

    Craig Swenson

    Isanti, MN

    Do not use for the Orkin Leaf Stopper. It was a nightmare. They had to come out multiple times to get the job "right". The first time they came out they installed some of the leaf guards upside down. The next day winds had blown some of the guards off. They had to come out to fix the guards. While inspecting their work we noticed chunks of shingles all over the place along with damaged shingles on the roof. Some of the guards were still not installed properly. They had to send a "manager" out to reinstall the guards again. Well after the first rain we heard a dripping noise coming from the attack and noticed our roof was leaking. After inspecting the roof with our roofer we noticed they had drilled into our roof to use some sort of anchor system as for our roof is really high. Called Orkin and emailed many times to ask them about this. They originally denied that they use an roofing anchor system until we brought up that we were home for one of the times they came out to install the guards and their employee had a full body harness on. The thing is our roof was new and Orkin, besides the roofing company which they would not drill holes into a new roof, were the only people on our roof. They came back out and "fixed" the guards again. They completely damaged our new roof and have seen no action for reimbursement of any kind. We ended up filling the holes with roof caulk ourselves. Terrible experience and would not recommend.

  • google avatar

    Jonathan Palmer

    Isanti, MN

    All the technicians have been great. Working with Josh currently. I am very pleased with his work and professionalism. 5 stars!

  • google avatar

    Everett Curry

    Isanti, MN

    My Orkin tech was Isreil Hart. He was thorough as can be since I initially contacted him. Explains everything, allows me to walk through with him while he's doing his job and very funny. Would definitely recommend this Orkin tech.

  • google avatar


    Isanti, MN

    This company is very amazing, I used another pest control company at first they really did what they need but then they got very sloppy and things got out of control. I called orkin and the very next day before christmas time they came out the gentleman was just amazing and spent 4 hrs working none stop on my house. Then before the person came to the house that day I got a phone call from another person from orkin that was already scheduling a new appointment after the new year to look farther into more stuff. ... Very amazed at this service.

  • google avatar

    David Steffen

    Isanti, MN

    We first started with Orkin several years ago when we were having some mice in the house. The technician who came out was very thorough, he capped gaps in the corners of the siding, found and obstructed other potential entry points and was all around really great. Unfortunately after that guy our experience with Orkin has not come anywhere near that caliber. They auto-schedule appointments without asking us what day works, which is especially a problem since we started working from home. They don't call before they come. When asked to perform an examination for entry points, most of the technicians now just take a casual walk around the exterior and say "you have trees, must be the trees" regardless of how close the trees are to the actual house. They bring no skill, no time, and no analysis to the inspection. Half the time when they come, they won't even place more traps when asked to. On a recent trip, the technician wouldn't look in the attic, saying that Orkin was now requiring a $50 fee for any time a technician gets on a ladder, despite already paying for each appointment. On the final visit I asked the technician if we owed anything, since I was planning on canceling. He said no. But when I called to cancel immediately after, there was a charge on the account somehow, which they have insisted that I need to pay despite the tech at the appointment telling me that I didn't owe anything, and despite the final appointment being useless. What does Orkin do to deserve the fee? No idea. Way overpriced, literally does nothing when asked and tries to charge extra for the basics. I do not recommend.

  • google avatar

    Aaron Restrepo

    Isanti, MN

    Chris the phone rep was amazing and helpful! He was able to get me an expert onsite within hours. Andy, the expert was informative, meticulous and thorough. I am very grateful for Orkin!

Targeted Treatments for Specific Pests

Termite Treatment Plans

Orkin tailors termite treatments to the unique layout and infestation level of your property, employing various proven methods such as Termidor® Liquid and Sentricon® Bait and Monitoring.

Mosquito Control Insights

Mosquito treatment plans involve both source reduction and chemical control. Orkin's methods are comprehensive, targeting mosquito breeding grounds and resting sites.

Rodent Management

Included in the Pest Prevention Plan are treatments for mice and rats, ensuring these common nuisances are kept at bay without additional charges.

Bed Bug Inspections and Custom Treatments

Orkin provides detailed inspections and customized treatment plans for bed bugs, employing the latest in pest control technology like OrkinHeat®.

Stinging Insect Solutions

For stinging pests like bees and wasps, Orkin offers specialized inspections and treatments to safely remove nests and prevent future infestations.

Flea and Stink Bug Treatments

Orkin's strategy for fleas and stink bugs involves a combination of inspection, treatment, and follow-up, incorporating both physical and chemical methods to manage these pests effectively.

In closing, Orkin's diverse range of services, transparent pricing, and commitment to customer satisfaction make it a leading choice for homeowners in Minnesota dealing with pest concerns. With Orkin's help, you can maintain a pest-free home, all backed by a trusted name in pest control.

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  • 55339
  • 55324
  • 55010
  • 55020
  • 55329
  • 56307
  • 56011
  • 56071
  • 55336
  • 55338
  • 55355
  • 55089
  • 56371
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  • 55065
  • 56376
  • 55350
  • 55009
  • 56331
  • 56362
  • 55057
  • 55046
  • 55366
  • 55066
  • 56356
  • 56243
  • 55307
  • 56044
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  • 56069
  • 55312
  • 55018
  • 56352
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  • 55956
  • 56201
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  • 55049
  • 56054

Communities Served by Orkin

  • Navarre
  • Crystal Bay
  • Minnetonka Beach
  • Mendota
  • Saint Bonifacius
  • Hamel
  • Loretto
  • South Saint Paul
  • Saint Paul
  • Saint Paul Park
  • Young America
  • Norwood
  • New Germany
  • Saint Michael
  • Green Isle
  • Vermillion
  • Hamburg
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  • Hampton
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  • Henderson
  • Cedar
  • Kilkenny
  • Silver Lake
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