If you have a rat problem, you will want an effective remedy to eradicate these disease-carrying pests from your home and yard. Tomcat Rat Poison is a popular choice for those that find themselves with a rat problem. In this guide, we will give you the lowdown on all you need to know about this effective product.

Tomcat Product Features


Red label product is a fast-acting more humane option

Safe around animals when used with bait stations



All-weather bait

Easy to use

Comes with pre-loaded bait stations


Need to use a bait station with product

Toxic to humans and pets

Risk of secondary poisoning without bait stations

Tomcat Red & Yellow Label

Tomcat Rat Poison is available in red and yellow labels, which can cause a little confusion among consumers. In California, the product is sold in yellow labeled containers and contains the slow acting ingredient, bromadiolone. The red labeled product, however, contains the faster acting ingredient bromethalin.

Tomcat 0363410 Rodent Station


The state of California has not approved the active ingredient bromadiolone as in the case of other states as yet. While the red labeled ingredient is a more toxic ingredient it works faster to kill rats and mice so it is considered a more humane option.

How does Tomcat Rat Poison Work?

When it comes to dealing with rats, there are no entirely perfect solutions. For the most part, humane societies have yet to identify entirely humane options for the euthanasia of rodents. Traps designed to kill can result in horribly injured rodents.

If you use live traps then you will be left with the options of killing the trapped rats and mice yourself, taking them to a veterinarian and paying for them to be euthanized or taking it to an environment away from your home. While catching live and re-homing rats can seem like the most humane option it is time-consuming, the rats often die in the new environment and you could just be moving a potential health risk to a different area geographically.

You also run the risk of disease transmission when re-homing these animals. If you use traditional poisons and active ingredients as rat bait, there are also associated problems. More traditional poisons use an anticoagulant, which results in the mice and rats slowly bleeding to death internally which humane societies believe is painful and prolonged.

The bromethalin found in red labeled Tom Rat Poison is a poison that has an increased toxicity and was originally developed for rodents that were resistant to the effects of warfarin. The ingredient works by closing down brain activity. Rodents suffer convulsions and respiratory arrest and generally die far more quickly usually within 8–12 hours after eating the rat bait.

This has the benefit of reducing the suffering to the rodent and also it often prevents it from returning to its nest to die. Of course, you will have to remove and carefully dispose of rat corpses, but that is a better option than if the rat is poisoned more slowly and returns to its nest to die.

In these cases, the rat carcass can act as a food source for pests such as roaches and you could simply be swapping your rat infestation for a differing pest infestation. Not only that, but rotting rat corpses omit a foul odor. The yellow labeled product requires the rodent to feed multiple times and the rodent will take longer to die.

Safe Use of Tomcat Rat Poison

Regardless of whether or not you are using the red or yellow labeled product, always remember that this is a toxic product. It is toxic to humans, cats, dogs, birds, and other wild animals. For this reason, under no circumstances should you just scatter this product around where you believe you have seen rats or a rat nest.

Even if you do not have pets or children in your household, do not make the mistake of using this product without a bait station. Stray cats and dogs could easily eat this bait, as well as other wild animals and birds—and the results can be serious illness or death, depending on the dose ingested.

Safe Use of Tomcat Rat Poison

If you have cats, dogs, or kids and there is the remotest risk that accidental ingestion could occur, always make sure that when purchasing this product you are aware of the antidote or purchase the antidote. Vitamin K1 is the usual antidote for this anticoagulant. Cats and dogs are very sensitive to this toxic product and it will cause upset stomachs in humans. In the case of accidental ingestion, seek medical help immediately.

Best Use of Tomcat Rat Poison

In order to use the poison most effectively, follow a few simple and quick tips. Identify whereabouts your furry pests are living. Telltale signs of rats are urine, rat droppings, gnawed and chewed items, and rat hair. While rather unpleasant, you may also be able to hear you resident rats scratching, squeaking, burrowing, and running around behind your floorboards as well as in your attic and crawlspace.

Having identified where the mice and rats are, you should place down suitable bait stations for the rats near these areas. Behind cupboards, near appliances, as well as all suspect nooks and crannies are all good places to target. Simply place the Tomcat bait down either in preloaded bait stations or in tamper-resistant bait stations designed for this use. As previously mentioned, Tomcat Rat Poison is sold in the red and yellow labeled containers.

Poisons such as Tomcat are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and you may not just use the red labeled product if it is not approved in your state. Tomcat Red Label Poison acts fast, so it is quite common for you to find dead rats that have not managed to return to their nests. It is important to dispose of the carcasses carefully. Always remember to wear protective gloves so that any transmission of disease from an infected rat is minimized.

Tomcat Rat Poison

You should deal with corpses quickly—you do not want other animals to come in to contact with poisoned rats as you risk secondary poisoning. When disposing of the rats ensure that you have double-bagged them and place in sealed trash cans so that an unsuspecting fox, badger, cat, dog, or bird of prey is not poisoned by ingesting the poisoned rat. You can purchase Tomcat Rat Poison in different quantities either separately or in preloaded bait stations.