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By | 10 months ago

Category Archives: Beetles

  • Fall Season Is Here – How To Get Rid Of Squash Bugs

    By contentrefined | 5 months ago

    Commonly found in North America, Squash Bugs are damage causing pests that typically attack plants within the cucurbit family. They are particularly fond of the squash plant, hence the name. The adults are also commonly referred to as Stink Bugs or Leaf-Footed Beetles. The damage these little buggers—or rather the nymphs—can cause is immense and,…

  • Scarab Beetles

    By k2forma | 10 months ago

    Guess what’s being served for dinner tonight?  If you are a member of the family Scarabaeidae (scarab beetle), you may feed on plant materials, grasses, foliage, fruits, and flowers. If you are a dung beetle of the family Scarabaeidae, you may feast on a rich and leisurely meal of freshly laid fecal matter, otherwise known…

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