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By | 11 months ago

Category Archives: Ants

  • Pest Control Methods Not Working? When To Hire A Professional

    By contentrefined | 3 months ago

    Are you trying to get rid of pests like ants or bed bugs from your home, but your efforts don’t seem to be working? Is time to call in the professionals to sort out the pest problem or is there anything else you can do to get rid of these unwanted visitors?

  • Red Fire Ants

    By k2forma | 10 months ago

    “The ants go marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah…” Actually, if this song were about red imported fire ants, the lyrics would say “go stinging one by one.” Fire ants sting humans by sinking their mandibles into the skin and swinging their abdomens around to inject venom. This venom serves a purpose: when used against…

  • Argentine Ants

    By k2forma | 10 months ago

    Although ants seem little and insignificant to us, once we look into their world, they become important. The way Argentine ants build their homes and the way they communicate are unique. In addition, the social structure of the Argentine ant is different from other ants. To get into their world, it’s necessary to learn more…

  • Leafcutter Ants

    By k2forma | 10 months ago

    Here you are, on a vacation to Guatemala. You’re lying on a hammock near the Central American rainforest…when you find ants all over you, coming from a nearby tree. You fall off your hammock, and that’s when you notice the ants are carrying leaves… You think aloud. “They are probably going to eat that stuff!”…

  • Army Ants

    By k2forma | 11 months ago

    What eats every animal in its path, raids other ant colonies, and migrates to find more food? An army ant colony! Army ants are amazing creatures! Not only have they founded nests, developed a social hierarchy, and migrated to other areas, but they also have a very interesting life cycle and colony structure. Taxonomy Kingdom:…

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