Cockroaches in the home can certainly be a nuisance and lead to many thrown away meals and time fruitlessly spent washing every dish in the cupboards where cockroaches have taken up residence. Fortunately, Advion Syngenta cockroach gel bait is a fantastic product with active ingredients that can help take care of your cockroach problem in a safe, effective, and quick manner.

Below, we offer a complete review of the pros and cons of these bait stations, the key features, and  other important elements associated with Advion Syngenta cockroach gel bait.

What is Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait?

Advion Syngenta is a gel-based bait product manufactured by Syngenta that targets a wide variety of cockroaches. The MetaActive compound is the main ingredient that targets and kills off the cockroaches that are attracted to the gel. Alongside the bait component of this product, the gel also acts as a non-repellent, essentially attracting the cockroaches towards the trap. Advion Syngenta Cockroach

With its active ingredients, this gel bait claims to attract several different species of cockroach both large and small, including the German cockroach, the American cockroach, the Australian cockroach, the Brown cockroach, the Smoky Brown cockroach, the Oriental cockroach, the Brownbanded cockroach, and the Asian cockroach. Even cockroaches that are supposedly resistant to other gel-bait products are attracted to these bait stations.

On a scientific level, the indoxacarb included in the MetaActive compound only activates as a potent insecticide once the insect ingests it. The enzymes and other bodily fluids in the cockroach’s digestive essentially create a new molecule with pesticide properties when the product is ingested, providing effective pest control.

Customer Ratings

One of the best ways to gauge the effectiveness of a product is by customer reviews. While every company will boast that their product is second to none, honest and independent customer reviews can give you a serious and authentic assessment as to whether the product really works the way it is supposed to.

On Amazon, Advion Syngenta cockroach gel bait has an 80% five-star rating, which is extremely high when taking into account that it has over 13,505 total customer reviews. There are also over 500 questions answered by satisfied customers. Many of the positive reviews of the product provide anecdotal evidence of people who had moderate to severe cockroach infestation that simply could not be controlled by other household products.

These reviews mention the proficiency with which Advion Syngenta cockroach gel bait got rid of the cockroach problem. The few negative reviews that this product received were mostly due to the customers receiving gel that was either expired or defective. The manufacturer also openly states that this product might not be as effective when attempting to treat extremely light cockroach infestation problems.

Pros and Cons

Pros & Con

The extremely positive customer reviews associated with this pest control show that there are more pros than cons. Nonetheless, we will briefly look at a list of the pros and cons with Advion Syngenta cockroach gel bait.


Wont affect non-target insects

Cockroaches will actively seek bait

Pet-safe if used as directed

Kills several types of cockroaches

Effective up to two years

Targets large and small cockroaches

Can be used as a crevice treatment


Less effective in small infestations

Expires in a year

Need to reapply every 2 weeks

Roaches might become averse to it

Key Features

While other cockroach gel bait products will kill roaches once they ingest the bait, Advion Syngenta cockroach gel bait is unique in that it actually attracts the roaches. Several customer reviews mention that roaches came scrambling out of nooks and crannies in their home as soon as the applied the bait in different areas of their homes.

Furthermore, German cockroaches are known to be naturally gel-bait averse. However, this product has proven to be effective against even the most averse varieties of cockroaches. Finally, Advion Syngenta cockroach gel bait is one of the only products on the market that is known to provide tertiary kill.

Key Features

This means that when a cockroach consumes the gel bait, it does not immediately die, but rather carries the poison back with it to the nesting area of cockroaches and exposes others through its feces and through bits of the gel that sticks to the roach’s feet. Furthermore, cockroaches are cannibalistic and, once the infected cockroach dies, the others will eat it and also eventually die.

One of the biggest problems with a cockroach infestation is that two adult cockroaches can reproduce up to 54 cockroaches in as little as three months. Comparably, when just one adult cockroach is exposed to Advion Syngenta cockroach bait killer, it can infest and kill up to 54 other cockroaches, thus eliminating the natural reproduction rates of cockroaches.

Application Instructions

The most effective way to apply this cockroach gel bait is through applying the gel to different cracks and crevices in doorways and other cabinets, sinks, drawers, countertops, and other areas where you suspect a possible cockroach infestation. As the cockroaches move through these spaces, they will consume the bait killer and subsequently infect other roaches before they die.

The amount of gel bait to be used depends on the severity of your infestation. However, the manufacturer recommends using three to five areas of gel bait per ten linear feet for heavy infestations and one to three spots of gel bait per ten linear feet of light to moderate infestations.

To stock up on gel and start erradicating the roaches from your home now, order this product online.

Comparison Guide

Advion Syngenta cockroach gel bait is just one of several different gel bait products currently on the market. It can boast one of the highest levels of customer satisfaction along with being one of the only gel bait products that are deemed pet-friendly.

While other gel baits such as MGK Vendetta Plus remain deadly to roaches even when the product dries, Advion Syngenta cockroach gel bait may need more frequent applications. Furthermore, this product will effectively combat almost every type of cockroach, while other products such as Rockwell Labs Invict Gold will not be effective against German cockroaches and others species.

Lastly, the long applicator tips for Advion Syngenta gel bait make it easy to apply even in hard to reach crevices beneath sinks and other areas. Other products, such as the gel bait offered by Bayer Maxforce FC Magnum have short and ineffective applicator tips.